AES Weapon Shock Simulator

The AES Weapon Shock Simulator (WSS) is a nifty device that simulates the shock environment created by firing an M4 Carbine. The simulator is designed to test the effect of firing on picatinny mounted accessories such as scopes and lights. The high-speed video below shows how the force generated by the WSS compares with forced generated by an M4. I am impressed that even belt bounce is accurately reproduced.

[ Many thanks to H.L. for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • JMD

    This device could probably save companies a ton of money during the initial stages of R&D, by allowing them to do realistic durability and stability tests without having to use any ammo. Neat idea.

  • Ian

    Bolt bounce isn’t hard to reproduce since it is based on the action spring.

    I personally would stick with ammunition based testing as it will paint the entire picture, and not 90% of it.