Para USA / Freedom Group Rumors

I have learnt a few interesting facts about Para USA and their relationship with Remington (which is owned by Freedom Group International with in turn is owned by Cerberus Capital Management)

Apparently two senior Freedom Goup employees left the company last year and went to work at Par USA. One of them, Bill Hazard, was formally with Cerberus and was used as a “fixer” in many FGI locations (including the Bushmaster, Remington and Remington ammunition). Brett Mazzei, a former Bushmaster finance guru turned Remington/FGI financial guru, also left for Para USA around the same time.

Coincidence or a planned infiltration of Para USA before acquisition? I have been told that neither knew about the Para USA acquisition deal before they left FGI.

Steve Johnson

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  • There is always plenty of executive cross pollination between companies in the same industry. Whether or not that is a good thing is another question, but it’s hardly unusual.

  • dallasdeadeye

    sounds like dirty pool to me.

  • jdun1911

    Also it isn’t uncommon to sell your company for a crap load of money. If they offered me a truck load of money with the key to the truck. I’ll jump into the truck and never come back.

    Another way to look at it is Para USA hired these people from Freedom Group in the hope that they are able to sell the company to Cerberus. Honestly this is the most likely than FG putting their men into Para USA.

  • SGB

    Not seeing how it matters….lots of execs switch teams throughout the business world, even prior to selling or buying.

  • Bill

    Regardless both probably scored nice exit packages. Haha – bridging seniority?

  • SpudGun

    ‘Coincidence or a planned infiltration of Para USA before acquisition?’ – maybe it’s the other way round and Para courted the Freedom Group guys in the hopes they’d get bought out.

    Para aren’t exactly the biggest seller of firearms on the market, but maybe that have an expertise that can be fully exploited by FGI.

    Or maybe as has been suggested, it’s one less firearm company to compete with the Freedom Group behemoth.

    I wonder how many more companies they can buy before the FTC are called in?

  • Metalchemist

    One very important fact is missing here.
    Cerberus is owned by George Sorros, who has intimate connections with Obaaaaama and Hillary Clinton known gun haters.
    What I see happening is surepticious buying up of weapons and ammunition manufacturers under a patriotic name. When in reality it is a play to pass legislation from within the manufacturers or with manufactures support.
    This should be scrupiously investigated and viewed with the utmost suspicion.
    For the above mentioned individuals are not to be trusted with your constitutional (civil) rights, Namely the second amendment.

    • W

      refer to link from JS.

  • JS

    There is no Cerberus – Sorros connection

  • MarkM

    Hmm, George Soros owns Cerberus, who owns 94% of Freedom Group, who own a large number of gun companies. Yet, Snopes says Soros isn’t the owner. Obviously, Snopes now has a problem with integrity making that claim.

    I’m not a high finance wizard – nonetheless, a shell management company with ownership of subordinates is the the Boss. Period.

    What we should be spinning is that George Soros is talking out of both his faces – antigun in politics, and raking it in selling to Joe Bubba. We need to push that button a lot harder, in public, with questions about it every time he shows his face. It’s beyond hypocritical. Every anti gun sentiment uttered in public to reporters needs the followup question “But you own gun companies and rake in profits on the sale? Why are you trying to hurt your own business?

    On the other hand, do we go after Freedom Group just because of Soros? The real issue is when you get a money loan or issue stock, you sell ownership, and you can’t prevent exactly the wrong person taking over your company.

    ie, Ford, who is still privately owned, vs Government Motors.

    Frankly, the real issue is, are we even interested in these guns anymore? They are largely losing market share with a continued decline in popularity, because of quality concerns, lack of innovation, and a marketing approach that is transparently condescending. They churn out old cartridge designs as new, while ignoring those that have been a first rate hit, and refuse to be leaders in the industry, just following the trends in hunting. Their efforts to market a 1911 were so unresponsive they had to buy another maker with some cachet to plus up the line.

    If anything, the wrong people are getting fired, while the stale corporate thinking remains. Just like their owner, talking out of both sides of their face.

    Gerber knives went thru this, sure, they still put out a better line, but overall, Fiskars importing Chinese knives under Gerbers name hasn’t helped their reputation. Should we be expecting the same? A QBZ-95 in .300BO?

    • Bryan S.

      they have a problem with integrity, yet they link to the companies page where it shows their owners… which does not include Soros.

      The more complicated a conspiracy gets, the less it holds up.

      • W

        “The more complicated a conspiracy gets, the less it holds up.”


    • dpaqu

      “What we should be spinning is that George Soros is talking out of both his faces – antigun in politics, and raking it in selling to Joe Bubba.”

      Record gun sales usually happen with fear buying which makes me not so sure he is actually talking out both sides of his face.

      I also have suspicions that a lot of “bubba’s money is going to old surplus and assault style weapons. Most of that assault/surplus gun money goes to niche players in the U.S. that have little lobbying muscle. Even the AR crazies seem to be coming to their senses and acknowledging the best AR for the money is the one that is subsidized by government contracts. Best way to compete against weapons that are all subsidized by military contracts? Outlaw them. How much did the 1911 enjoy a resurgence once the 10rnd magazine limit was imposed. That legislation alone must have given Para a huge bump in sales.

    • fw226

      But Soros DOESN’T own Cerberus!

    • W

      jesus christ, you cant be serious…

      “there is no apparent connection between Cerberus Capital Management and financier George Soros. Cerberus was established in 1992 by Stephen A. Feinberg, and the company’s list of senior executives does not include George Soros in any capacity.”

      “George Soros has never been part of the ownership of freedom group or cerberus, and as a privately traded corporation, there is no possibility that he will be in the future”

      George Soros doesn’t own anything with those companies. Now im not a high finance wizard either, but somebody that never owned any of those companies or had anything to do with ownership of them is not the boss. period.

  • With Soros involved the conspiracy theories are going to be flying all over the map. From a strictly business aspect it was most likely a strategic decision on both sides but it certainly bears watching. Maybe this will result in some new designs from PARA USA.

  • ace

    Ford is privately owned? One of you whackjobs better call the NYSE! Or does Soros own that too?

  • elkaholic74

    OK, so there is no evidence that George Soros is connected with FGI. Still the fact lies that Cerberus equity firm backed the Obama administration with a sizeable campaign donation for his past 2 terms. Furthermore has anyone ever learned from the past. Monopolies are never good for the people. Look at the biggest banks and how they fell and are now under govt. Control. Think about this, wouldn’t it make very easy for govt. to step in and control all gun sales and manufacturing with the industry being ran by one big corporation. Wise up America! Further more the product that Freedom Group is putting out is absolutely garbage… full filling the latest American legacy as pride in profit and not quality…