SilencerCo’s 5.56 ‘Saker’ Suppressor

SilencerCo came out swinging with their modular 5.56 suppressor, called the Saker. The Saker utilizes a new material for the baffle stack that is 30 percent stronger than Inconel, and a new 3-pronged flashhider called the Trifecta. The front cap can also be swapped out with a strike bezel that utilizes a short 3-pronged end cap which eliminates first round muzzle flash. Where it gets extremely interesting is that the rear mount can be quickly replaced with a mount that allows the Saker to be utilized on Advanced Armament’s 51-tooth Blackout/Breakout muzzle devices. This should be considered a huge coup for consumers, eliminating the need to replace their current muzzle device, something that’s normally required when changing suppressor brands.


  • steve

    ITS tactical did a great video review of this product. Their own quick detach muzzle device is neato

  • Other Steve

    I love how it attaches to competitors mounts, that’s got to be the absolute best feature. If you run AAC cans, you now also have direct access to Silencerco cans. It’s going to be a great thing for competition (read: AAC’s sky high prices)

    • Considering this is priced as high as the most expensive AAC 5.56 can i don’t think your argument is a very good one.

      That said, this modularity is a very cool feature and I can’t wait to see these out in the wild and tested.

      • Other Steve

        Theirs comes with an included mount though.

        Plus, I didn’t say their price was inline really, just that I feel AACs is a little bit high. For YEARS they ran the exact same product never lowering the price, removed the one included mount, then raised the price again. But what was your choice if not AAC? Pay WAY more for Surefire or KAC, or pay a little less for a lot less like a YHM or flavor-of-the-month garage shop.

        Actual viable competition is going to be good for everyone, them included.

  • Komrad

    Too bad Illinoishit doesn’t allow suppressors. Or SBRs. Or SBSs, AOWs, MGs, or exotic shotgun shells (bolo, flechete, dragon’s breath).
    Still, it isn’t as bad as people say it is.

  • Nick Pacific

    The rep speaks of fragile teeth on a flash hider, then shows a pronged design. Still, good thoughts went into the can and mount.

    • JMD

      The prongs are large and strong, the locking teeth are not. The prongs are not prone to breakage.

  • Freiheit

    Stupid new guy question, what is ” first round muzzle flash”?

    • JMD

      First round muzzle flash, more commonly known as first round pop, essentially is a problem that many suppressors have where the first round fired in a series is louder and flashes more than the ones that come after. The reason this happens is because the first expansion chamber in the suppressor is filled with fresh, oxygen-rich air that re-ignites the unburned, flammable powder gasses as they exit. After the oxygen in the first chamber has been consumed during the first shot, there is less consumable oxygen in the suppressor, and the following rounds are quieter and produce less muzzle flash.

  • Matt

    Stronger than inconel…let me guess…hastelloy?

    • Other Steve

      They certainly aren’t saying so far.

  • friends:

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    john jay

  • Thanks for the write up. Please let me know if you ever have any questions or would like to take a closer look.

    Joshua Waldron
    CEO, Silencerco/SWR

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