• Jake

    I’m leaving for SHOT tomorrow night, should be awesome. never been before

    • I will give you the same advice a veteran of gun and military expos told me when I was a SHOT virgin: don’t try to see everything, you will fail.

      I, of course, did not take his advice and tried to see everything (and failed) 😉

  • stayonmywatch

    I used to work that show with Flitz International back in the late 80’s . Great Show Still have my pics from the 2 Shows I did! Be safe have excellent time!!

  • Lance

    Just don’t let TSA grab all your guns Steve hate to see you on in Getmo.

  • Zermoid

    Dude, you either have a very small wrist or one huge watch! Wow!

    Have a safe trip.

  • fw226

    If you see the guy from Meprolight, tell him to hurry back so I can order from him…

  • I’m looking for a good watch- what is that?

  • :clicks “Notify” this time. Duh..

  • Concerned_Soldier

    Nice watch, I have the silver model!!

  • tactical_lurk

    What watch is this?

  • Concerned_soldier

    It’s a casio pathfinder, black or silver! 32 world times, solar powered! Altimeter, barometer, temp, compass, stop watch, count down timer! It receives a signal from the closet nuclear clock in the area that ensures it is always on time! I have had mine for almost five years! All over the states, Europe, and A-Stan! Great watch! It was a toss up between this and the sunto. I went with this for the band and the solar power! The sunto’s battery life is short and it has a big black rubber watch band, and I wanted something for both environments! Too much info?

  • tactical_lurk

    I could not find the black version anywhere so I settled for the Suunto Core. Really wanted the Pathfinder for the Solar feature.