SIG is producing a special edition 1911 featuring the famous phrase “ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ” (Molon Labe / ‘Come Take’) engraved on the frame and grip. The phrase is engraved the same way as it is inscribed on the monument at Thermopylae that commemorates the famous battle that took place there in 480 BC.

The pistol has an attractive dark bronze finish.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Like everything but thegrips but still cool.

  • wright

    purty, they should nix the motto on the grips though.

  • steve


  • West

    Design and finish: Hell yes!

    Slide inscription & grips: No thanks.

  • HK93

    Looks like a prop for the next Punisher film.

  • Eric

    I like the finish. Not to keen on the engraving, contrasts with the Sig logo. You would think for a limited collector’s gun, they would have grips that were flush with the magwell.

  • Brian P.

    This! Is! SPARTA!

  • drewogatory

    Hmmm. I guess they have convieniently put aside the fact that the Spartans were first rate ***holes, their willingness to fight to the last man notwithstanding. This appeals to me about as much as a Waffen SS special edition P-38 or a KKK emblazoned axe handle…

    • West

      Damn, the KKK signature Axe Handle? Thats a little much.
      Still funny though!

    • Spiros-Hellas

      i guess you ‘re well educated man and you have concluded that the Spartans where @#%holes after years of studies.Or maybe you ‘re just another internet troll that slept during history class.First of all ,if you call them %$^holes because they had slaves, then you should also call Washington and all the other revolutionaries &^%holes because they also had slaves…Also spartan history was written by the Athenians,their worst enemies,it ‘s just like a U.S. history class with Bin laden as a professor !

    • W

      yes they were assholes, but that doesn’t change the fact that they kicked ass all over the f–king place until they were defeated by various united greek states. 😀

      Spiros, you are right. History is written by the victor.

    • abprosper

      Same here.

      The Spartan culture while brave and for a time great fighters were slave keeping, sadistic pederasts.

      • W

        “The Spartan culture while brave and for a time great fighters were slave keeping, sadistic pederasts.”

        Generalizations are never good. The same can be said about catholics as well. Fortunately, people are usually smarter than to resort to generalizations.

      • Mu

        So, we need a “crusaders” version with “he will sort them out” as motto?

      • W

        I suppose so, as long as its historically significant 😀 and there are historically reflecting Nazi guns: its called authentic K98’s with the eagle and swastika. They are beautiful guns.

      • abprosper

        Its not really a generalization as such.

        Sparta was a barracks state that depended entirely on the labors of its Helot slave class. They were historically by the other slave keeping societies thought to be especially brutal masters.

        They also left little poetry or culture which is kind of shame. It would have been nice to know what they though

        In fairness the pederasty was fairly endemic among the upper classes then and while Spartans were basically thought of by peers in the same light we see the Taliban I suppose the statement was a little unfair.

        However if there is a “long dead cool is cool even if they were A-Holes” ruling out say Nazis or the Klan the Spartans do deserve attention . I think our idealization of their culture is dubious though.

    • schizuki

      I’m scratching my head trying to come up any cultures that weren’t “first-rate ***holes” at one time or another. Human history being all messy and violent and nasty and such.

  • Shiny !! That’s quite a bit ‘o precious !!

    • Darkness

      @Johnnyreb- This POS android clicked the dislike button instead if the like button. Love the Firefly reference 😉

  • Eichenlaub

    Drewogatory, you’re right about all that, but the spartans were quite gay and should be lauded for advancing gay rights, so it kinda evens out.

    • Spiros-Hellas

      at least they weren’t that gay as the cowboys in brokeback mountain…

      • baclava

        i’m pretty sure they were much, much gayer

    • SpudGun

      ‘Gay Spartans vs. Gay Cowboys’ – Seriously dudes, this is what you’re arguing about? On a Firearm Blog?

      Away with you at once! Crawl back to your You Tube comments sections and CoD forums.

      So disappointed.

      • W

        if i didn’t hold this blog in such a high esteem, i would encourage them to keep going. its hilarious. you’re right, though, its not a youtube comments blog.

  • Spiros-Hellas

    As a Greek,let me inform you that the phrase ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (= come and get them) wasn’t that common among the Spartans….In fact,it was used only once,right before the battle of Thermopylae.The spartan “credo” was Η’ ΤΑΝ Η’ ΕΠΙ ΤΑΣ( e tan e epi tas) ,that means:either you will carry your shield back home victorious ,or come back lying dead on it .These were last words of the Spartan mothers when they said farewell to the their sons.This is the best indication of the spartan courage and morale ,a society where a mother is ready to sacrifice her beloved son for the common good has nothing to fear.

    • Dave

      True, but kinda missing the point. The Spartans may have only used the phrase once, but the American gun-rights movement has made it their own. For us armed Yankees, ‘Molon Labe’ is right up there with ‘Don’t Tread on Me’.

      • In the Texas revolution they once displayed a flag showing a cannon, and the motto “Come and Take It”.

        Those were happy days!

  • vyse.04

    Now how long until Sig releases the same thing for a P238?

  • Samopal

    As a fan of SIG Sauer and a Greek of Spartan descent, I think it’s safe to say this’ll make its way into my collection. 🙂 Nice job, SIG. I love the finish,

  • D

    I just…I don’t know…this just seems really cheesy.

  • Darkness

    Great concept, poor execution…

  • stevec

    i happened to be holding this gun at SHOT when the saleman passed by with the editor of SWAT mag Denny Hansen in tow. I was grinning broadly at the time. The salesman pointed at me and said words to the effect of ‘they all do that’

  • schizuki

    Prosecutors have wet dreams about defendants with guns like that. For God’s sake, don’t shoot an intruder with it. Your lawyer will thank you.

    • 032125

      There’s always a hall monitor in every thread. “Don’t do that! you’ll put your eye out!” “Don’t drive that! You’ll get tickets!” “Don’t own any weapons that you like! you’ll get prosecuted!”

      Has anyone an example of a single individual prosecuted for an act of self defense in which the deciding factor was that the gun was politically incorrect? Ever? It’s a political myth, like predatory pricing or market failure.

      • Never heard of Harold Fish?

    • Sid

      So, rather than shoot the intruder who is threatening me and my family in my home….. your answer is that I should do what?

      Use harsh words that have no racial content so as to avoid a lawsuit from the intruder for his hurt feelings….

      • schizuki

        You shoot him with one of your other guns, silly. Any self-respecting reader of this blog should have many.

    • W

      one of the many reasons why i use a shotgun for home defense. even to the gun-grabbers, the shotgun is “sporty” and “softer” looking, even though it is the most devastatingly effective weapon in close combat.

  • Patrick

    If there is one constant on this blog it is that Lance, W, and Komrad have an expert opinion on everything.

  • Seamus

    Looks perfect for the video gaming armchair specialist.

  • clamp

    Yeah, I like the gun. But the comments on this thread have me tearing up from laughter!

  • 032125

    I’d have liked it better if they had used something resembling an actual Corinthian or Attic helmet rather than another tiresome reference to that latent sausage party that was 300.

    • Mmmmm sausage. haha.

  • Jeremy G

    I have Sigs; I like them. I have, however, purchased my last one because the quality of the most recent (P239 9mm) was inferior; if it had not been was a mail order purchase, I probably would not have transferred it. And, I think they have definitely “Jumped the shark” on the Molon Labe 1911.

  • Ajay

    Was this designed for Gecko45?

  • Rangefinder

    To bad, Greece couldn’t afford this if they sold the rest of their arsenal.

  • Burst


  • Frenchy

    So all the pretty crap aside, how does it shoot? I own tons of guns and unless shooting it would destroy the weapon itself, I shoot everything I own. I seem to be focused on 1911’s for some reason and really only care how it performs. It’s nice to have some “fun” stuff in the collection, but since I carry all the time, I like to know that I can count on what I’m carrying.

    Is this truly a SIG product or did they slap their name on something someone else built (Kinda like the Mosquito)?

    It’s not perfect, but if it’s even close to a standard 1911, you can always change out the grips, ditch that flared fagwell, and squeeze led through it til you’re happy with it… or update your account and dump it.

  • Duncan

    Eh, the grips are a little over the top, but I like the design on the slide though.

  • Cameron

    I do like the design on it, but I always found stuff like MOLON LOBE to be waaaay too over the top. I don’t know how to adequately explain it, but I feel like that’s not something you want to have as a gun rights advocacy motto. It’s a bit extreme…”Come get them!”. I’d rather something a bit more rational, in my opinion, that doesn’t make gun owners appear to be chest thumping WARRIORS HOOAH all the time stuff.

    Still love the gun. If it came in plain I’d by it.

  • SGB

    This is better than anything with Punisher grips.

  • SpudGun

    As much as I appreciate seeing yet another engraved 1911 on The Firearm Blog…

    Any chance you can grab some pics of all the new toys out there?

    Can you please have a look at the single stack XDM in .45 ACP?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • Andy

    If Sig spent half the time focusing on the functionality/quality of a pistol that is now spent on the aesthetics/marketability of a pistol, they might actually be where they were 10 years ago from a reliability perspective.

    I would never buy another 1911 produced by Sig, let alone this hokey piece of shit.

    • gct23

      thanks for spewing your nonsense andy …some people dont care about your opinion and what you would and wouldnt by ….HELLAS FOR LIFE

      • Andy

        And we have found the target demographic for this pistol: Mouth breathing douchebags who end their drivel with “HELLAS FOR LIFE”. Back to your XBOX and airsoft guns, little one.

  • Netforce

    The only good thing about this pistol is the grip. That’s it.

  • Jon

    Any idea if you can get that finish without all the cheesy stuff?

  • Jim

    I have a tattoo along the inside of my left forearm with this phrase using this exact lettering taken from the modern monument. This is so cool.

  • Gun Fan

    Is this a joke? Wow, what’s next a Yosemite Sam edition?

  • Carlos


  • Jeff

    Now a “Yosemite Sam edition”, I’d buy that!!!

    • charles222

      That would be about a billion times better.

  • John

    I dunno… I’m sure they’ll sell plenty of these, they just won’t sell one to me. I got rid of my comic book collection a long time ago.

    • Máté

      And you don’t like history either.

  • Gal That Loves Handguns

    Oh, I think it’s interesting, and I wouldn’t complain if someone gave it to me;).

  • Rob

    It’s not supposed to be pretty. It is making a point..

  • ForrestComm

    Think I would rather have something that said :We The People” or “United We Stand” if it were going to say anything at all. Personally I think I would rather had one with just a great finish on it.

    • Forrest Ford

      How about a POW/MIA pistol? or “We Will Never Forget” in tan?

      • Chance

        Sig Sauer is releasing a POW/MIA model, it comes in black or silver. It features barbed wire on the slide and dog tags on the top of the slide with the illusion of them hanging from the front sight. Check out failaphotography on youtube. She went to shot show this year and did a video on the spartan and the pow/mia models. They are both beautiful guns. I for one will buy a spartan and remove the grips. I really like the oil rubbed bronze finish. I could care less for the writing on the side. I will engrave some of my own stuff on the slide when I get mine. Have a great week!

  • T

    Great sentiment but just not for me. If it was inscribed with “veritas” and “aequitas” then we might be talking.

  • Wess

    I love it . the bronze finish very different I like that . I’ll take 1 no make that 2 , yes maybe more. Great job SIG.

  • Billy Bones

    It’s tacky and the movie that popularized the Spartans is passé.
    When will they release the Persian Xercese model, with homo erotic and bondage motifs?

  • Billy Bones

    Come and take it… Cause no-one will buy it 🙂

  • Nam Marine

    Inscriptions don’t make the gun run well.

  • Blue4

    Isn’t this 1911 called the SIG Spartan?

  • Sam

    Lmao!!! This thread just cuts me up!! All you people squabbling about “phrases” haha it’s a 1911 with a slogan made by a certain company, if it shoots…, how well does it perform? ? Really think about this for a min, Dan Wesson has mad several 1911’s with many various names like “valor” and I bet the internals are just the same. It’s about customizing the firearm and you all are…. Squabbling over it, c’mon people! Realize that you need to protect yourselves and any and all of that means “come and take it” all in the end it’s still a 1911, and personally, I wouldn’t pay for a scribe in the slide or the name such as “kimber” or any of the sort. Add what you want to for your likening, just make sure it doesn’t fail you when you need it the most! Personally I’d like to have a 1911 that will not fail when I’ll need it the most, who cares about grips? Do the cut your hands up? Now on to the more interesting stuff…. I want the double star 1911 without the rail and the ’70 series firin mechanism like they issued in Vietnam! My father swears by that perticular model and I agree with him totally, I have just yet to find one that suits my needs and one for him as well, it doesn’t need to be a “colt, S&W, or SIG for that matter, then why you ask a double star 1911?? Well it it the same brand that my AR is and I love the quality! It’s a superb rifle and never, never has it gave me a bit of trouble no matter what I throw at it or how often I don’t clean it before shooting it again. I just wish the DS 1911 didn’t cost $1200, that’s just plain crazy and I don’t have that much invested in my AR all decked out! Now my beretta 96 Vertec on the other hand has FTF and jammed on me 4 times in the last year, I like the beretta but I’m willing to part with it for something that will not FTF, like my MP9 or even my MP357c sig which I converted into a 9mm. It will accept the FS mag and not an issue whatsoever! After all this I’m in the hunt for my next one, a 1911 reasonably priced and with the ’70 series platform. Well have fun everybody and just be happy that we have the freedom and rights to have what we have… Such others aren’t as fortunate as us Americans, maybe the para ordinance P1445 double stacked so I don’t have to switch mags out that often… And well within the affordable price range!! Semper fi and hoorah

    • mike knox

      Wow. You complain about squabbling, yet you’ve squabbled the biggest. That’s Ironic. If there’s a problem with these ‘overpriced’ guns, it’s demand and reputation. The M1911’s a signature US Pistol and SIG’s reputation gets the Spartan it’s ~$1400 price tag. But hey, it’s a Novelty gun, not much of a point complaining about it.

      I’m not wild about SIG or Novelty guns, but I’ll get myself a Spartan should I get a chance..

  • TC

    Watch “300” again and check out the part where King L. tells the Persians to “come and get them.” It would be fun to have. Something different. Pretty expensive though. I have XD-45s, a 340PD etc., but no 1911. Wonder what the best 1911 is – Gunsite?

  • lori

    wow, its a shame to hear you guys talk about this like its a joke! I would love for my husband to have these grips, and if i would know where to buy them for his 1911 i would. He is serving with the SPARTANS here at the 101st in KY and just got back from another tour. Maybe, just maybe there is such a demand for these for a reason other than the movie 300!!! Just a thought.