Taurus 22PLY and 25PLY

Taurus has produced polymer versions of their tiny tip-barrel mouse guns.

The Taurus 22PLY and 25PLY in polymer frames make the already light guns into super-light guns weighing only 10.8 oz. Both models feature a blowback action and tip-up barrel design for the added convenience of not having to rack the gun before shooting. The reverse fish-scale serrations on the slide add to the sleek look of the gun. The extended magazine base and full body contouring provides a larger, improved and more comfortable grip. The trigger guard is designed for added finger purchases. The magazine release is conveniently located on the trigger guard for quick changes. Taurus is constantly mindful of safety and has incorporated the magazine disconnect and a manual safety on the 22PLY and 25PLY.

The .22 model has 8+1 capacity and the .25 ACP model has 9+1 capacity. They weigh 10.8 oz. They have not announced pricing.

Steve Johnson

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  • Komrad

    The nest logical step in their development. I’m guessing they did this in response to Beretta releasing their Nano and they wanted in on the polymer subcompact market as well. But then again, the same people who would carry a 9mm subcompact regularly might not be the same people who buy .25 ACP and .22 LR subcompacts.

    • Samopal

      These have actually been around longer than the Nano, since mid-late 2010. As you said, their markets are a little different.

      I think this was just another step in Taurus’ gradual move to a dominantly polymer pistol line (they’ve introduced several new polymer pistols in the last couple years and discontinued all their steel and aluminum-framed pistols, except for the PT92 and 1911 variants).

      I can see them coming out with a polymer-framed PT92 sometime soon.

  • Scott_T

    25PLY sounds like some kind of new super toilet paper

  • shankbone

    Davidson’s dealers in my area are listing these for $203-$207.

    If I had $200, the .22 would be interesting to own, shoot, and tuck away as a hideout gun.

  • GoFightNguyen

    Please forgive my ignorance, but what does the description mean by “Both models feature a blowback action and tip-up barrel design for the added convenience of not having to rack the gun before shooting.”

    I am aware that most light caliber guns require a blowback action to cycle, but how would that preclude the need to rack the gun before shooting?

    The only way I can interpret this is that you do not need to have to rack the gun before shooting every time, which of course is a quality that all semi automatic firearms share.

    • WeaponBuilder

      Being a delayed Blow-Back action, the springs in this are notably heavy when they’re new from the factory. Notably heavier than that of my Walther P22, Ruger 10/22, or other 22 LR firearms. Much of this is due to the heavy hammer spring that delays the blow-back action of the slide.

      The small size of the slide, and the heavier recoil springs make it difficult to get a good solid grip on the slide, and racking it can be more difficult. Due to the difficulty of racking such a small slide, it’s just easier to insert a fully loaded 8rd magazine, tip the barrel up, and load the chamber with your +1 round, and snap it down to close it. Thus you no longer need to rack the slide to chamber the first round.

      The semi-automatic cycling of the slide will reliably load all subsequent rounds.

      • GoFightNguyen

        Ah, I see the mechanism now. Thank you.

  • WeaponBuilder

    I just got a chance to shoot one of these last night. (22 LR Version)

    It functioned reliably on bulk Federal 22 LR box of 525rd ammo. Accuracy was reasonable. I shot an off-hand group of 2.5″ at 21 feet with the long double-action-only trigger, so I was pretty happy with that.

    $200 to $210 pricing sounds about right… Gander Mountain listed theirs about $249.95 (no surprise there).

    All in all, the trigger (though long) was better than I expected from Taurus, and my wife also thought it was a fun little gun to shoot. Didn’t have a single malfunction, but we oiled it up pretty good before shooting it. Taurus might have a decent little subcompact 22 with this one… I might buy one for ultralight summer concealed carry.

  • Other Steve

    8 rounds of 22 but 9 of 25??? Last I checked 22 was smaller than 25.


    • Flounder

      Rimmed vs rimless my friend. 25acp case head is smaller than .22lr…
      At least I think so…

      • Other Steve

        Yea, that’s kinda what I figured after thinking about it.

  • Other Steve

    Toss on a factory threaded barrel and I’d consider giving it a look. I wonder if Beretta will update the tomcat/bobcat?

  • I’ve seen these for $229 at the gun shows for the past few months. They make them in purple too.

  • Lance

    Looks like a rip off of a Beretta Tomcat pistol.

    • Komrad

      Dammit Lance. It is not a “ripoff” of the Tomcat. It is a legally licensed copy of it. They have been selling normal metal framed ones for years.

      • Other Steve

        I know!! He’s being particularly Troll-y lately. It’s either flat out wrong or mindlessly misinformed.

      • Komrad

        Sally scrotpuncher has just pointed out that it is a Bobcat copy, not a Tomcat copy.

  • Shooter

    The Taurus PT22 and PT25 have been, on a statistical basis, the least reliable and most poorly-made handgun in current production that I’m aware of. Out of 4 examples sold in one period, all 4 came apart within 100-200 rounds. Out of another half dozen examples, half were returned for service within days, and one was defective out of the box (broken trigger bar, IIRC). It makes Hi-Points look like frigging Wilson Combat in terms of quality and reliability.

    So let’s make them out of plastic now! Woohoo!

    • Komrad

      I’m sorry, but statistically, a sample size of four is terrible.
      I’m not saying you’re wrong, but what you have is four anecdotes, not data.

      That is disappointing to hear. I wonder if it was just a bad run or something. What year was that? Taurus has apparently fixed some QC problems in recent years, so it might not even be valid anymore.

  • shankbone

    Did anyone else notice the “MADE IN USA MIAMI, FL” stamped on the slide?

    *Also, this is the second time I have checked the website today, so the gun has obviously piqued my interest.

    • The PT22 and PT25 (and the TCP 738 for that matter) were already made in Miami, so it makes sense that the polymer versions would be made there too.

  • howard moore

    i they would fix the trigger pull to double/single I might be interested but the double action only is horrible in the last one I tried I’ll stick to my keltec I wish kel tec would make a 22 in pat380 size or ruger

  • pigsbreath

    what kinda cigars are they smokin in miami?