Geissele Automatics introduces new rails

Bill Geissele of Geissele Automatics this year introduced a new modular rail for the AR15, as well as a similar design for highly popular (among LE/MIL) HK 416 platform. Utilizing a replacing barrel but the rail replicates the locking process found in the HK416 rails, using two tension screws. The user can then add rails where needed, and the rail features a slick design with integrated QD points.


  • Alexander_Degtyarev

    Does that mean this handguard can actually replace the bulky HK416 quadrail?

    • Other Steve

      On the 416 I think this makes a TON of sense because that little piggy would really benefit from a light rail. On AR’s I’m a little curious what this offers.

  • Other Steve

    I’m not sure why everyone is making a big deal about this rail. Seems a LOT like the KAC URX III, Wilson’s TRIM, the new DD, the new Noveske, etc etc etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, Geissele triggers are the shit and are the best AR trigger I’ve ever used. Not sure if it’s worth the asking price for most people but competition or etc it’s great. And I’m REALLY glad quad rails are dying, they look cool, but are really dumb in practice for most people.

    I just don’t see what’s so great about this, considering it’s going to be $$$$$. Like easily more than the Wilson, and I’d guess not much better if at all than the KAC.

    • Jason

      Are quad rails really dying? Whatever will those of us who have them do to win the approval of guys with small, girly hands? Say it isn’t so…

    • W

      “Don’t get me wrong, Geissele triggers are the shit and are the best AR trigger I’ve ever used. Not sure if it’s worth the asking price for most people but competition or etc it’s great”

      You are too cheap to pay 170-230 bucks for a trigger??? JC

      and quad rails deserve to die off. technology has evolved. evolve with it or get left behind.

  • GreenPlease

    Looks cool but I’m still a Troy TRX/Samson Evo guy. I just prefer round hand guards.

    Frankly, I’m genuinely surprised Magpul didn’t release a FF hand guard.

  • Lance

    Looks too heavy and bulky for mew for a regular AR KAC rials or CAA rails or even Magpul is lighter and smaller in size than these things look.

    • Other Steve

      Stop trolling. You have no idea what they weight…. And CAA polymer rails… REALLY? Come on, it’s enough.

      • Dakota

        I don’t think he is trolling he is just giving his opinion.
        you give it up you keep pestering him and i find that more annoying than his lack of knowledge.
        Ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity can’t.

    • W

      its a rounded rail assembly…it is predictably lighter than its quad rail counterparts.

  • Bret

    The pictures don’t really show it, but from watching the video on ARFCOM it appears that this is more of a tall oval than a circle in cross-section. It actually looked very slim side-to-side because of this. I’ve seen another rail that is oval like that, but can’t for the life of me remember who made it. Anyway, that would seem to be a slight difference compared to most of the other ‘smooth’ rails I’ve seen coming out recently.

    • Other Steve

      Ah, yea, quad rail needs to go first, but then round rails should definitely be right behind that.

      Now… Quad Round rails (YHM)…. oh mercy.

      • W

        and what do you suggest replace round rails, after they follow quad rails out??? I didnt know invisible magic rails existed yet.

      • Other Steve

        MODULAR. Rails are fine, but ever present quad rails are just extra weight and suck to hold.

  • Other Steve

    HAHA, most people won’t get it.

  • isaac.marchionna

    The goal, especially with this and the DD rail, is to make the Hk416 less of a boat anchor. The 416 is an extremely great gun, but the rail has been a weak point in terms of overall weight. Daniel Defense is currently not committing to a release on their rail. For the time being this has a chance of successfully updating a great piston platform. The standard rail is an offset of the 416 rail development.

    In regards to the 416, this is a rail that lightens the weapon up, and helps out guys who use said gun to shoot bad guys in the face for a living. Congrats to Bill on this.

    • W

      nice, I have always liked the 416, but believed a better rail could be selected for it. The more a weapon evolves, the better.

  • W

    I really don’t understand why many think the HK 416 and its rail are “heavy” and “bulky”…

    grow stronger lads… 😉 jk

  • George

    Pretty sure I’ve seen a rail design exactly like this before. Everyone and their brother is doing one these days. Where are the new, innovative products at this years SHOT show?

  • Jake

    So obvious and so smart. I hate the feel of a bare rail on my hands, and a railed hanguard covered in rail protectors is too bulky for my tastes. This makes a lot of sense, in my mind. Rails only where you need them.

  • Joseph

    I like the fact I have options for all the various AR-15’s I’ll own in the future. I’ll just leave it at that.

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