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  • Jingles


  • Seamus

    I feel like i have benefited from this post.

  • Apdl

    What size shot did you pepper it with?

  • Komrad


  • Dave H

    Yer gonna want carbs with that, and lots of water.

  • Jeff Smith

    I would be totally fine if beef jerky became a regular part of The Firearms Blog.

  • slak

    is that rail-mountable?

  • Rangefinder

    Shot show starts on Tuesday, right. Anything going on pre show?

  • Lance

    Don’t forget the pepperoni sticks to bring along too. LOL

  • tommy2rs

    Well now you flung a cravin’ on me. Time to raid the stash bag. Jerky for breakfast, it’s gonna be a good day.

  • greasyjohn

    I’m gonna have to send you some local stuff, just as soon as I find the guy again. Hope you like it spicy.