Chris Costa “Trainer” Action Figure

Caltek International will be selling a 1/6 scale action figure of Chris Costa. A range of accessories will also be available.

Youtube will soon be flooded with stop-motion movies featuring Chris Costa taking on 1/6 scale battalions of SS shock troops.

More about the action figure at Gear Scout.

[ Many thanks to Manu for emailing us the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    LOL. Good for him.

    I’m going to get him and dress him up in my, uh…my sister’s, pink Ken’s tuxedo outfit.

  • Justin R.

    Next: His own comic book series!

  • Big Jay

    I can just see little Suzie crying as little Johnny slices the pie through ever doorway of the Malibu Barbie Dream House. At least little Johnny’s GI Joes will get the highspeed tactical training they need to defeat Cobra.

  • H.L. Fahnestock

    It’d be cool if they made a talking figure that would quote half a dozen Chris-isms (like the R. Lee Ermy “motivational” figure).

    • Ed

      I can already imagine it saying “Amateurs train until they can get it right, professionals train until they can’t get it wrong”

  • frankie B

    i hope one of the accessories will be a dump bag full of twinkies!

  • SpudGun

    You can keep your Magpul plastic crap. Give me an all metal version of the Chris Costa action figure any day. 😉

  • Nathaniel

    Whoah, it’s April already?

  • Nathan

    OMG! It’s not a joke!
    Who would buy these? Only mall-ninjas, armchair commando and wannabes.
    Why? Why? Why?

    • Ajay

      Everyone but FUDDS will buy this, probably the same group of people that think bobble-heads or hula girls are funny will also buy this, such as myself.

  • The Not-Rambo

    Why do i get the impression that the Chris Costa’s of the World would be the first to brown their panties in a firefight with the bad guys?

    And that facial hair configuration is highly suspicious for anyone who is familiar with a particular sub-culture of the “gay” culture…(i’m not kidding)

    • human furnace

      chris costa was in the millitary, and travis haley openly talks about an experience in the middle east where he shot a guy twice in the head with a 45 point blank on magpul training video, so I dont think they learned from watching movies

      • Ajay

        Wasn’t Costa in the Coast Guard?

      • jdun1911

        As far as I know Chris Costa was Coast Guard. Travis was Navy and than went to Blackwater. Travis and the company was made famous via one Youtube video.

    • W

      “And that facial hair configuration is highly suspicious for anyone who is familiar with a particular sub-culture of the “gay” culture…(i’m not kidding)”

      and that matters how??? I thought we evolved past this kind of thinking (obviously not). Gay or not, I wouldn’t mug him in a dark alley.

      • The Not-Rambo

        Here, cure your dangerous ignorance about the subject.

        “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party”:

      • Komrad

        Apparently, The Not Rambo is a fan of revisionist history.
        Gays were persecuted alongside Jews, Jehova’s Witnesses, Communists, Slavs, anyone not white, Catholics, Roma (aka gypsies, but that is actually a derogatory term), the disabled, the retarded, and anyone who supported any of the above.

        Also, homophobia is pretty damn dumb. Most gays just want to be left alone.

      • The Not-Rambo

        Mr. Komrad. The only “gays” persecuted were “femmes” (aka feminine male homosexuals)…the Nazis were ALL “butch” (aka macho male homosexuals). “Femmes” and “butch” hate each other while telling the rest of us that we should bow down to them. It’s not my fault that you’re ignorant about the subject.

        As for the “they just want to be left alone”…lol…that’s why the Western World is giving them preferential laws and rules. That’s why the most powerful “lobby” in the World is the “gay lobby”.


        “Military’s Secret Shame” (homosexual rape epidemic in the armed forces):

        (those are very very low numbers since most of the victims don’t report it)

      • The Not-Rambo

        PS – Mr. Komrad, the main sources for that book were…homosexualist historians. The first edition was written in 1995, the “gay lobby” tried to discredit that book, they don’t even try it anymore, it is absolutely unchallengeable.

      • Komrad

        If the gay lobby is so powerful, then why don’t gays have the right to marry each other in most states and many countries? Why is it that they were until recently barred from serving in the military?

        Your theory (theory used loosely here) is internally inconsistent.
        The gays are the most powerful group in the world yet are denied rights in many areas?

      • W

        nope…apparently we havent evolved as much as i’d hoped.

      • The Not-Rambo

        In most of the Western World they already have preferential laws and rules period. The “Gay marriage” issue is a great way to portray a special and super-powerful class of people as oppressed. “Gay” lobby loves that issue for that reason.

        Have anything to say about the homosexual rape epidemic in the Armed Forces? Have anything to say about how the armies of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire became totally homosexualized? Have anything to say about how the infamous SS and the Gestapo were totally homosexual?

      • SpudGun

        @ Not-Rambo – I’m confused, are you saying that Chris Costa is a gay Nazi or that his action figure causes gay Nazism?

        Seriously dude, this is a firearm blog, go peddle your whack job theories somewhere else.

        And no, I’m not going to read your recommended book. Just because something is in print, doesn’t make it true.

      • The Not-Rambo


        I was saying that Chris Costa has “Bear” written all over. “Bears” are a sub-culture of the “gay” culture who are notorious for their inclination towards everything “macho” and militarist…and their very characteristic beards… (no that’s not a joke…you wish it was, “gaynazis” are doing to Western Civilization what they did to ancient Greece, Rome and Weimar/Nazi Germany)

        As for the book, the quality of the research and the reviews on the first page speak for themselves. If you don’t want to expand your General Culture that’s your problem, go watch more TV…

      • W

        this is not a thread about sexual orientation. it is a firearm blog. rambo, go troll somewhere else.

    • Burst

      Chris Costa can sleep with whoever and whatever he wants; it’s not like we could stop him, anyway.


      Keep your homophobic bullshit to yourself.

      • The Not-Rambo

        Not my fault that you’re ignorant. “Homophobic” is a clever semantic weapon to portray anyone who doesn’t want a “Gayocracy” a la ancient Greece and Rome (in their final decadent tyrannical centuries) and Weimar/Nazi Germany, a person who as an “irrational fear of gays”.

    • mosinman

      i dont agree with homosexuality but seriously notrambo? the nazis killed gays justlike they killed jews and gypsys and practiaclly anyone else who didnt agree with them. just stop please.

      • The Not-Rambo

        Read the book i posted! It’s main sources are homosexual historians.

        The Nazis were “butch” homosexuals, their victims were “femme” homosexuals, this is one of the aspect of “gay” culture that most people don’t know about, how this 2 groups despise each other while telling the rest of us we should make them a special class of people.

  • jdun1911

    I’ll buy one. All it needs now is a lightsaber, 1911, and AR.

  • Kind of looks like one of the 1970s vintage GI Joe action figures. Does he come with the “Kung Fu Grip” and “Eagle Eye”?

    • Paul

      that was “Action Man” 😉

  • DRod

    Anyone that can have that much fun with their public persona gets a thumbs up from me.

    I wouldn’t mind having my own action figure. Lol

  • Pseudonym

    I’m holding out for a Chris Costa Real Doll.

    • Rangefinder

      Just imagine if He doubled as a foregrip.

  • hk93

    Does that action figure come with a Happy Meal(tm) ?

  • Nadnerbus

    Beard sold separately.

  • Michael

    I used to collect 1/6th military figures, It’s kind of what got me into guns. Anyway, Depending on the price of this little guy, I might just have to add him to the collection.

  • Maigo

    I need 2, one to pose with a gun and one to have pulling his shirt up

  • Alex-mac

    Got to admire the promotional skill of Magpuls founders.

  • Mike

    You think that the mini Chris Costa is just a toy? infact, “everything else- is just a toy”. This is it, the evolution of the film “Small Soldiers”. He’s a fully fledge personal protection/home defense/special ops commando! No accessories are sold with the mini Chris Costa- he gets them straight from your gunsafe! (DISCLAIMER- I’m kidding, the figurine probbably won’t go all Major Chip Hazard on your front yard.)

  • B_rad

    Wow…the last couple comments betray a real problem in the firearms community.

    Some people lack a sense of humor.

    If I didn’t know any better i’d say the libs where trying to ban guns for fear that firearms would turn all of us into a bunch of stoic, unhappy, humorless asses.

    People. Its an action figure. Lol at it.

  • mosinman

    many of you say why? i say… why not?

  • mosinman

    chris costa…. now made in china !