Sig Sauer ACP – Adaptive Carbine Platform

The Sig Sauer ACP (Adaptive Carbine Platform) is a new universal pistol carbine kit from SIG that works with most full sized railed pistols including 1911s and Glocks. Yes, SIG just produced the mythical Glock carbine before Glock 😉

While not the first carbine kit, this is as far as I know, the first universal kit.

It is not clear if the stocked version will be available to consumers. I have emailed SIG’s PR people to find out.

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[ Many thanks to Claes for emailing us the tip. ]

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  • Lance

    Make one for the Beretta 92FS? Cool looking small carbine.

  • Komrad

    CZ75B, CZ75B, CZ75B…
    I know it will never happen, but a carbine kit for the TT-33 and CZ-82 pistols would be cool.

    • cc19

      Check out the HERA arms site. I’m sure I saw a carbine kit hooked up to a CZ75 variant.

  • SG

    This is nothing new… CAA and HERA Arms have had kits like these out for a while now. This is just Sig’s attempt to jump on the bandwagon and release one that they can charge their price bracket on.

    • cc19

      Nor surprising too either considering Sig also hopped onto the gas-piston and DI AR systems. Oh and 1911’s. Maybe next we’ll see them try to take on Magpul for a piece of the polymer accessories market pie?

  • Hauser

    I think they are overselling the universal aspect of this a bit. From the design of that rear tensioning part that engages with the top of the backstrap, I can’t see how this would work with a Glock as it seems like it would block the slide. Also, when used on railed 1911s it would either cause the grip safety to be permanently locked or or locked off depending on the shape of the beavertail. Am looking forward to some more pictures to see how SIG thinks this will work. I suppose the rear tensioning part could be optional, but if it isn’t needed/beneficial why have it?

    • JC

      I was thinking the same thing about the glock and 1911 – why didnt they show it attached to any other gun?

  • snmp

    The stock look like an OEM product (from FAB-Defense/CAA/Mako, or Hera arms) ?

    CAA RONI For Glock

    MaKo/Fab-Defense KPOS for Glock, SIG (P226/P228 & P2022) & Norinco NC26 et NC28

    Hera Arms for 1911, Glock, SIG 226 & SIG Pro 2022, CZ SP01, HS2000/Springfield XD, HK P30, Walther P99

  • bbmg

    I don’t see the benefit of this – you’re increasing the size of a pistol without increasing its performance, other than making it slightly easier to aim.

    The Chinese JS-9 submachinegun for example is similarly compact and has the benefit of a 9.8 inch barrel, double that of a typical pistol, at least adding increased muzzle velocity for the same bulk.

  • Eric

    They’ll probably need to be very clear that non-NFA registered pistols (with an overall length of less than 26 inches) can’t legally have the vertical foregrip shown in the video.

    • Eric

      Or maybe is the Sig ACP OAL greater than 26in? Does it actually count as part of the OAL of the gun seeing as it’s not really a “permanent” modification?

  • I guess I was the only person who watched the entire video. No need to contact their office; at the end of the video it states that the stock version is the law enforcement version designated -LE and NFA rules apply.

    • Eric

      @David S

      I’m not sure if your comment was in reply to my post, but when I said “non-NFA registered pistols” I was specifically excluding the LE version.

      • Hey Eric. I was responding to the last sentence in the post, not your comment. Sorry for the mix-up.

  • Davey

    Id rather use my $200 tax stamp on a 10.5″ AR-15 and keep my pistol in my holster. At least I’d have something to transition to, if necessary.

    If you need a shotgun to supplement your pistol, grab one.
    If you need a carbine to supplement your pistol, grab one.
    If you need a subgun to supplement your pistol, grab one.
    (See where I’m going with this?)

    Don’t take your perfectly good pistol out of service in order to turn it into some kind of Frankengun.

    • Excellent point. Each gun has a specific purpose. I would never think that this item was made to be convenient or useful. I think it exists because “it can.”

  • West

    Looks pretty cool but im not dropping $500.00 on a piece of plastic that will render my pistol less accurate and harder to conceal.

    • JM

      It’s not plastic. It’s aluminum alloy.

      • West

        My mistake.
        Im not dropping $500 on a piece of aluminum alloy that will render my pistol less accurate and harder to conceal.

  • JC

    I really don’t get the point of the SBR ban. A civilian can buy this without the stock but adding the stock is illegal. If anything wouldn’t you think it would be the other way around because the gun would be more concealable WITHOUT the stock? I just can’t understand the reason for the law.

    • Other Steve

      I don’t understand why you’d use the term “SBR Ban”. An excise tax is a pain in the ass, but it’s not a ban.

    • W

      Its a restriction, not a ban, though I agree with you that it is a childish and stupid law considering how many people have died from concealed short barrel rifles (LMAO).

    • JC

      You’re right it is a restriction, not a ban. I just don’t get what purpose it serves.

      • JMD

        The purpose, like all other legislation, is to control people.

  • Other Steve

    My TP9 SBR is smaller, lighter, delayed blowback, mounts a silencer, holds 30 rounds, has a non-angled grip for those large mags, field strips quickly, ambi charging etc etc etc. Once you add the tax stamp, stock, grip, and host gun you’re in about the same amount.

    I get that Hera, CAA, and whoever else have these, they’re VERY niche and that’s fine. Makes no sense to me, but to each his own. But why in the hell would SIG want to make and market this!?

    • jdun

      How much did your TP9 run you? MSRP is $2100 from DSA website and that’s not including $200 tax stamp.

      • Other Steve

        $900 iirc from RSR when they had them in stock. $2100 my ass! It’s not worth that for sure.

        I was lucky to get mine with a threaded barrel guide so I just had an adapter made up for my subgun silencer.

      • jdun1911

        I’m interest in getting a TP9 at the $900 price range. Which shop did you buy it from?

  • Rangefinder

    The presentation appears to be geared towards LEOs and security forces, but I think CHL holders are a better market. I could see this in a glovebox or nightstand. I agree with other posts, this competes with better solutions. It would be interesting if they could provide a barrel extension. Let me insert my pistol inside a black gun with an 18″ barrel. Add space for spare mags in a faux magwell.

    • Other Steve

      You want it to be long and heavy? That’s the improvement here?

      • junyo

        Longer and heavier? Yes.

        Longer sight radius and optics? Also yes.

    • JMD

      In my experience, CHL/CCW holders tend to be practical people, and adding extra weight and bulk to a pistol is not practical. This is a toy. People who want compact pistol caliber carbines already have many good options to choose from.

  • toadold

    Where it might be interesting would be for hot powerful calibers. Say 10mm, .45 Super, .50 GI in its hotter loads, .45 ACE, and 357 SIG, and etc. The extra grip and weight would make offer more control of recoil and muzzle jump. You could have a flash light and laser in addition to the red dot sight. In cold weather you sling it under a large coat for quick action and have something that would punch through thick clothing and sheet metal.
    I would like to see 10 inch barrels made available also as stated previously.

    • Other Steve

      Yea… OR you could carry a rifle.

  • JT

    Wait…you mean that the only NFA item is the stocked ACP? The little thing in front doesn’t count as a handgrip???????

    If the others weren’t NFA, why wouldn’t people just buy the bungee-slinged one? You’d get a stable platform when you drew it up to your shoulder and pushed the gun outward.

  • Uuj

    You guys are asking for a 10 inch barrel? I don’t see how you could make the two barrels line up perfectly and keep it’s adaptiveness. If you did go with one specific gun and an extended barrel in the shell you still have some play and you would have a gap just like on revolvers, i don’t think that’s gonna be safe in the long run with wear and user error when mounting it.

    • Other Steve

      Ok lining up two barrels would never be on the table, but yes, a longer barrel would just make this unconvertable back to pistol.

      This “conversion” makes no real sense to anyone. Could be a fun toy, but that’s about all. Perhaps a poorman’s pistol caliber carbine, except that this isn’t cheap!

  • Vtb

    Airsofter’s dream.

  • These things were on “Chuck” last night. I didn’t recognize them at the time, now I know why.

  • H.L. Fahnestock

    It’s neat looking and all… But I think it adds a layer of complication that I wouldn’t want to bet my life on. Whether it’s this or the RONI, Hera, or Mech Tech conversions, I’m just not sold on the concept.

  • Joe

    With conventional subguns like the JS05 and MP9, spare parts aren’t readilly available.

    With these rigs, you are able to use a Glock with a 6″ barrel with the market saturated in spare parts. Try finding a spare barrel, firering pin, and extractor for that subgun of yours. The Roni is also capable of attaching an in house built brass catcher too.

  • Kaizen1

    Great looking concept but I’ll wait just incase there are bugs or kinks to work out.

  • Jay.Mac

    This seems to be a solution to a problem that didn’t exist. I honestly don’t see the point, particularly since this doesn’t increase the barrel length of the pistol, changing it into a true carbine. This is actually just a rail adapter for a pistol.- and you can already mount an optic and a light/laser on a pistol without adding all the bulk of the Sig ACP.

    Why not just keep your pistol as is, and purchase a PDW, SMG or SBR to more properly fill the role of a primary weapon that the Sig ACP seems, IMHO, ill-suited for?

    Maybe I’m missing something but wouldn’t Sig have been better off making a true carbine adapter that you could slot your pistol into and which gave you a longer barrel, better accuracy and a longer sight radius?

    Or failing that, a dedicated bullpup pistol calibre carbine would keep the barrel length over SBR-restrictions while remaining a compact weapon.

  • Matt

    Does this device work with any SIG pistol? What about SIG pistols that do not have the under-barrel mounting rail? It looked like a part mounted directly onto the gun’s under-rail.

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  • MotoJB

    I’m wondering how the charging/cocking handle assembly on this device interfaces with the pistol…and what kind of wear/tear it might inflict on the pistol when used? I’m guessing that this charghing/cocking handle assembly (or rubbing from elsewhere) isn’t going to be very kind to the finish on the host pistol. Anyone?

  • MotoJB

    Oh and why aren’t they posting a target MSRP anywhere?

  • rizvi

    i’ll be picking this up rather than the CAA RONI. i won’t be sending anymore of my money to israel than i already (unwillingly) do.

  • vbcdawg98033

    Not certain if anyone’s still posting/listening to this string…but, had question of the group… The only thing that I can think of, that would be worse than a shoot in my home, would be one of the kids (scared out of their wits) running out into a shootout in the hallway. Intreagued, but not convinced this thing has validity…but, curious on potential for adding stability, to front heavy(er) suppressed pistol…?? Any thoughts from the older/wiser/more experienced, appreciated…

  • Jaime

    Can I use my Sig Sauer P250 Compact (3.6″ barrel, 0.380 acp cal. and, 15 rnd mazgazine) with this conversion kit?