Engraved Ruger LC9 Limited Edition

Tyler snapped this photo of a limited edition Ruger LC9 that had just arrived at his local gun store. 1500 are being produced. I like it.

UPDATE: Tyler says …

I believe it is a Talo special edition. There are two varieties – Deluxe Silver and Deluxe Gold. The silver one has a silver Ruger emblem on a nickel plated slide (not stainless), and I’m assuming the gold one has a gold Ruger emblem. The silver is 1 of 1500, so I would assume the gold is the same, but I don’t know any more than you do. Here are some links (the titles are screwy, but you can see that one says a gold emblem and the other says silver).

[ Many thanks to Tyler for emailing us the info. ]

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  • Woodroez

    Did that slip-on grip come with it as well?

  • SpudGun

    Aside from my usual complaint about blinging up a CCW pistol that most people won’t even see 99% of the time, this Talo special edition irks me because of the scroll work.

    After seeing the amazing Statue of Liberty Glock and what can be done with imaginative engraving, adding a bunch of random 19th century style squiggles on a 21st century polymer handgun looks ridiculous.

    If anyone from Talo is reading, can they explain the reasoning behind this ‘special edition’.

    • Charles

      I agree that it’s rather silly, but I feel sure that their reason for the cheap engraving was to avoid charging $1200 for a $350 pistol.

      Matters of taste cannot be disputed.

  • Andy

    Too bad the ATF is not still sending guns to Mexico. These narco bling pieces would be a nice present for Cinco de Mayo.

    • Other Steve

      I’ll have to look it up later… Is it a stereotype if it’s true ? 🙂

  • Komrad

    I am still of the opinion that engraving, especially scrolling, is dumb and it just makes a gun look too “busy” and adds to the pricetag. A gun can be beautiful, but it should do so with nice wood, exquisite craftsmanship, and elegant lines not with outdated engraving that just ends up looking like hell anyway.

  • You guys – this is the PERFECT ladies gun! I have the engraved LCP, and every lady that sees it, wants one. Would you carry this gun, probably not. Would you wear a skirt, probably not. But the ladies sure would!

    • Tyler

      Janice is right – the gun was purchased by my fiancee, who basically refused to leave the gun store without it. We sold her old LC9 2 days later.

      The collector’s edition doesn’t come with anything special besides a sticker on the box that says “Ruger LC9 Deluxe Silver Edition – 1 of 1500”. The hogue grip was our own addition.

      • Janet

        Nice little 9MM. I will probably purchase for my 2nd gun. With the engraving and the size, I’m inclined to believe they are made for the ladies… I chose the Berretta Px4 Storm for my concealed weapon… but I can’t wait to add the Engraved LC9 ASAP!

      • Recently, I walked into my favorite gun store, and in the (special) display case, I found both the engraved LC9 and it’s little sister the engraved LCP. I was delighted! It took all of about 3 minutes to make my decision to buy the LC9. After two trips to the range I can honestly say I am not disappointed in the least. The LC9 is very accurate at 10 yards, and easy on the hands. What more could you ask for in a gun this size? Engraving – go it. The trigger is long, but not too heavy. Again, for this gun, perfect. All of my lady friends are just waiting for more to become available so they can purchase. Ruger – you definitely hit the mark in the women’s market! Finally.

  • Anna

    I recently purchased the Lc9 special edition. Its the first gun I owned and I love my the squiggles, as for cinco de mayo I’m looking foward toward my bling.
    Anywho I took to the range and it has much class to kickin ass.

  • Shawn Miller

    just purchased this gun today !! can’t wait to take it out tomorrow..

  • Shawn Miller

    I just purchased this gun today !! can’t wait to take it shooting tomorrow… perfect for me and yes I am woman ..

  • LanceWifey092009

    I own & Love the LCP with the engraved stainless slide & Gold Logo! When I walked into my local Dealers shop & saw this Beautiful Weapon I bought it instantly! I already love the LC9 & was in the Market for a 9mm so it was a no brainer for me! The only hard decision I had was choosing between the silver logo stamp LC9 or the Gold logo stamp LC9 for $20 more! Given the fact that I already have the Gold stamp LCP, I went with the Silver logo LC9 that will be a great addition to my CCW’s! Both are 1 of 1500 & yes they cost more than the traditional Black/Blued weapons, but I don’t see how this is any different than someone buying a firearm & then spending upwards to $200 adding a wood grain grip,Lazer site, or slip-on grip etc to personalize the weapon for their liking! As for me this beauty is perfect just as it is, although I did add a Crimson Trace Lazer site to my LCP simply due to the almost non-existent sites! Yes it boils down to personal preference, but ridiculous or dumb????….Not Hardly!!! You can throw wood grian grips (which I personally do Not like at all) etc on your firearm & I will take my “Bling” with this “elegant” engraved Beauty over yours Any day!

    • LanceWifey092009

      Correction *Nickle Plated Slide 😉

    • Art

      Do you still have the gold? Would you be willing to sell it? Is so please contact me (262) 886-6282. Thanks! Art

  • aguwa

    I think your all just jelious and can not aford the bling .Oh boy an extra 50.00 gonna kill you. I also think you that do not like the special adition modell. probably complain about everything and think your opinion counts well your wrong it dosent even matter to your wife. almost every gun I own is a special adition you know why well I`m gonna tell ya Its because I can aford it , good luck with your plane jane , your just cool , I`m Fonzy cool , LC 9 NICKLE GOLD , I think I`m gonna get the silver aswell just because I can , and shoot them and carry them only if I want to

  • Janet

    I agree with Anna… I have had my LC9 Special Eddition for several months and LOVE it! Bling or not, this is a sweet gun. For me, it is very accurate and easy to operate. This is my first gun, so I don’t have a lot to compare it to, but REALLY love how it fits my hand. Not too big and not too small! I LOVE THE BLING!

  • Jeremy

    I have one with the gold emblem love it. It goes everywhere I do.