USFA M4-410 Pistol

I would be hard not to feel bad-ass carrying the new USFA M4-410 pistol. The .410/45 Long Colt revolver features a short 2″ barrel and a large mean-looking birdcage-style flashhider.

No word on pricing.

[ Many thanks to Jacob for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Tim

    American Rifleman had the prices listed as: M4-410 $1,150; SHOT (standard barrel) $1,100

    • Other Steve

      Certainly not for me.

      Good luck to them I guess.

    • Zermoid

      $1000 + for a SAA??
      Good luck on selling it is right!

  • That is possibly the ugliest gun I have seen to date.

    • Other Steve

      Which means you kinda want it. Admit it.

      The uglier the gun is, the more it seems to get mentioned. Personally I vomit a little when I see Calicos, but some people seem to love them.

      • Normally, I would have a spot in my heart for an ugly gun, but not this one. Like I said over at my place, some trends need to stop. .410 revolvers are one such trend.

        Plus, an M16 style birdcage flashhider on a sort-of SAA revolver? That’s just stupid.

  • bigghoss

    I remember last year when these were announced at SHOT and me crapping my pants when I read the prices. Nuts to that!

  • Randy

    Just never wanted a .410 pistol, better off loading a .45 with bird shot if that’s what you want. It looks heavy.
    I just think you have to be bored to get this before you buy something else on the market. but hey if you have a grand to drop on a new blaster go for it.

  • 2Wheels

    Generally I think snub nosed single actions look pretty cool, but not only are the proportions off with that long cylinder, but why does it need what looks like an M16 flash hider on it?


    • Other Steve

      Read their site, if they aren’t full of shit, there is a reason it’s there.

      It is definitely a different looking gun.

      • Burt Gummer

        The flash hider is worthless since most flash would be coming out of the cylinder gap anyway.


    Well that’s about the most hideous and worthless thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s a gun I’d actually be embarrassed to own.

    It’s almost like Mossberg and Taurus had a demented love child in Colt’s old factory while S&W watched.

    Seriously, what’s their advertising gonna be‽ “Hey just when you thought the Judge was the dumbest handgun on the market, here comes the M4-410, it’s got the body of a Single Action Army, the cylinder of a Judge and the flash hider of an M4 screwed right into the frame. Because after all, barrels are for wussies”

    I haven’t felt this disgusted since the Mossberg Chainsaw abomination.

  • I’m still waiting for Glock to make one called Der…F… er…I guess they better not.

  • H.L. Fahnestock

    Visually, it reminds me of a Colt Patterson revolver that someone made a “Sheriff’s” version of. Not that one ever existed… but if it did.. this is what it would have looked like. The “Edsel” of firearms.

  • JesseL

    Hmm… besides the usual .45/.410 issues of long throats destroying accuracy when shooting .45 Colt and the limited value of .410 through a short rifled barrel, you’ve now got the added “benefits” of slower reloading (no ejector rod even), single action speed, and even more limited holster choices.

    • jay1975

      It looks like a top-break.

      • Andrew

        I think you need to have your eyes checked.

  • I’m sorry man but this thing is hideous, and awkward looking. I guess as long as it does the job. At least if anyone buys one they can wait 100 years or so before this becomes a collectors item. Sorry man, but i just don’t get it.

  • HAHA, y’all hate. I actually really like it (not that I would CCW it).

    • Burst

      Well, I don’t hate it. In my opinion, it doesn’t go far enough.

      I’d like to see a ring hammer, trigger shoe, and maybe some kind of ACTUAL SIGHTS on it, or provision for a laser.

      Make a badass enough gun, and I’ll buy it; but don’t give up halfway.

    • Mang

      Haters, check out the Shot Pistol on their website, it’s got a regular 2″ barrel instead of a flash hider. Looks like an extended-frame sheriff’s model. USFA makes some of the classiest Colt-pattern single actions, and some of that definitely rubbed off on the Shot Pistol, if not the M4-410.

    • Woodroez

      I’m with you, Steve. The model they’re calling ‘the Shot Pistol’ looks a bit more orthodox, but this has some appeal to me.

      Their website has some pictures of shot patterns, and they seem to pattern pretty nicely for a pistol of this sort.

      Not into the price tag or the notion of carrying this gun anywhere other than on then on one’s hip.

      I love single-actions, but I’m not so nostalgic as to think they have a real place in self-defense in this day and age.

  • SpudGun

    Two questions –

    Will my bayonet fit on the flash hider?

    Will it fire my zombie killer ammo?

  • GUY

    Thats one ugly gun, I think I want two uglies.

  • Gabe

    If it weren’t so damn pricey and if I didn’t have to abide by Canada’s ridicoulous barrel length restrictions I might want to pick one up to throw in my hiking pack.
    I dunno, I actually thought it was a flare gun when I first glimpsed it.
    And by golly I love me some flareguns.

  • armed_partisan

    Still waiting on them to release a .41 Magnum Shooting Master with the Green Ceracote and a chrome-lined barrel damnit! That was gonna be my Zombie Apocalypse gun!

    • armed_partisan

      Also, they got rid of the Rodeo? That’s the only one they made I could afford! .410 revolvers are STUPID!

  • armed_partisan
  • Rangefinder

    I must admit that I am fond of the single action army. Birds head please.

  • Duray

    Regarding the second sentence, I’d just like to remind everyone that the name of the cartridge is “.45 Colt.” If anyone has a piece of brass stamped .45 Long Colt, please share.

  • Lance

    Looks like a old west clone of a Taurus Judge.

  • Tom Stone

    When they chamber one of these in .700 WTF I’ll buy it.

  • hojo

    I hesitate to take their engineering too seriously when they can’t find a literate person to write for their webpage.

    • Woodroez

      Ha. Everything I’ve heard about USFA has been pretty glowing, but yeah, their website’s always kind of been a nightmare. I think the USFA homepage is laid out such that it gives you as much horizontal scrolling as it does vertical.

  • Alex-mac

    Nice, once you run out of bullets you hit them over the head with it. It’s design is so strong it probably won’t break.

    I’m surprised no ones designed revolvers with an eye to use it as a club once it runs of bullets.

    • schizuki

      Some Merwin & Hulberts had a grip frame called the Skull Crusher.

    • William O. B’Livion

      There’s a bunch of old boarding pistol designs that were designed to be used in hand to hand after you’d “shot your wad”.

  • wright

    I love it! swap out the grips for some nice walnut…

  • DaveR

    Hahaha (blech). That ain’t gonna sell fer shite.

    The only credit I’ll give USFA is that they at least didn’t try to put a front sight on it.

    • Bryan S.

      That will sell to every idiot who thinks you dont have to aim a shotgun, and that shotguns, any shotgun = instant death for bad guys.

      • DaveR

        Agreed. But Taurus and S&W will win in that market unless USFA can convince folks that they should spend $1000+ on what looks to be nothing more than a Judge/Governor clone.

  • anon

    What? No AR-15 style grip?

    [/sarcasm off]

    This has gone too far. I’d say “the shark has been jumped”, but I think “humped” is closer to the truth.

  • West

    This might be a decent pack gun for hiking in Big Bend. Heavy though.
    And the price is waaaay out of whack.

    Im all for off the wall designs but this looks like something Wile E. Coyote would fire at the Roadrunner.

    • Other Steve

      Personally, I’m picking up a Ruger SP-101 in 357, the model that was just shown here on the blog, 1 round of shotshell, 4 rounds of 357. That’ll cover it for hiking I think.

      A 410 single action is just going to be bulkier, heavier, more expensive, and etc etc etc.

      I think with their price tag, they are ruling out the practical market.

      • West

        Agreed, my Glock 21SF has been my standard pack gun and everything else gun for a while. There are not many problems that 14 rds of .45 cant solve.

  • Munkfish

    I never considered the Judge because it looked stupid, but this thing actually looks nice. The proportions are bizarre with the cylinder being way longer than the barrel, but I like strange.

  • Southerner

    If only USFA would bring out a true .45 shot revolver! A cylinder length 45 colt case, with a roll crimp will hold 1/2 ounce of small shot. A .455 bore with two grooves (1 turn in 150 ft.) and a .451 choke would make an excellent pistol for the new sport of:


  • Chucky

    They’d probably get more sales if they’d stuck on a 4 3/4″ barrel instead. Seems a waste to go through the trouble in making it look good with a classic Colt design then put on a flash hider up front.

  • Bozo13

    Maybe I missed mention of the Colt Govenor which is similar and will take the .410, ,.45 ACP & .45 Long Colt… it holds 6 shots, costs around $700 and is fun as sh*t to shoot. I own one and love it. I agree, the Judge is ugly; the Colt, American made and terrific.

    • Samopal

      I think they didn’t mention the Governor on purpose, and only brought up the Judge to compare its 5-shot capacity to the M4-410’s 6-shot.

      Bringing up a competing product that is superior to yours in every conceivable way isn’t a sound way to promote your wares.

      • Samopal

        Also, I’m assuming you meant S&W Governor, not Colt Governor. 🙂

      • Bozo13

        OOPs yeah, yeah… S & W, what the F was I thinking? I own the Governor and it is a sweet revolver; it is a joy to shoot.

      • Bozo13

        Oh yeah, (for what it’s worth) one more thing… instruction manual for the Governor when discussing ammo refers to .410 Shot Shells, .45 ACP and 45 COLT.

  • Tom

    I wish somebody would chronograph the .410 out of these short pistol barrels..

  • Rob Crawford

    They lift that thing off the set of “Firefly”?

  • JT

    From what I gather, their solution to keeping the shot from spiraling out too much is to just to get rid of as much barrel as possible. I read their website and that’s the best I can figure from this thing lacking any semblance of a barrel and their claim to some proprietary solution for maximizing shot and 45colt performance.

  • Simon_the_Brit

    Where is the loading gate ?

    What keeps the cartridges in the cylinders ?

  • That is an absurd price. I’d trade my ex-wife for one but I wouldn’t spend the money on that gun. Or the ex.

  • If you really want a Single Action Army style revolver in .410, take a look at the Heritage Rough Riders in .45/.410. They’re about $350 plus shipping from various places online. Its not as pretty or refined looking as the $1,100 revolver in this post, but its also a third of the price.

    • Rangefinder

      Something interesting about the Rough Rider…it comes with a safety!?

      • steve l.

        …it comes with a safety!?

        asked a dealer once when I noticed a safety on a .22 SAA replica, he said imported pistols are required to have some sort of safety….. I know, what’s stupider than a safety on a single action, but them’s the rules

  • bobzmoose

    Anyone else surprised it isn’t called “The Sheriff”?

  • Jake

    This is by far the most bizarre-looking production handgun I’ve ever seen… and that price is pure crack.
    That said, the audacity of some whackjob to make a .410 SAA with literally no barrel and a birdcage flashhider… that’s pretty impressive in my book.

  • mosinman

    what i was thinking is… if that pin under the barrel can be pulled forward, you could preload the cylinders and just pop in a new cylinder and push the pin back down and viola!