Crimson Trace M72 LAW Laser Attachment

Crimson Trace has developed a laser aiming attachment for the M72 Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LAW). Because the LAW launcher tube is disposable the laser module uses quick detach mount so that the operator can easily attach is before firing and remove it before disposing of the tube.

Ian Harrison mentioned that the laser module was in service, somewhere, but would not say which country or service has adopted it.

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  • 032125

    Who is still using LAWs? My unit had a box of dummy LAWs that had been sitting in a Conex since the late 80’s that was a sort of running joke.

    • John doe

      Hehe we used two of em in Afghanistan when fob was under attact

      • 032125

        Where did they come from? We hadn’t had any live LAWs in seriously 20 years. They were all shot off when the AT-4s arrived.

      • MacK

        @032125 I believe someone in Canada is still manufacturing them for the CA. But I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt have tons of LAWS left over from the 70’s and 80’s stocked in some bunker they forgot about til the ATF needed to sell them to the cartels (oops) or DOD found them useful in AFG.

    • Joe Schmoe

      The Israeli’s still use them.

      Each soldier carries usually at least one A4 or A6 model. They weigh next to nothing (~2-3KG) for the capability they offer and they can just strap to the side of nearly any pack. Plus, they cost only a few hundred dollars and are throw away vs. having to launch a $75k ATGM (and still carry the aiming device) or $500k Hellfire.

    • ParatrooperJJ

      New models have been developed and are in service with US forces.

    • northor

      We still use them in the norwegian army. I believe kongsberg are the main producers these days. At least they own the licence

  • Isnt he the guy who won Top Shot?

    • 032125

      No, that’s Lucius Malfoy. He’s done playing around with magic. We’ll see if Harry can magic away 475fps of HEDP.

  • William C.

    A lot of LAWs have been dug up for use in Afghanistan, I believe somebody actually started making new models too.

    • 032125

      Makes sense, if there were any left.

  • Mike

    I was thinking the same thing….. that’s got to be the season 1 winner from Top Shot.

  • David

    I’d hate to be the troop that forgets to recover the laser after firing and discarding the tube lol

    • Some guy

      Could you imagine the mess? Sticking what will likely be a sensitive item (laser) on a disposable weapons system can only end in FLIPLs

  • James G.

    Dumb question. If the LAW is a one-time-use deal how do you know if the laser sight is zeroed?

    • Amuse Bouche

      The same way they know the iron sights are zeroed?

    • Good question. I have never fired one, but my understanding is that they are being used as bunker busters (blowing up houses/wall that guerrillas are using as cover). 50 – 100 MOA accuracy is probably good enough.

  • gir6543

    anyone else see the irony of having a top shot winner presenting an aide for aiming firearms? :p

  • West

    Is there a bottom rail for a shotgun??

  • SpudGun

    If the M72 is making a come back and being upgraded to fire ‘smarter’ munitions, then an IR laser might be a good addition.

    Though, I’m not sure what happens to your night vision when one of these things goes off.

  • W

    it has been interesting that we have seen a re-fielding of older anti-armor weaponry in afghanistan. It makes sense, due to the LAW being lighter and cheaper than the AT4 and Javelin, though still effective against enemy personnel behind cover or machine gun nests. The M67 recoilless rifle is also being reused with flechette ammunition, which is highly ideal in conducting ambushes or rooting out infantry in the mountains.

  • Too bad these aren’t legal in Canada… yet. 🙂

  • Charles222

    We had several for the platoon on my third deployment, (LAWs, not these lasers)

  • Rusty Ray

    Cool. Also needs a flash hider and a bayonet..;-)

  • PLUS

    Looks like the panzerfaust3’s firecontrol, but this may very easy to be forgotten……..

  • Josh B

    So much for fire and forget!

  • Mike

    Needs a MAGPUL AVG and an AIMPOINT micro red-dot-sight. More Picatinny…got to have more Picatinny.