Inside SureFire’s new .22/.17HMR suppressor

We got a chance to take a peek inside the new Surefire Ryder can. Two models will be available, one for .22 only, and another for .22/.17hmr. MSRP is 400 dollars for the dual purpose can.

The Ryder uses aluminum baffles, and an inner and outer tube. Availability should be within the next few months.


  • Other Steve

    Does the outer tube somehow not violate Silencerco’s patent? That must only be for clam shell.

    And wait a second, they are stuffing a round tube inside an octagon? WTF? Why the wasted volume or reduced diameter? Octagons seem dumb unless you have octo baffles as well.

    The baffles are cool. Those pig nosed baffles were first shown in a vaporware Surefire can last year. This article doesn’t list the weight but it was light as hell iirc. Like 2-3oz. My guess is this has gotten heavier with the new tube and that this appears to be a real product now.

    As an owner of two stainless 22 cans. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER buy an aluminum one. EVER. Stainless or Ti, preferably both.

    • Agreed. 22s are dirty. I want to be able to remove lead and powder fouling without worrying about damaging the baffles.

      If it weren’t for the stupid rule that you can’t replace suppressor parts without putting in another form, and buying another stamp, it wouldn’t be so bad.

      • Matt G.

        I imagine its just the outside of the tube that is octagonal.

      • fw226

        Other Steve (or whoever): What 22 cans would you recommend?

    • Matt

      Since they are making two variants of this can I can only assume that the .17 rated version has stainless or Ti construction.

  • George

    Because the .22 and .17 weren’t quiet enough already.

    • Other Steve

      Says someone who has never shot either suppressed.

    • TheB1GLebowski

      Have you ever shot a .17HMR? Those things are loud as crap. I never shoot my Savage rifle without ear protection. My .22LR I never shoot with ear protection.

  • lex

    I’ve never shot .17HMR, louder or softer than .22?

    • Other Steve

      Yes. The crack is loud, std velocity 22 like CCI and almost all match ammo is subsonic, factory 17 never is.

    • Matt

      17 is way louder than any .22lr offering. It is still great to suppress because you can make it hearing safe and if you are hunting with it coyotes won’t know where the shot is coming from and will sometimes even run towards you. Any one that tells you that a .22 wmr or .17 aren’t worth suppressing don’t own any cans!

  • Brad

    Sweet suppressor goodness… Keep it comin’!