Magpul’s new Handstop Kit and Enhanced XTM panels

The Firearm Blog got one of the first looks at the Magpul Handstop Kit and new XTM panels. This kit consists of the handstop component, an enhanced XTM panel (which now features a textured finish), an optional finger nub component, and a short XTM panel with the same texturing. As you can see the kit is extremely simple and works with railed forearms. Users can add or subtract panels as required.

The enhanced XTM panel seen is also indicative of the overall change to the XTM panels Magpul offers.

Price is listed as 19.95, with a release date this Spring.


  • They are going to sell a ton of those at that price point.

  • 032125

    This is MagPul doing what they do best. Make it lighter and better thought out, and then price it to sell like hotcakes instead of charging ridiculous boutique prices.

  • jdun1911

    That’s really innovative. Very nice indeed.

  • Doug

    I kind of like those. I will keep these in mind when I build or buy my AR.

  • Alex-mac

    It’s amazing something so simple and logical hadn’t been made yet.

    • Chris

      Errr…Gear Sector?

    • Other Steve

      He must have meant made by Magpul 🙂

  • Nadnerbus

    Hell, this is something I might even add to mine in front of the VFG, just to keep my hand from from slipping forward and touching hot metal during rapid fire. Very simple and cool idea.

  • Flounder

    There is hope for magpul yet!!!! (I thought they might crash and burn after loosing so many important people)

    • John

      Do you actually think Chris and Travis were important people at Magpul? Get a reality check.

      • JMD

        On the Magpul Dynamics training side of the company, they were. Not the product side, though (outside promotion and marketing).

  • Anthoni814

    First the 870 stock/forend, and now this. I have a feeling that this will be a very good year for Magpul.

  • Sian

    $20 for a couple pieces of plastic.

    I don’t know whether to be offended or impressed. Well played, Magpul.

    • John

      If you go out and make this sort of quality kit for less than $20 I would be very impressed…

    • W

      then start your own molding company…nobody is stopping you edison

  • Stu

    Just the thing for the RFB

  • JMD

    I can’t comment on these new XTM panels, but IMO the old ones were a little too brittle. The locking tabs tend to snap off easily, for instance.

    On the other hand, that handstop looks great. If it’s as good as their RVG foregrip, it’ll be a huge success.

  • Jason

    Is it OK to put one of these on a carbine length quad rail or will that bum out the skinny handguard Travis Haley and Chris Costa wannabes?

  • noob

    are these legal to put on pistol ARs or do you need to SBR it?

    • JMD

      It’s not a foregrip or second pistol grip, so it should be legal. BTW, that’d be an AOW, not an SBR.

  • Brad

    It would just be nice if MagPul make it available…still can’t buy it anywhere!

  • I purchased the three rail set of the Dark Earth rails for the simple reason that it takes away the uncomfortable grip that comes with holding onto the Piccatinni exposed rails. Without the gaurds the Piccatinni rails just seem to bite into your hands so unless you are wearing gloves, the new Magpul rail guards really improve your grip on your weapon.