GSG Golden AK and MP5

No longer do you need to be a dictator of a small country or a drug lord to afford a gold plated AK or MP5. ATI will soon be importing gold plated versions of the GSG-522, GSG Kalashnikov and GSG-5PK. It is real gold plating, not a faux-gold finish.

They are far to gangster for my tastes, but I am sure they will fly off the shelves.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • H.L. Fahnestock

    That is straight up pimpin’! And it falls under “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

    • Alexander_Degtyarev

      “Just because you shouldn’t, doesn’t mean you can’t.”

  • Chicovsky

    Now i just need a country to be the dictator!

  • SpudGun

    Is it true you get them for free if you’ve reached level 55 and completed all the Headshot challenges?

    A gold plated .22LR replica of another gun, wow, think of the collector value.

  • JMD

    WTF are you even talking about? Go troll somewhere else.

    • Other Steve

      I swear he’s collecting thumbs down numbers. He’s trolling here and at least at KitUp as well, probably more places, sad really.

    • Other Steve

      He was removed. FINALLY

    • mosinman

      im a troll, see? trololololololololol!

  • Cute girl shooting MP5, FNC and mini UZI on YouTube.

  • Greg

    does it comes with the girl?

  • Zach

    I like how the gold compliments her hair. Dunno why, but it’s a nice touch.

    • Nadnerbus

      This is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Patrick

      I am all for this increasing popularity of firearms! Even though like you it may not be my preference the fact that we’re discussing styles within firearms shows an ever expanding diversification of our American gun culture. We have the highest civilian gun ownership per household on earth and the percentage of Americans who own at least one gun keeps going up every year thanks to the widening popularity of guns by females for all the right reasons.

      “Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and the keystone under independence. The rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable. The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.”

      – George Washington

    • Theodoric

      Ooh, gun hipsters, that’s a new one. Did you prefer guns when they were more obscure?

    • 276 pedersen

      Patrick, George Washington never said that. If you can find where he did please let me know. Playboy printed that quote in the 90s and was forced to retract it because it is untrue. Still, it sounds good 😀

      • Gun owning hipsters are a real thing, but we won’t be buying any of the guns in the article. We prefer Mosins or Mausers, and other inexpensive WWII era milsurps. And Ruger 10-22s, though I don’t own one personally.

    • schizuki

      Good luck, 276 Pederson. Every time I see the bogus Hitler gun control quote, I politely debunk it, and it goes in one ear and out the other.

    • schizuki

      I have to agree with Sally. It’s not a “gun hipster” thing. It’s a “I hate being associated with stupid, tasteless morons” thing. Since when has not liking to see one of your passions dragged through the pop-culture mud become elitist or “hipster”? Our standards in this country have sunk so low that even the barest minimum of functional intelligence and decent taste make you a snob now.

    • Splodge

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

      You are, I presume, American. You have the widest choice of civilian firearms on the planet available to you. Please don’t complain when some of it is tasteless junk.

      To put things in perspective for you, I’m English. I would kill to have the opportunity to turn my nose up at stupid guns. I’m not allowed most of the sensible ones.

    • SpudGun

      schizuki put it better then I ever could. Trivializing the sport might attract new shooters, but it should be new, responsible shooters with a healthy respect for firearms.

      All this zombie / Modern Warfare / bling crap tars us all with the same brush and most worringly, if you speak out against it, then you are labelled a ‘hater’.

      It’s not a case of ‘if you don’t like, don’t buy it’, it should be a case of, ‘who the hell thought this would be a good idea?’ or even more frightening, ‘there are people out there who want to buy this crap?’

      I’m positive that the mainstream media at Shot will concentrate on all the newest and most innovative products beneficial to shooters – no wait, they won’t, they’ll choose all the tacky garbage on offer to portray us as a bunch of whack jobs.

    • Bryan S.

      Perhaps the reason he is covering this stuff is because the industry is not willing to come out with something new, worrying about the ATF smacking it down, congress taxing them out the wazoo, or the economy not supporting the new R&D.

      So you get bling and zombies, if you dont like it, go out, have kids, and raise them the way you see fit.

    • mosinman

      so by your guys reasoning , if i were to buy one of these gold rifles, it would make me a stupid tasteless moron? heh, why dont you worry about whats in your safe and not what someone finds attractive and fun.

    • Paul

      Easy now… there’s really nothing wrong with a pink gun and it certainly doesn’t denote irresponsible gun ownership. My wife is a reponsible gun owner and shooter and has earned her CCDW permit. I surprised her on Valentine’s day with a Pink Duracoated Kimber Ultra Carry to replace the Glock 36 she was previously using as her concealment weapon and never really liked. She learned to shoot with my 1911 and absolutely adores her new Kimber, pink and black is her favorite color combo so I wanted to make the gun more personal for her, nothing to do with a fad or anything.

  • hojo

    As klassy as the originals, but priced for your ‘hood.

  • Steve- it’s “Gangsta”. 😉

  • Paul

    she’s tiny! Less than 5′ tall?

  • SGB

    Most of us laugh but this is good news. It means more people are becoming interested in firearms and manufacturers are putting out more products to attract various demographics.

    Nothing is more important than growing our numbers. This doesn’t mean we have to buy any of these but it is a positive development.

  • 50 Cent

    Looks good to me.

    • Jake

      Ha, well played.

  • Jake

    You know, I love AKs. The AK is a very rugged and effective weapon. I’ve also seen pictures or exotic Iraqi AKs, or AKs lifted from cartel members that are gold plated, and a small part of me wanted one.

    …but not in .22. These are like the “ricers” of the firearm world. All show and no go.

    Now, a 7.62x39mm AK with a nickel finish? I could get behind that. That’s the right amount of bling for me.

    • FourString

      Ricers are plated in gold? Wut.

      • Paul

        Yeah… ricers wasn’t really the first thing that came to mind for me… I was thinking more of the Crown Victoria hooptie with the Skittles paint job and 24″ gold plated spinners that drives around town.

    • Cymond

      I saw pics of a 7.62×39 AK in a matte hard chrome, and it was surprisingly attractive.

  • West

    Is there just nothing much happening there this year???
    No disrespect but I have to say it: If this looks good to you then you have questionable taste.
    Its good in that the number of guns available to law abiding citizens isnt going down but, damn, I will take quality over quantity any day.
    If one of my buddies bought one of these I would NEVER let him live it down.

    A gold AK-22?


  • bobzmoose

    Let them them buy crap!

  • D

    That is truly hideous looking.

    If you have to have a gold gun, shouldn’t it all be gold, not just the receiver? I mean, if it was all gold it would look interesting, at least. As it is it looks like ..i don’t know what it looks like. Kind of like generic i guess.

  • Splodge

    The problem then is nothing to do with the gun – your friend was using an AR, and whilst that certainly has the capacity to be blinged into oblivion, I’m sure you would have mentioned any gold plating.

    The problem was your friend being a moron. I hope he had the guts to acknowledge his prior idiocy and to listen when you corrected him.

    It makes no difference if some gun-makers sell tacky crap or not – they always have, and always will. Until the media in all its forms – from video games to Hollywood to the news – portray firearms in a sensible way… heck, even then you’ll still have to deal with morons.

    I get that you’re concerned from a PR standpoint, and you’re worried about people making the gun community look bad. I understand and respect that.

    Just consider that you were given a brilliant opportunity to educate your friend, and to show him how guns work in the real world. Hopefully, how to be a responsible shooter, too.

  • MAJ Mike

    I’d be laughed off the shooting range if i showed up with one of those firearms. On the other hand, the nice youg lady would be welcomed.

  • Blue4

    Gold plated guns make me think someone peed on it for too long, the metal turned p*ss yellow and got polished..

  • Will

    Don’t know about the gold plated AK but I own a GSG. 1911 in .22 and it looks and feels true to a real 1911.
    Plus it shoots just fine.
    I had to change the front sight, they give you three off them, in order to put the group at point of aim.
    Really nice pistol.