Caracel Pistol Stock

At Media Day I shot a Caracel Pistol with the stock and forgrip attached. The forgrip looks weird and the stock feel cheap, but I was surprised how ergonomic they were in practice.

The company was represented by Germans at SHOT Show and I noted on Wikipedia that Caracel pistols are now also made in Germany. I wonder if they are still being produced in the UAE. The Knoxville, USA office apparently closed down last year.

As of 2011 Caracal pistols are also manufactured in Germany by Caracal GmbH operating from Suhl in Thuringia.[3] Caracal GmbH is a subsidiary of the German hunting rifle and shotgun manufacturer Merkel GmbH[4] which was acquired by Caracal International L.L.C. in 2007.

Steve Johnson

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  • Brian

    Looks like the stock could double as a clay pigeon thrower.

    • Beefalo

      You might be on to something there…

    • JMD

      That was my first thought when I saw this. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. lol

  • DW

    Strangely, this thing does not look ninja to me…

  • CaracAl, not CaracEl!

  • Lance

    Looks cool not worth $200 tax stamp for.

  • 276pedersen

    Looks like the foregrip would get caught up on stuff, but hey if it works…

  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    The factory in UAE will not be closed. It was build 2 or 3 years ago. The Pistols factured here in Germany are for the European an North American Market (Civil an Authority). The Pistols made in UAE are factured for the arabian countries, Russia, Asia and South America.

    Did you know that the Caracal was designed and Constructed by a former GLOCK-Employee? I dont remember his name, but i can look for it in some (Paper-) magazines.

    Regards from Germany,

  • RedFalconBill

    Waffen Werks did not close down last year. They kept having product delayed to the point it became a payroll issue for them. Lawyers were then called in and everyone stopped talking to one another.

    Merkel USA is owned by Steyr Arms. I wonder if these pistols will be imported through their AL location? and cut out WW completely?

  • GunSlut

    The Caracal was designed by Wilhelm Bubits (former Glock employee and designer of the Steyr M series of pistols).

  • Maxpwr

    Centerfire Systems has these for sale right now, minus the stock.

    Made in UAE for American Market.

  • TZH

    I’ve tried out the stock a few months ago using the Caracal-F (quick-sight configuration). I liked it, even w/ the funny looks.

    I’m not yet convinced that the quick-sight system can deliver its promise of quicker target acquisition compared to traditional sights. A few hundred rounds oughtta let me know more.

  • JT

    I wonder if you can mount a sling attachment in place of the stock so that you can stabilize it pushing away from your shoulder like a pdw

  • Titus Scroad

    I saw these guns at SHOT Show, I was pretty sceptical about them being from UAE and about the rear sight in front of the ejection port on the ones with the quick sight. But I handled most of the models on display and was pleasantly surprised. The quick sight system seems like it might work and the guns felt good in my hand and pointed naturally. The trigger safety is very similar to Glock’s as is the trigger pull. I’m a big fan of Glock so naturally a gun this similar to Glock is going to feel right to me. Overall I would say the Caracal is a pretty good gun, but I don’t see them becoming a big thing in the U.S. as there is no real advantage over Glock except maybe price. I wouldn’t refuse a Caracal if someone gave me one, but if I’m spending my own money I would rather pay more for a gun I know and trust.

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