Ruger SR22 and LCR-22

Today I shot the Ruger SR-22 and LCR-22. The SR-22 jammed once (unsure if the fault was the pistol, magazine or ammo). The LCR-22 worked as expected.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance


    • Other Steve

      If you are going to troll this blog, at least Try at it. No one likes trolling, but half assed trolling even less so.

  • Komrad

    I wouldn’t hold one malfunction against a gun, especially a .22 as they are pretty ammo sensitive. For example, my Ruger 22/45 will not function with Remington Golden Bullet 550 packs and it doesn’t care for Thunderbolt either.

    However, if they had CCI Mini-Mags, I’d be a bit suspicious of it. Still not a statistically significant sample.

  • crosswiredmind

    I picked up an LCR in December. I love it. Great little gun.

  • anon

    SR-22 is already in dealers’ hands. Had a chance to handle (not fire) an SR-22 at a local gun show this past weekend side by side with the new PPQ styled Walther P-22. The Ruger looks & feels slightly bigger and heavier than the Walther but seems much higher quality for the same street price ~$300. Side by side, the Ruger slide also looks beefier which should bode well for durability, although the tradeoff is the Ruger looks and feels a little top-heavy. It feels like the weight is higher on the gun.

  • Big J

    While you are there, would you please ask the Ruger guys to make an LCR in 22 WMR (Magnum) please? *puppy dog eyes*

    • JamesD

      That was my first thought when I saw this.

      • JamesD

        Oops… I was actually thinking about the SR22 in WMR.
        But either would be a nice option.

  • George Osmer

    I noted that only listed extra magazines for SR-22 at 34.95 a piece (available after 31 Jan 2012)

  • Al T.

    Steve, strong second for a .22 Mag version. Hopefully with at least a 7 round capacity and good trigger pull. I teach handgun shooting and a large proportion are older folks. Older arthritic folks can really use the lightweight and softer recoil of the .22 Mag. As you probably know, Bill Jordan thought highly of the cartridge.

  • bob

    I bought the first 22r pistols in my area. After inspecting and lightly lubing
    it,I took it to the range. I discovered the following problems.Slide would not lock after last shot, slide stuck half way into battery when released from slide lock only with safety off(up position).By slightly depressing safety down,slide would then continue into battery.Gun would discharge without being in battery.I sent the gun back the very next day. Ruger was very helpful in that regard. Once they got it,they wanted to focus on my use of stinger ammo. Their policy is “No you shouldn’t,Yes you can” whatever that means. I was told when i called the gun was fixed and would be shipping the next day. The service rep replied when asked what was wrong and how had it been repaired,she did not have the gunsmith notes but would call the next
    day and tell me in detail what had been done. Late the next day with no phone call as promised, I called Ruger. The same Tech responded she could give me no info,only her Supervisor could,(Supervisor unavailable every time I called) She refused to answer any questions,only stating she had “misspoke” and that the gun was not yet fixed.Several days later I got the sr22 back. All the paperwork stated was “repaired,fired stingers with no problem” Guess what slide still sticks,and using orange plastic tie provided by Ruger I can insert it between slide and chamber and it still fires.This has been my unpleasant experience. I have owned many Rugers in the past and was very satisfied. You can draw your own conclusions.
    I question if in a rush to get the gun into production,did Ruger miss some basic flaws or is it just this one gun. The fact it was returned “repaired”
    but still has all the same defects added to the inability to get any straight answers from Ruger, makes me believe it is NOT just my gun.

  • Chris Rimfire

    I just got mine a week ago. I have put many hundreds of rounds through mine and have had no problems. I too have owned many Ruger pistols, mostly the Mk Series. The Accuracy on the new SR 22 pistol is outstanding as well. I plan to get another one as soon as my budget allows. I have recently sent my barrel to Tornado Tech. for threading for my Liberty Kodiak TL.
    I have two things to say about the comments above. First, it is presumable that when a new product is released, there may be some minor problems. Ruger has been in business for many years and has a great customer service department, who I am sure will be glad to take care of you. I realize that when you put your money into something, it sucks when it doesnt work properly or is broken (which, ironically, sounds like every toy I had growing up). These problems will happen eventually to someone with thousands upon thousands produced.
    Second, two of the comments above forgot to mention, that one possible problem could be the user. The gun comes WELL oiled from the factory, and I found it necessary to wipe it down before shooting. I had no issues with over 300 rounds on target with only one failure of the slide to hold open. I love this gun.
    I will go another comment on ammo choice. Would you buy a Lamborgini and put REGULAR gas in the tank, I dont think so. Im not saying go out and buy CCI Green Tags for $15.00 a box of 100, but at least put mid grade ammo through a gun. Thunder Bolt ammo is crap, as is most Remington ammo. I buy CCI Standard Velocity for about $7 a box of 100, and rarely have any problems with any of my guns. I mean, I have a Volquartsen Custom Carry MK III in .22 lr that I have over $1200 in; Yes its like a Lamborgini. I can shoot expensive hollowpoints out of this gun, but about 1 of 10 jams because the hollow point catches on the sharp feed ramp. Im not going to throw away the gun, I love it.
    It sounds like Ruger found a solution to your problem, yet you fumbled around until you found some other minor problem, I dont know about you, but I dont usually shoot with zip straps in the chamber.
    I think everybody who hunts, fishes, or shoots rimfire should get the SR22 pistol. Its light, shoots straight, economical, fits in my back pocket almost perfectly, and has low recoil.

    • dj88fan

      I have owned many Ruger firearms, both pistols and rifles and never had an issue with performance. Believe me it is not the user. My gun jams and fails to feed the next bullet from the clip. You should count your blessings that you didn’t get a lemon. This gun has many issues.

  • Chris Rimfire

    Sorry comments below

  • Michael

    My grilfriend picked up the SR22 this Saturday after enjoying my Buckmark. We brought it home and gave it a good cleaning. We went to the range today and had a terrible experiance with this gun. We shot off 200rds of CCI mini-mag. There were several problems with the gun.
    1. Every outher clip would have at least 1 FTE leading to a jam. The next round would lodge the FTE case in the barrel. to get the case out you need to hold the slide half open and use a fingernail to get pry the case out… total pain in the rear.
    2. 6-7 rounds of every clip would FTF in single action. a second pull in DA would get the round to fire but what fun is that. At least 10 rounds were ejected without firing at all.
    3. one of the mags did not want to engage for the first 60 rounds or so. it did get better but again, what a pain.
    4. This gun also has a lot of jump compaired to other .22lrs I have shot.

    When the gun works it is a blast to shoot! My buckmark is a far better range gun. It is smoother, more accurate and feels a lot more solid. I truly hope we find a solution to the problems because it is a fun gun and shoots more like my 9mm. (I am too tired to re-read this and worry about spelling but I hope this helps anyone out there looking at this gun or may spark a responce from anyone who has found a fix and yes it will be going back to Ruger the same problems come up after another good once over.)

  • Chris Rimfire

    I dont have a solution for the FTE, but the magazine problem I may be able to help. I did notice a little more resistance within the last quarter of an inch of engaging the magazine. This was however only noticable with the “Fat Grip” installed. I realized that the magazine would not go “click; so I put my hand on top of the reciever, and it snapped right in. It has gotten better with use.
    Solution: I believet that with the larger grip, the rubber at the top of the backstrap (where the webbing of your hand goes), seems to long by a hair. after inspecting it well, you may want to take a razor and trim off a tiny slice. I would do this with the grip off to make sure not to damage the gun, or keep from trimming to much. I know you dont really want to cut up the grip, but it might help!
    I really dont know what to say about the FTE, I hope you get it worked out. You might want to use an allen wrench to tighten the barrel. Call Ruger and ask if they have had issues with the extractor and such. Usually FTE are caused by a tight chamber due to mfg, dirt, or over lubing. Extractor problems and barrel alignment can also have adverse effects. Try a different ammo.

  • Peri

    I’m very pleased. I put both 40gr. CCI Mini Mag Solids and 36gr. Hollow Points through mine without a hitch. Before going to the range i disassembled the Ruger throughly cleaned and lightly re-oiled the gun with Break Free CLP. No problems and ran 200 rounds through the gun. Guess i have a winner. Sighted in at 10 yards and consistently ran mag after mag without pulling one out of the center once sighted in. the only ammo i used was the CCI Mini Mags. Over many years it has never failed in all my .22’s. Other ammo is good i’m sure but why tempt fate? Might try some CCI Stingers next just for fun. Be safe to all…and prepared…

  • Peri

    I have found in any quality semi auto .22 it is best to try to run a copper plated or “lubed” round. They feed so much smoother. I have found this true from “many years ago withexperience High Standard Victor’s and Trophy’s. and in The Ruger semi autos which were always by far the most tolerant of all ammo. Even when i do some extended shooting with any brand of ammo i carry a very small stiff bristled brush and vigorously clean the chamber and especially the feed ramp and extractor. So far so good after 35+ years of shooting fun. This applies to my center fire big brothers too. Have fun and be safe and always keep in practice. Good luck to all!

  • Al

    The Ruger Sr22 manual says that they have a threaded barrel for sale.
    I too have had some issues with the gun but most of the time I believe it’s the ammo and I’m going to look at that larger grip issue because. When I first bought the gun I used the smaller grip with hardly any issues but since changing the grip I’ve had a little more problems like failure to extract casing and feeding issues. I’ll try the small grip again before trimming the larger one.

  • jlbond87

    Today i just purchased a new ruger sr-22, and took it to the range with some cheap bulk federal ammo. The first clip went very smooth just as it should, the second clip however jammed (FTF), almost every round i had to pull back the slide release the clip and dump the round. I tried several more clips with the same result, so when I got home I field stripped it and game it a deep clean, then lubed the gun, racked the slide and ran a clip through by manually working the slide and it still would jam almost every round. After taking a closer look the malfunction wasnt in the gun its in the clip, For one there wasnt enough spring tension, so i took the clip apart and stretched it a little more, second i noticed once the magazine was full it almost went to a double stack configuration the last four or so bullets, what was happening is, as the slide went to chamber the next round the double stack would tweak the bullet sideways resulting in a FTF. The solution, I took a pair of needle nose and squose the mouth of the magazine so the tolerance between it and the bullet was smaller, forcing the bullet straight with the feed ramp. Long story story short the mouth of the magazine is way to big allowing for too much slop as the bullet gets fed, squeeze it just a little and you should be good to go. Hope this helps

  • b-bill

    i bought this gun new,with the sights centered on the gun it was shooting high and left a foot or more and 70% of the time after the first shot it would ftf,rack it back manually then you could shoot the rest of the magazine,i sent it in to ruger and they did nothing but sight it in and told me there was nothing wrong with it,the ftf is still there and the rear sight is screwed all the way down and so far to the right the the frame the sight blade is in is patially in the sight window and the white dot is one third covered by the sight frame,ruger sighted it in at 10 yards at 25 it is still high and left with no sight adjustment left,ruger says this falls within their standards,rugers standards must be set pretty low,they gave me a free rag though,i’m gonna dump this piece of crap and use the free rag to clean my smith&wessons.