Bushmaster BA50

Bushmaster has their Bushmaster BA50 rifle prominently displayed at SHOT Show.

Bushmaster claim that the muzzle brake reduces recoil to that of a .243 Win. hunting rifle.

The rifle retails for about $5519.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joel

    ….and the noise to that of a howitzer.

    • flystraight

      That’s funny

  • Calool

    That muzzle brake looks like it was made for one of their chainguns! But it is a very nice rifle, any more pics of it?

    • bbmg

      The Bushmaster chain guns are made by Alliant Techsystems, no relation to the US arms manufacturer.

  • Tinkerer

    It’s interesting that, while the ejection port is on the right side of the rifle, the bolt handle is on the left side. I gues you’re supposed to keep your firing hand on the pistol grip, and cycle the action using your left hand. All of this, of course, assuming a right-handed shooter.

  • I’ve fired the BA50 extensively. Along with most other production .50 BMG rifles. The BA50 is my favorite. I can shoot it almost as fast as a Barrett 92, but with much greater accuracy. It’s also the softest recoiling gun of its type. Because of that huge brake. The downside is that the pocket behind that brake is a lot smaller than other guns because the blast is directed in a much more narrow angle. Other than that – the gun is amazing. Out of the other production guns – it’s the one to buy. The McMillan is also really good, its close, but I’d buy the BA50 every time.
    But that is just my opinion.

  • Jess

    I know this is off topic, but did anyone hear anything about the MICOR Leader 50 BMG????

  • Dustin

    Does it anyone find it interesting that Anti Material Rifles, which are basically modern anti tank rifles are becoming more and more powerful and popular. I wonder if they will ever go back to the original role of taking out armor.

    • MrDakka

      Probably not, tank armor these days are just too good (RHA equivalence of ~1000cm to KE threats at the glacis/turret front) to be taken out. These anti material rifle rounds just don’t have the kinetic energy necessary to penetrate tank armor.

      That said, one could instead go for a mobility kill by hitting the treads or engine. However, these rifles will for the most part penetrate light armor (whose RHA equivalence is more or less similar to WWI/WWII tank armor) as intended.

      Just my two cents

      • MrDakka

        Correction: The units should be in mm.

        The ~1000mm RHAe applies to the front turret face only, the glacis plate is around 500-600mm RHAe for modern tanks.

        Sorry for the screw up 😮

      • Rangefinder

        Hasn’t RHA been replaced by composite and ERA? Still not very effective against modern armor even with 20x110mm.

  • Charlie

    Make sure that you’re wearing two layers of ear protection (one in, the other out) before firing one of these unless you like losing your hearing.


  • It looks as if the bolt handle is on the non shooting side. This is great for more accurate and faster followup shots. Looks great.

  • Justin

    That is the exact same model of muzzle brake used on the Steyr HS-50 series.