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  • Awesome. Finally a way to safely combine ammo and alcohol.

    • roger

      the brass would wear taking off a bunch of steel bottle caps.

      • hojo

        I wonder if Wolf makes any .50 BMG…

      • Matt G.

        The Russian version of the .50 is no doubt steel cased.

  • Sian

    of course this is only appropriate for opening high-caliber beers. The cheaper stuff will just have a screw-top anyway.

  • El Duderino

    My LGS (Surplus Arms & Ammo in Lakewood, WA) has these for the same price.

  • Lance

    The classiest way to open Liquor and wine bottles

  • Justin

    Looks like a good way to get heavy metal poisoning… looks like lead bullet is still in there and don’t forget the leaded brass cartridge. I suspect most of us who shoot a lot already have elevated lead levels.

    • Matt G.

      Justin, do they use lead in making the brass? I was unaware if that.

      I expect the bullet Is completely copper jacketed, but It’s possible the bottom is open to lead. Even so, seeing as the device doesn’t contact much of the actual bottle itself, the amount of lead you would ingest from this device would be almost nill in comparison to actually shooting, let alone reloading.

      • Justin

        Yes, nearly all brass has a small amount of lead. It improves the formability and machinability significantly. They do make modern lead free brass alloys, but their use is limited to things like plumbing fixtures (and even then only in states that require it).

        I suspect that despite the lead bullet being copper coated, there is still risk of lead contamination from this thing. I don’t know if the bottom of the bullet is covered or not. Once fired brass implies that is will have residue from the primer on it. Short of actually testing it, there is no way to know what to expect.

        I don’t care if some of these macho guys get lead poisoning, but someone might not of thought of it so I mentioned it. Lead exposure is cumulative so using this on top of shooting or reloading will cause increased risk. I doubt everyone will wash their hands after opening every beer and lead and food don’t mix.

        You won’t find one if these floating around my silverware drawer.

  • Gabriel

    It is a copper coated steel encased lead bullet.
    Leaded brass cartridge?
    You say you shoot a lot?(crack)

  • Conrack

    Cannot be shipped to residents of the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia.

  • Saif Al-Razi

    These are going to be big sellers. I’ve got to have one but I want one with a hole drilled in the side to carry as a necklace.

    • greasyjohn

      Aww yeah, Hawkeye Pierce style.

  • bubba

    everybody knows that a real man opens a beer with anything but a bottle opener. no matter how cool it looks