Magpul PMAG 30 M3

GearScout obtained leaked photos of Magpul latest magazine. The PMAG 30 M3 is much closer in dimensions to the original AR-15/STANAG specification and so is compatible with a wider range of rifles.

The PMAG 30 M3 will be available with or without a maglevel (a transparent insert that allows the operator to inspect the number of rounds still in the magazine).

Other new Magpul products include the Maglink, a magazine coupler, a low profile hand stop and a low profile floor plate.

Steve Johnson

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  • DurgaMDK

    Nice. I do like how Magpuls last few products have not replaced the former leaving the option of what you want. I like the coupler too.

  • Maigo

    estimated release date: not soon

    • Other Steve

      I don’t know. They’ve been good about all their new products. I think they learned a lesson from being a vaporware company.

      I bet these ship SOON. Their new stocks the Str and Acs-L are already shipping.

      • DurgaMDK

        I hope agreeing isn’t a jinx. I was surprised to get my ms3 once it was mentioned again. Products at a trade show are always shifted around a bit. So far so good when they say its going out the door.

  • George

    Where’s the 40 round mags Magpul?

    • erwos

      Actually, this product might explain what happened to the 40rd pmag… could be the problems that the 416 and SCAR had with pmags convinced Magpul to push off final development of the 40rd until they had a new standard magazine design. The M3 seems to combine the better parts of the pmag and emag, so it would be that new design.

      We might see some 40rd pmags sooner than we’d think…

      • Other Steve

        That’s not bad reasoning.

        Although the new mag is going to have to be thinner than the old ones and a 40 rounder will need to be stronger… So… It’s going to be tougher to make a 40 now. Slightly at least.

      • Ding Ding Ding…We have a winner! The M3 project has been over 2 years in development. The results were got during testing and development were so good that we delayed the 40rnd PMag until we could incorporate the M3 changes.

  • 18D

    The M3 is going to be a big advantage for a lot of shooters. I like that Magpul has taken the necessary steps to get the PMag to work for as many different platforms as possible. I think the coupler will be a big hit too. Most shooters don’t want to spend $150 on a ready-mod, so the coupler should be a good seller for them. I’m excited about the handstop. Handstops make the tubular forends that Mich more ergonomic. It sounds like Magpul is doing big things for 2012.

    • Other Steve

      The ready mag or whatever at least allow use of standard mags that still fit in mag pouches. A coupled PMAG is not fitting in any pouch.

      I see the couple as a novelty at best. Can’t imagine when I would ver want one personally.

  • Other Steve

    That dot matrix is a good idea. About to show up on every brand polymer mag out there!

    Also, The MOE fixed stock looks good, not sure if it’s in GearScout’s page or not.

    • Ed Brown did something sort of similar with the baseplate of his 8-round 1911 magazines a few years ago. Kind of surprising it took this long to catch on.

  • huey

    hmmm, nice upgrades but not enough to make me want to go replace my current PMAGS (mix of 1st and 2nd gen) in my pouches ….these upgrades seem to be more addressing the SCAR crowd…I am cool with my M&P15

  • Nater

    I don’t think I’ll replace any of the PMAGs and EMAGs that I already own, but I’ll probably only be buying these from here on. Well, and Lancer AWMs. Honestly, I think the Lancers are the best AR magazines out there.

    It’s too bad that Magpul cannot or will not make a PMAG 20LR for the SCAR-H. I know you can sand down the current SR-25 patten magazines to fit, but that’s far from ideal.

  • W

    hopefully this new magazine can bridge the compatibility between the pmag and emag into a common design. I never understood two completely different magazines for the same magazine wells.

    • Other Steve

      It’s pretty clear that they aren’t the same magwells. And that’s the issue. They are compatible, but not the same.

      The foreign guns (SCAR, G36, F2000, etc) were built with tighter tolerances and basing their design around metal GI mags. The AR uses a looser magwell and as far as I know has for a LONG time.

      I agree, having one mag that worked in both seems like the best idea, and it’s most obvious. Meaning, that of course they wanted to do that, but must have had a reason they did not. They might not have had access to a polymer with enough tensile strength to support the abuse. They released the EMAG but it probably didn’t make sense to dump the PMAG until they combined both into a revision that was cost effective.

      Injection mold tooling is expensive. After the successful design of the EMAG, and it probably made the most sense to run the PMAG tooling as long as possible to amortize the cost down. This is pretty common stuff. It’s the reason no car maker updates their sheetmetal every year, the tooling is expensive.

      They seem to have that a combo design now. It was an eventuality, but without being inside the company, I’m not sure it’s fair to crap on them for only getting it out now and not years ago.

      • W

        The issue occurred because the weapons themselves superseded the Pmag itself. Yes, they were designed to use the US GI magazine (excluding the G36 and AUG, which idiotically both use their own proprietary design), though the only reason why the Pmag doesn’t work in those weapons is because the top part of the magazine is skinny enough, but it doesn’t extend far enough down to accommodate these foreign weapon’s magazine wells (this is painfully obvious for the Pmag, with a little bit of dremel tool work, can work with the 416). I think it was a stupid simple oversight that could have been prevented without the necessity of two different magazines and designs. From my experience, the Pmag fits the 416 and F2000 magwell the same as a m4/m16 (disregard the obvious incompatibility i mentioned above), so i did not notice “tighter” tolerances, though i did notice however slightly longer magazine well length (very apparent with the 416, with its larger magazine well flaring).

        In a nutshell, the Pmag was designed to optimally fit in the AR15/M4/M16 lower receiver magazine well by presenting a more curved, instead of straightened (like the HK and GI Spec mag), design. By a engineering oversight, the curvature interferes with NATO weapons; ironically, the Emag reverted back to a “straightened” rather than curved design, which more optimally compliments all receivers.

  • Lance

    The SCAR can take regular Pmags. This new mag is for the USMC and the HK 416 rifle and the M-27 IAR which one complaint in Marine crowds was it didn’t take Pmags no they fixed that. The Pmag is very popular in SOCOM which they wanted a pmag for the HK416 in service. And by some individual solders/marines for a Pmag which can be used by all standard issue weapon like SAW M-16 and M-4 and now the M-27 will make.

    Looks fun wonder what the price will be?

  • Chase

    I think there’s definitely room in the market for another handstop. LaRue’s doesn’t clamp itself down and requires rail covers in back AND front to hold it on. Knight’s is way too expensive because it has their logo on it. I suspect that Magpul can solve those problems handily.

  • Joshua

    I bet that lip to keep it from being over inserted will play hell with mag pouches.

    Im honestly not impressed with these mags, they dont appear to do anythig different than standard rev.M pmags yet they added a lip to keep overinsetion from happening yet ive never heard of anyone with that issue anyways, and that lip will make inserting and pullig out the mag a chore