Shooting the .950 JDJ

Employees from the muzzleloading maker Knight Rifles tried shooting the enormous .950 JDJ loaded with 2,400 grain bullets! Firing that thing looks like as much fun as being hit in the shoulder with a baseball bat 🙂

The rifle uses a shell-holder style action. To load a shell-holder action first the bolt is removed, then the cartridge is inserted into the bolt (which grips the cartridge) and finally the bolt and cartridge are inserted into the action. This type of action is used because it is strong and relatively cheap manufacture.

Note in the video that one of the shooters is told to be very careful when inserting the bolt/cartridge and cocking the action. If anything went wrong, the heavy recoiling cannon could easily crack a skull or break a few ribs!

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • JJ

    HOLY SHIT!!! I bet that thing could detach your retinas if your not careful.

    • bill

      its like taking the same ammo we use to kill tanks and apcs with and doing stupid shit with it ie shooting it off the shoulder

      • RocketScientist

        In fact, the kinetic energy of one of these projectiles is easily in the same class as those used by the earlier generations of tanks (up about through the side-sponson Lee/Grant tank of early WWII if I had to guess).

  • Brian P.

    I’d shoot it, if I had the money. 😛

  • pat

    wish they had some slow-mo of this. that would be pretty funny.

  • Alexander_Degtyarev

    I’ll take an Anzio 20 instead.

  • What is that caliber actually for?

    • Other Steve

      Internet Videos.

      • SpudGun

        Quick, someone get their 90lb girlfriend to fire this thing off hand.

    • somebody


    • jdun1911

      For fun?

      My favorite caliber is the .22lr because it cheap and fun to shoot. When I go to range for training I do it also in the context of having fun. I shoot guns for enjoyment and have no grand disillusions of being a super bad ass commando. Way too old for that kind of crap.

    • Sid

      You have probably heard the phrase “shoot the moon”. Well, this is the gun that would be used if you literally attempted that.

  • JC

    Does anyone know if this is available to civilians, or is it a destructive device?

    • Jeff Smith

      I believe so.

      I think I saw this posted on another forum as “the largest civilian legal rifle.”

    • Komrad

      100% legal without a tax stamp, excepting state or local law. The creator got it registered with the ATF as a cartridge with a sporting purpose. I suppose one could hunt an elephant or a whale with it (or a T-Rex as Edgar mentioned), but I think it got through because somebody at the ATF realized that such an expensive and large rifle would never be useful to street gangs and the like.

  • Some guys have all the fun!
    Hey, show that one to that wimpy Spielberg, would one of these kill a fake Dino on his Terra Nova epic fail? Nah!

  • FredB

    JDJ must be Jesus, Dear Jesus.

  • El Duderino

    Next year we’ll see a video for the 30mm OMGWTFDIST rifle with a muzzle energy in the 35,000 ft-lbs range. Progress is beautiful, right?

    • Rangefinder

      This is just shy of 25 mm. What’s another five millimeters among friends.

  • I think that thing needs a better muzzle break; maybe something about the size of an A-10 Warthog.

  • ctr

    Where are the wheels?

    • Rangefinder

      You mean for elevated and traversed?

  • W

    holy mother…i cannot wait to see where this customized big rifle and cartridge trend is headed too.

  • chairman mow

    Did Redjacket make this abomination? “It will revolutionize the industry”.

    A weapon that flies out of your hands when its fired, it impractical and unsafe….and retarded.

    • Sid

      Nevah been dun ‘fore…. Typed with the most Coonass accent I could muster.

  • Steve,

    There’s an even bigger rifle that my friend Marco Rigido has been offering from Italy for some time – his 1.00 MR with a full 1 inch bore. Just scroll down the page here:

    Marco actually downloads the ammunition to fire a 2000 gr bullet at 2150 fps because the recoil would otherwise become impossible for someone firing the rifle from the shoulder.

    I’ll be happy to give you more details if you want.

    Good hunting!

    • Trike

      That isn’t recoil, its penance for all your sins!!!
      Now what I’d like to see is the terminal response on say an engine block!

      • LOL, Trike! Not sure if there is a video of it hammering an engine block, but if someone wants expiation for their sins as you point out, then they might be able to shoot one of these beasts in Europe. None have been sold over here and I am not even sure that the ATF would approve such a firearm from a foreign gunmaker . . .

  • VaMtns

    Sir Samuel White Baker used his 2 bore “baby” in the 1860’s in Ceylon and Africa for Elephants. I’ve read all of his books, great reading. Here’s the link:
    1.32″ bore (34mm) 3500 grain projectile
    If I recall he downsized to a 4 bore at some point. used a 4 ounce projectile and 16 ounces of black powder….

  • mosinman

    thank you jdun, havent been able to find a vid of this rifle being fired lol, i think it’d look better on a wheeled carrige ;D

  • Tony

    This is a gun for wimps, I want 30x113mm 60,000ft lbs muzzle energy or perhaps even 27×145 for over 100k ft lbs

  • MPH

    So when is the semi-auto version with the 10 rd. mag coming out?

  • mosinman

    if i were to wage war in low orbit….. this would be the rifle id mount on my space shuttle!