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  • JonMac

    Europeans other than Britons, that is. Sigh.

  • “Those lucky Europeans will soon be able to buy a semi-automatic version of the CZ Scorpion EVO3.”

    In the Czech Republic, it’s already available for a few months.

    I don’t know how about “lucky” but I’m sure the gun is gonna be much much cheaper in the US than it is here. Like everything – especially firearms and accessories.

    • Vhyrus

      Except it won’t be cheaper at all because we won’t be able to buy it. Our country’s gun laws are so broken that a gun like that which is legal in places like Europe and Canada is completely outlawed here.

      • Iโ€™m quite sure that CZ-UB will push it through via CZ-USA.

  • Basil Moulds

    that thing is sexy…..ME WANT IN USA!!!

  • charles222

    Looks like an itsy-bitsy XM8 in styling.

    • Riceball

      To me it looks like an XM-8 had a baby with a H&K UMP.

      • Brian P.

        Oh my God, you’re right! XD

      • pavuk_cz

        It looks like that but EVO is licenced and moddified Slovakian project Laugo and that is older than X8 (or same old, but the design is not based on X8).

    • Sian

      Looks a lot like a G-36C, which I suppose figures.

  • Mang

    Seeing the detailing on this gun, it looks very well laid-out – honestly not what I expected, even though I think well of CZ products. They did a UMP clone but it seems like they did it really well.

  • Domestic Squirrel

    Those ‘lucky Europeans’ and Canadians too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Axel Nordberg

    I don’t know how I feel about the peep sight on a gun that otherwise is well suited to being fired one-handed.

  • Vitor

    What is the action? Blowback or piston?

    • DaveR

      i certainly hope it’s not blowback ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Other Steve

        Why? The UMP is blowback, the latest B&T subgun is blowback, UZI, MAC, 9mm ARs too. I don’t prefer it when supressed, but I would go so far as to “certainly hope it’s not”

      • Vitor

        Well, the MP5, the most successful SMG ever, is blowback. But given the handguard of the Scorpion and the great tradition that the czech have with pistons since the Vz58, it would be certainly cool to have a piston SMG.

      • Other Steve

        Vitor… The MP5 is not blowback. It’s delayed roller lock. Big difference.

        The weight of the bolt and carrier is all the determines how a blowback cycles. My MP5 is a great gun suppressed because it’s cam can be modified to keep the bolt closed longer after the shot. My dads Uzi is great but thy just relys on its heavy bolt. Worth noting my TP9 damn near blinds you with gas when supressed and that’s a delayed lock gun even, I’m not sure why that one is so bad actually. Still need to look into it

  • Kellhound

    What “lucky europeans”?
    This is illegal in a few euro-countries (folding stock in some, calibre in others, mag capacity in a couple more).

    • Frankie

      Czechs, for the most part.

  • Doesitmatter?

    That pistol grip look very ‘unergonomical’. Unless you wear thick padded gloves.

    • Noir

      Its ergonomy is actuall quite good, put two mags downrange and biggest issue is the safety – collides with trigger finger if you dont hold it lower.

      Btw: Scorpion looks much better with 30rd. mags than with those shorty 20rds.

  • mosinman

    those Czechs, always so thoughtful….. they put a key ring on the gun!

    • mosinman

      this is in 9mm right?

    • Rangefinder

      This makes for a better saddle ring carbine than Mossberg’s new tactical 464 SPX.

  • kilroy

    Wow, that’s a great looking gun. What caliber is it? If it’s 9mm I want one yesterday!

  • I cannot describe to you how much I NEED that firearm!

  • W

    i imagine one imported to the US would be pretty castrated (with a “sporting” stock and 16″ barrel), much like the USC45.

  • Samopal

    Love those Czechs. Best gun laws in Europe, and they make such awesome stuff.

    I really wish our import laws weren’t so restrictive. Maybe the NRA could help loosen them up? Oh wait…

    • And we Czechs wish your export laws weren’t so restrictive. We’ll never see most of the firearms that are on the US market. And those that do come through cost usually 20-50% more ๐Ÿ™

      And that goes for the accessories too.

      E.g. it’s not possible for me to get a magazine for my HK P30 under 60 EUR (about $80) – stanard US price about 25 bucks. And that is an european manufacturer…

  • John E Davies

    Can anyone tell me the model number of those LPA sights (both front and rear?) I really like them and am thinking about putting a set on my SU-16C if they aren’t too horribly expensive. Thanks JD

  • Seamus

    I would buy it if it was available.

  • JMD

    If they import those without a stock, they can be sold as pistols. Sounds like a great starting place for an SBR to me.

  • Karl

    lucky europeans?? not west europeans anyway.

    • GVD

      Legal in France, Belgium & Switzerland at least.
      Probably also in countries like Germany, Austria, etc too, though I can’t be 100% sure of that.

      • Gregor

        If they sell it without the stock and flashhider, it should be legal in Austria. a big “if” that is.

      • Leonard

        Don’t know about Germany, the BKA (our FBI) decides this on a case-to-case basis, and the decisions seems to be random more often than not. For example I can have a semi-auto AR-15 in .223 from Oberland Arms, but not a semi-auto MP5 in 9mm from the same company, because the latter is a “war gun” (literally for “Kriegswaffe”). Does this make sense to you? It didn’t to me…

      • Spidouz

        AFIK, it is legal in France, unless for “National Security Reasons” they class this gun in the “Assault / War Gun” category (the Category A which isn’t available for civilians).

        This can unfortunately change at any moment on a decision by various Ministers such Defense, Interior Security, and Sports (since Shooting is only considering like a Sport, the use of firearms for personal defense isn’t allowed).

        So yeah, it’s currently legal, but everything can change. Few years ago, anyone could have with licenses or permit tiny .22 and .32 pocket gun. Now they can’t. Few year ago, anyone could have some semi-auto .22 riffle (such Sig 522) by only declaring it. Now with 2013 laws, it requires you to go through the whole detention process (up to 12 firearms total). Over the year, we can clearly see the government restricting people to own firearms and reducing the list of firearms they can legally own. And unfortunately, there’s no 2nd Amendment there to stop the government and protect civilians about that.

        My 2ยข

  • snmp

    the price in France is around 1600โ‚ฌ include VAT for Semi auto version ( with Cleaning kit, 2 mag of 30 rds & mag pouch)


  • I’m quite sure that CZ-UB will push it through via CZ-USA.

    • …that should have been a reply to another comment.

  • Annoymous

    If it came to the US it will most likely come with a 16″ barrel due to NRA restrictions. The stock might not be foldable due to restrictions also. If it came to the US, wonder how much will it cost? I think it will cost around the $900-1,000 price range.

  • G3Ken

    I like my “dwindling” freedoms here and would never use the term lucky and European in the same sentence. Have lots of European friends as I am often there, but not when it comes to guns.

  • Phil

    We will never get cool Euro guns over here. This is why the only two decent purchasable gun categories (as close to assault rifles that civies can own ) we can own are good ol American AR-15s and the overabundance of shitball AK clones because of ridiculous import laws. The NRA is worthless; bent on pushing “freedom” rather than actual real gun freedom. You’d think they would have gotten at least suppressors to be taken of the NFA list by now but they are more hell bent on seperating scared, old, fat white guys from their money by constantly telling them that their freedoms are being lost to scary brown people.

    • G3Ken

      Think you hit that nail on the head. The NRA hasn’t done much for gun freedom in a long time. I know Steve doesn’t run a political site, but one strictly guns, but I have to agree with you here.

    • Nadnerbus

      Sorry Steve if this sub-thread is too political. I understand if you delete this.

      I stopped my membership with the NRA years ago for similar reasons. I am pro gun rights, and believe strongly in protecting them. The NRA seems very pro fear, and pro fund-raising, and was sending me damn near weekly pleas for donations, usually with hyperbolic half-truth stories of impending gun bans.

      They have done some good work in regards to legal action, Heller and McDonald, that kind of thing. I just think they could be doing a lot more proactive pushing of their own legislation with the money they rake in.

    • Nater

      I’m not going to renew my NRA membership for this same reason. I’ve been a member of the NRA and the ACLU since I was 19. Sadly, only one of them really seems very concerned with protecting my Constitutional rights. Unfortunately, the ACLU (being a predominantly leftish organization) isn’t too concerned about Amendment number 2. They seem to do a good enough job with the rest of them, however.

      I’ve been hearing about Gun Owners of America, but I don’t know much about them. Their reach probably doesn’t extend too far into Washington.

      I’m loath to give money to any organization that could end up donating to a political candidate. I strongly dislike the Democrats and I hate the Republicans. Both parties are full of radical, authoritarian, interventionist statists and I would rather my money not support them.

      • Komrad

        Hey, at least the ACLU decided that the 2nd applied to individuals. They used to be anti-gun. Now they are more neutral.

        The GOA is like the NRA in that it uses hyperbole and fear to get you to donate. On the plus side, they aren’t fudds and are not just concerned with deer rifles and turkey shotguns. Sometimes, it feels like that’s all the NRA cares about.

      • W

        “Both parties are full of radical, authoritarian, interventionist statists and I would rather my money not support them.”

        So much win…

    • gunslut

      At first I dropped my membership to the NRA and later realized if I became a life member it would give me a vote in the NRA. My voice can’t do much alone but I put my pocket where my mouth is.

    • Bryan S.

      I agree with the NRA not doing as much, mainly because of NRA reps playing the political game. They are in the pockets of politicians just like any other lobby, and it stinks.

      I stick with my state level grassroots organizations, that is where you can really make a difference.

      I will however take offense at the “they are more hell bent on separating scared, old, fat white guys from their money by constantly telling them that their freedoms are being lost to scary brown people” remark. it more seams like they are more about telling their membership to buy hats and magazines and to shout down liberals… which is not the issues.

      Progressives, who want power, in both parties, no matter their skin color, are the issue.

    • W

      I recently read the book Glock and it provided much insight into the NRA. Your comments reminded me of what was said in that book. I laughed until I cried…

  • Gary

    Once again, what is the calibre, please?

    • It is the traditional european caliber, 9mm Luger.

      • Gary

        Thanks for your response. I was fooled by the seemingly excessive curvature of the magazine. Cheers.

  • Roger

    In France, during 2 week-end in February, we can test, use and buy these submachine guns:

    The Swiss B&T Advanced Police Carbine 9 (APC9)

  • Spiff

    Funny how model designations get kicked around…I had thought that the Scorpion was a .32acp machine pistol…

    • Roger

      There are some versions of the Scorpions in different calibers:
      .32 ACP, .380 ACP, 9x18mm Makarov and 9x19mm Para.

      • Spiff

        Thanks for the correction, I think I would like to get one when they become available, a companion for my AUG.

    • Noir

      That was ล korpiรณn, the new one is Scorpion;)

  • jamieb

    if anyone at CZ is listening, i am in the market for a 9mm and or 45 carbine, in the style of HK usc. I do not want to pay 3,000 for a MP5. I only require a “Available” 20-30 rd quality mag, other wise i would already have a usc45.

    Anyways i would prefer to buy from CZ, as opposed to Hk, if you can get this stateside in the form of a thumb hole stock and longer barrel like the HK, you will have atleast one anxious buyer. Please make it and send it stateside.

  • Rolo

    Damnit… another one for my wish list, any idea when this will make it to the US? Me wonders about the price too…

  • RickH

    That’s why these never interest me. If you have to hang a 16″ barrel on pistol caliber firing gun, you might as well have something in a rifle caliber.

  • alexthemediocre

    people, get a clue!!! czechnology has suggested that cz will be making it via CZ USA! meaning, its an “american made” gun, therefore exempt from collapsible stock etc rules…

    i second and third the idea of a pistol version…i am lookin into becoming a ffl/manuf. so i plan on makin one rock n roll as soon as possible!!!

    so things i would like to see with this gun:
    _more better looking pistol grip. its ok, just kinda not magpul, lol
    _threaded barrel spec’d to something non proprietary (it looks as it wont accept traditional usa boostered cans)
    _32 acp model with huge cap. mags! keepin it true to the roots ya???
    _slimmed down model without all the extras. dont get me wrong, i want both models, i just want options!! barbie for men, barbie for men

    so, czechnology, whats the scoop on the op system, and convince cz into droppin it off stateside! you can come shoot em over here when the exchange rates are good!

  • SG

    Available in few quantities in Switzerland for 1970.- SFr.

    Seems like I need to save some money ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Xavier

    …while in the Philippines, fully-automatic versions of the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 with full 30 round clips are available off the shelf for those that can afford it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • G3Ken

      Used to live there and thinking of moving back. Any idea of price? $ or PP is fine.

  • 762jack

    I HATE THE BTAFE. they will never allow this to be imported

  • Alex

    I found this weapon in France Armurerie Auxerre, it works very well, a real treat!×19-p-2588.html