Raptor Grip (Birdshead) Grip for Mossberg 500

Shockwave technologies are selling a traditional “birdshead ” grip for the Mossberg 500 shotgun. This is the type of one-handed grip favored before vertical pistol grips became popular. Not only does it looks cool, it is more practical (in my opinion).

It is being sold for $31.95.

Steve Johnson

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  • Greetings from Texas,
    You have made my day Steve. I have been looking for a grip like this for my Mossberg 590 since the first time I shot my signature 00 / Slug load in it. Thanks a milllion for posting this!

  • Lance

    Not as practical in my opinion for work a regular but stock works far better for comfortable and more accurate shooting.

    • DW

      I think this is for FUN, not for work. Still, might make one hell of a “trunk gun”

    • Other Steve

      Why would you compare this to a stock? Really, what is with your comments?

      Compare this to a pistol grip. Understand that witness protection style shotguns are way easier to shoot and conceal than ones with pistol grips. If you read a little more about the latest NFA ruling on 14″ shotguns with birdshead grips that are still over 26.0″ then THIS could be really handy.

      • Komrad

        What ruling was that? Was it one like the XO-26B AR-15 pistol/rifle/firearm/whatever where id didn’t fall into the Any Other Weapon Category or any of the other categories and is just a firearm? If so, I am interested.

      • Komrad

        Never mind, just read the other post.

  • Woodroez

    With the tang safety of the Mossberg shotguns, I’m a little surprised these aren’t more common. I haven’t held a 500 with the vertical grip in my hands, but it looks like the thumb can’t actuate the safety without changing your grip significantly. In that regard this grip is clearly superior.

    I’m curious what the recoil from 3-inch 00 buck feels like with this grip.

    • Sian

      “Iā€™m curious what the recoil from 3-inch 00 buck feels like with this grip.”

      It will probably whip up pretty good, but with a forward grip it should just be dramatic and not uncomfortable.

    • *ding*

      I own a 930 SPX and a 500, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how people work the safeties *quickly* on Mossbergs with either pistol grips or Knoxx stocks.

      • Will

        Look up “mossberg 500 extended safety” i think brownells has something that could fix your pistol grip mossberg problem

  • bigghoss

    surefire or somebody makes(made) a grip just like this. I have one bolted to a 20 ga 500 in my safe right now.

  • Other Steve

    I’d be curious is this one is made just that tiny bit longer to allow use of the latest “NFA Hack” that would allow for a 14″ 500 that never came with a stock to be used with this grip and the shorter barrel legally.

    The ATF ruling states if it isn’t under 26″ it isn’t an AOW, and if it doesn’t have a stock it’s not a SBS. It’s just a smooth bored pistol.

    I wanted to do a 12″ Witness Protection (bird’s head) gun, but I’d settle for 2″ extra and not have to file a Form4.

    • Komrad

      That sounds pretty cool. It sounds like we are moving in a direction that will probably end with classification as pistol or rifle will just be overall length. I find that idea to be much more favorable as it is simpler and addresses the only real concern behind the classifications: concealability.

  • Seamus

    I am buying this.

  • Alex-mac

    Should this grip be the standard for home defense shotguns? Here are a few reasons in support.
    Point shooting is where it’s at in the home, so no need for a stock.
    The shorter weapon becomes much more maneuverable indoors, important as the shotgun with it’s mandatory 18 inch barrel is very unwieldy.
    This grip allows easier and quicker use of your shotgun as a melee weapon, compared to a vertical grip.
    Grip makes it easier to point shoot, as the grip gives your hand a more natural point of aim compared to vertical grip.
    Makes it somewhat concealable, a useful feature to have.
    And lastly it allows your grip to absorb the recoil instead of your wrist which results in alot more comfortable shooting.

  • Matt Gregg

    Called my LGS today, they have a mossy 500 PGO 12ga for $315. I look forward to playing with this. And yeah I know stocked shotguns are better, that’s why I have a mossy 590 full of 00 buckshot.