RADE Technology Electronic Round Counter for Pistols

From the press release …

Rade Tecnologías SL of Madrid, Spain, has announced the opening of a subsidiary facility in the U.S. to launch its first entry into the handgun accessory market with two unique SpeedShot (TM) ammunition counting training systems designed to improve human reflexive speed-to-magazine replacement.

The newly created U.S. company, called Rade Technology Corp. (radetec.com), located in Bethlehem, Pa., will launch the SpeedShot training grip systems at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 17-20, 2012 (booth no. 15938A).

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Chucky

    Time Crisis!
    Seriously though, would be a handy tool for novice shooters to develop subconscious round counting. But they’d need to have that display flush with the grip for an effective carry/combat model. Personally though, I prefer counting only up to six.

    • bobzmoose

      For use against Wild Dog! Sorry, but the second you said “Time Crisis” the rest of your comment was ignored.

      • Airrider

        It has a little speaker that makes the gun shout “RELOAD!” at you when you run dry.

  • Sian

    bulky, but for the stated purpose I suppose that’s okay.

    Good I guess for folks who don’t train so much they know whether they have 12 or 13 rounds loaded by the weight. ;D

  • Netforce

    This is really interesting. Sometimes I lost count in the range. This would come in handy, though I hope it’s not too bulky once attached to the pistol.

  • Pakkinpoppa

    Recall that from Aliens…but it was attached to a much better item than a Beretta…

  • 18D

    Looking at the picture above of the shot-counter, you can clearly see that the unit is too bulky to be useful. On both the M9 and the 1911 in the pictures, the right handed shooter is going to find it not only in the way but probably a painful experience as well. Looks like this thing will have EXTREMELY limited real world applications if any at all! What a waste.

  • Mobious

    If this also counts how many rounds fired per set time and over the entire course of the gun’s use it could be quite nice. But, looks battery powered, yet another add-on that could break/run out of juice and be dead weight.

  • Lance

    Looks fun. But this in less technological way was tried by Japan in WW2 with round counters in there LMG mags for the Bren type LMG then in use. They found out in the heat of the moment most solders failed to read the counter and instead relied on the bolt being held open after shoot all ammo threw a weapon. Cool for a day on the range but not as needed in the field.

  • A2

    This is the perfect product for people who have trouble doing complex calculations…..like counting to 13

    • Paul

      yeah I’m sure you can count perfectly reliably under fire :-/

      • JonMac

        Thousands of properly-trained soldiers certainly can.

  • 18D

    The idea of having a shot-counter is fine for agencies that need to keep track of maintenance schedules, but for some sort of tactical purpose? Not so much. One could certainly come in handy for certain situations, but is everyone else looking at the location of the display on this model? They put it right where part of your hand is supposed to be! I see zero use for this particular product for that reason.

  • Burst

    The idea of doing 22nd century tasks with 20th century technology amuses me.

    You want a weapon that tracks and displays round count? Okay, standardize the weapon, caliber, optics and magazines used, and build a system from the ground up that’s designed to do so.

    then explain why you spent billions on a problem that extra magazines would have solved.

  • Paul

    why do I get the feeling some people would be less negative about this if it wasn’t from Europe?

  • schizuki

    How about a grip that tingles when you reach, say, five rounds?

    I’m only half joking.

  • CMathews

    If you want to sell something like this build a rear slide cover for the Glock pistil line that has the counter built in. I wouldn’t use it, but I’m sure someone would.

  • Jacob

    An indicator makes sense to me. Doing a count in your head is like counting the beat while dancing or staring at your hands while you type. Its a tool to help you train and break bad habits.

  • Private Hicks

    How can they cut the power man? They’re animals!

  • bobzmoose

    What a bunch of silly gooses that came up with this. The only thing that comes to my mind is “Why?” What does this solve?

  • mosinman

    Game over man! game over!