Laser Devices’ new DBAL-D2

At SHOT this year Laser Devices introduced their new DBAL-D2, which updates last year’s DBAL-I2 with an infrared illuminator (something the I2 model lacked).

This continues a trend towards lower-powered civilian legal IR laser systems, which are becoming increasingly popular for hunting and civilian training. Like the DBAL-I2 model the D2 utilizes a 0.7mW IR laser designator (staying under the FDA’s limit for civilian ownership), and a 660+ mW IR illuminator (IR spotlight). Unlike the Insight PEQ-15s or LDI DBAL-A2/A3s the D2 does NOT use a collimated laser emitter for the illuminator, but rather uses an IR LED with a reflector (similar to a standard flashlight). This means that the D2’s lasers are for most purposes eye safe (within reason), unlike the military models. The result is that the D2 is targeted towards serious civilian ownership AND law enforcement agencies due to the D2 reduced liability for officers as compared to the higher powered models.

The D2 should be  available within the next 2-3 months. 1500 for the Red Laser version. And 1700 for the green laser. Both laser models offered in black and tan anodized casings.



  • Jason

    Any word on a price yet? I was very close to pulling the trigger on the I2, but will hold off if this is anywhere near that price.

    • isaac.marchionna

      Price was cut off in the full article, but 1500 for the red laser, and 1700’ish for the green laser.

      • Jason

        Thanks. I don’t know if the extra novelty is worth twice the price just for playing in the desert =P

  • “due to the D2 having…” having what? looks like sentence got cut off. cool laser, curious on price as well.

  • Will

    “the D2 does NOT use a collated laser emitter for the illuminator. This means that the D2′s lasers are completely eye safe, unlike the military models.”

    That is some very dangerous bad advice!
    First off, the word is “collimated”, not “collated”. Second, just because something is LED and not laser does NOT make it eye safe, it only makes it legal.

    The IR illuminator on this thing could definitely cause eye damage from close up.

    • isaac.marchionna

      Will, I apologize as the entire article got cut off due to trying to update from SHOT. These are considered eye safe compared to the military models. Yes, any laser can hurt your eyes if you look in to it for extended periods of time. However unlike a full power PEQ-15 you will not permanently damage your eyes just from the beam bouncing off a white wall. To the FDA and the manufacturer these are thus considered eye safe WITH THE CAVEAT that you not sit there staring in to it of course.

  • William

    I believe it also has a visible laser like the dbal i^2 version, which means it is not eye safe

  • Rob

    how are lazers ever safe?

    • Riceball

      I don’t know about lazers but lasers can be, relatively, safe. I think that by safe it means that the laser doesn’t cause permanent blindness or othewise fry your eyeballs when shined into them.

  • Rangefinder

    Last month, I read a product spotlight for the Photonic Riot Laser Rifle on Tactical Life. The basic concept was to damage the vision of incoming pirates attacking merchant vessels. Has anyone else read about this? Interesting less than lethal concept. The device looked similar to a rifle with optics and a bipod.

  • 18D

    Outstanding piece of kit and definently worth the money. I would suggest to any civilian that has the money to go out and buy one of these or the I2 models. There are so many applications for these and they could be a huge advantage for you under certain circumstances.

    • Riceball

      This is something I’ve been curious about ever since I’ve started to see these type of devices come out, what exactly are the uses for a civilian? Home defense with NVGs is about the only practical application that I can come up with but then again, how many people run around with NVGs for home defense?

      Please don’t take this as an attack as I am genuinely curious as to the civilian applications for this kind of device.

      • robl

        Hog and coyote control.