GLOCK 22 “Statue of Liberty” Pistol

This year was the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty and the 25th Anniversary of Glock USA. Gaston Glock commissioned this beautifully engraved Glock 22 pistol for his personal collection to commemorate both anniversaries.

The “Statue of Liberty” gun is the premier item being auctioned during the annual SHOT Show auction. In addition to the pistol, the winner gets an original 11″ x 15″ blueprint of the original Glock 17 and a two day hunting trip with R. Lee “The Gunny” Ermey, Glock’s spokesperson. Bidding can be done at Gunbroker.

Steve Johnson

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  • William C.

    My undeserved bias against Glocks aside, it looks pretty nice.

    • Cymond

      Ditto. A lot of modern engraving lacks contrast.

      I love this engraving style where the cutting is done to create the negative space (I forget the appropriate art term) and the negative space is darkened to highlight the contrast.

  • Alex-mac

    This really should come as standard for the Glock, so lacking in artistry they are. The gun kind of has a Fallout 3/Rage tribal look to it. Those engravings signify my future post apocalyptic tribal alliance.

    • noob

      With the grey on black colors, I can imagine a lot of gothic, deathmetal or hell’s angels imagery would work well.

      or an HR Geiger Aliens/Necronomicon glock with custom biomechanical bone styling on the polymer grips.

      oh god. I just realised that the Warhammer 40k crowd might get into this. there is no return.

      • Foetus

        Fortunately, they don’t have any money left to buy real weapons 😀

      • Alex-mac

        Make a nice gift to your morbidity attuned girlfriend. Some feathers, pieces of bone and little wooden carved things wouldn’t hurt too. A crucifix, star of David, Islamic crescent, the sacrilegious possibilities are endless. The no-nonsense blockiness of the Glock gives it a futuristic, utilitarian weapon tone that makes ornamentation like that not look that pansy.

  • Brian P.

    Wow, I guess even Glocks can be beautiful.

  • SpudGun

    Have to echo the other comments, not a Glock fan but someone has done a really decent job of engraving this pistol.

    At first I was a little confused as to why Glock was associating itself with the Statue of Liberty and then realized that they are both imports from Europe.

  • Odie

    I gotta say this is one of the most attractive weapons posted i’ve seen since I started following this blog.

  • Pete

    My initial impulse was to snarkily comment something like, “just when you thought a Glock couldn’t get any uglier.”

    But it actually looks pretty good.

  • noob

    Glock should get some dedicated CNC tooling to make this an affordable option. I do like the look. Make sure nobody gold plates it though.

    I wonder if this affects the corrosion resistance properties of the weapon though.

    I guess you could engrave first, then tenifer the whole slide, parkerize it, and then remove the parkerisation on the bright spots.

  • MrSatyre

    Love me some Glock (let the flames commence), but that’s a bit ostentatious for me.

  • cc19

    On a related note, I’m curious to see commemorate firearms that honor other countries’ history around the world. No, gold-plated AK’s from cartels don’t count – I’m talking like the example shown here. 😛

  • Michael

    Man. I’d just like the hunting trip R. Lee Ermey.

  • hojo

    If I just heard the concept described, I’m sure I’d hate it, but seeing it… wow. What an unexpectedly appealing Glock.

  • Winston Smith

    Makes you wonder if other beautiful designs can’t be done at a more reasonable (i.e. not quite rare and exclusive) price.

    Any DIY sculpting Glockophiles out there?

  • Lance

    Looks beautiful!

  • James

    Kinda odd that they chose an object that is so symbolic of “liberty” but also so symbolic one of the least gun friendly cities in the US. What’s next? The white house or the Chicago Cubs logo?

  • james

    Kinda odd that they chose an object that is so symbolic of “liberty” but also so symbolic one of the least gun friendly cities in the US. What’s next? The white house or the Chicago Cubs logo? That aside they did a wonderful job. Looks great!

  • Tom

    I’m very impressed. A real work of art because as was stated above today engraving can leave a lot to be desired.

  • That looks better than I thought it would.

  • mosinman

    i hate glocks but this looks better than expected, i think id like it more if it was all steel so they could engrave the rest of it 😉

    • Alex-mac

      With grip reductions and stippling both DIY, I’m surprised there was no engraving on the polymer frame. Is polymer ‘unworthy’ to be engraved?

      It’s really quite disappointing.

    • mosinman

      in a way no, its easier im sure, and you can make it look great but im sure for the asking price id rather have it done in steel because it wont wear as much and possibly last longer. i think its a win for Glock because they finally made one of thier pistols look good. no i wonder what a Glock carbine would look like…… (and no not the full auto glocks with a stock)

      • Alex-mac

        Wear is a problem, but realistically noone practices with their engraved firearm. Carry pistols due to being almost never used on the job need have no wear at all. And even that tiny bit of wear over decades most likely can be prevented if you line your holster with a material that’s softer than the Glock polymer and wash it so it doesn’t collect dust.

        The Glock is also one of the few firearms that looks good with normal wear and tear. It’s purely utilitarian pistol so it was never meant to remain scratchless, just like it was never meant to be shiny.

        Also old world engravings don’t suit the Glock. The Glock is a scientific design, probably the least artistic pistol there is. So for that reason, the romantic flourishes that is common with engravers is not suitable. The Glock is as opposed to nature as it comes, so why invoke it in engravings? There is absolutely nothing romantic about the Glock. Elegance is probably the height of sophistication for a Glock, and this elegance is not based on looks but purpose, that of shooting livings things. The mystique of the hunter and warrior can’t be applied to a Glock, the design is too brutal in it’s efficiency. I bring up ninja’s cause that’s as close as the Glock comes to a tradition, ninja’s being spies/assassins who prized utility above all.

  • Love it! I will be bidding on this for sure.

  • Alex-mac

    I think the secret to these engravings looking good is that they incorporate the Glocks straight lines into the engraving design. Notice the rectangle and square borders. These aid in integrating the designs into the Glocks overall geometry so the engravings don’t look that out of place or ridiculous.

    I’m excited now that the Glock has been ‘cracked’ aesthetically speaking. Engravers/stipplers need to work with the Glock design not against it, that means rectangles, squares, lines and borders need to be used to frame any curves.. Colours also go against the Glock, only variations of black, while grey should be as adventurous as it gets.

    I’m looking forward to the Japanese architecture inspired engraved Glock. Finally I can be a real ninja!

  • 18D

    How is this for Gaston Glock’s personal collection if they’re selling it? Guess it’s not really for his personal collection then is it?

    Someone tell me why Gaston Glock has a one off Statue of Liberty gun? He doesn’t even live here.

    • Alex-mac

      They should just call it what it is. The first engraved Glock that looks good.

  • Loren

    My first thought was lipstick on a pig, but it’s more like mounting a diamond in a pig’s ass.

    • Alex-mac

      A Glock ain’t no pig, a warthog, a Tasmanian devil maybe.

  • Nicks87

    Absolutely Beautiful!

    A work of art yet not unreliable like most engraved 1911s.

    …lol, no, it’s not the engraving thats makes a 1911 unreliable.

    • mosinman

      enlighten me then , what makes the 1911 unreliable? lol

  • Tommy big balls

    Everything. But mostly the fact that it’s a 102 year old design. This glock does look nice. they should present this to the president. That would be cool if Obama rolled around open carrying a lady liberty glock. A lot less old people would be whining about “healthcare” or whatever if they thought the PREZ was a badass like raygun.

    • mosinman

      if thats the reasoning then every bolt gun that has the mauser bolt design is outdated…….

      • Tommy big balls

        True. They defiantly are.

    • mosinman

      hahaha better tell the army and marines to change thier “outdated” bolt action sniper rifles then

      • Sammy small balls

        They probably would if they had any money. Drone strikes on Arabs are expensive though. That’s the wave of the future. Who needs snipers with 125 year old guns. Also M110 ? Change your outdated info.

      • mosinman

        im pretty sure the reason they still use bolt guns is because they simply work, they do the job well and if it aint broke dont fix it, im sure if they were so ineffective they would have been swapped out ages ago. and the rifles arnt 125 years old. the basic design might be but not the rifle. and ive read a couple of articles that the m110 has a few issues too, i dont think its should replace the M-24 or the m-20a5 or whatever

  • What an awesome piece of work