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  • Other Steve

    Uh, make it fire 37mm or 40mm as a registered DD and I’ll watch the whole video next time. Until then, very cool toy kid.

    • T.G.

      He is from the Philippines.

      • Other Steve

        Oh, I don’t care where he’s from. A toy is toy.

  • Patrick M.

    Awesome job chuck!!

  • dave

    how would a 37mm version of this be any less of a toy?

    • Other Steve

      Proof on concept that the replica parts could handle real pressures.

  • J. Grigg

    This is amazing work. Just saw the SKS. Quite a skill this guy has.

  • Flounder

    This kid needs to grow up and start doing real guns. XP

  • Wow, kinnda a tough crowd, I watched this being built thru updates on a VN airsoft forum, If I remember right, he did it from Pictures as there are only a few of these floating around, everything is hand cut out of pvc and wood ( due to the laws where he lives I guess)
    Fantastic job sir, Kudo’s

  • Pretty impressive to be built by hand.

  • Very impressive. I wonder how old he is.

    • Horsem4n

      He is in his late 20s.

  • hisnameisren

    I have had the good fortune of actually seeing and handling this replica, and it is every single bit as complex as it looks. There wasnt much to go with as far as copying internals, so he more or less engineered the innards himself. It’s so slick, all you can really do is shake your head and grin.

  • Lance

    Goof recreation tip of the VC outfit. Too bad the GL is a fake.

  • smith


  • Sian

    Call of Duty Effect? (The China Lake was featured in Black Ops last year)

    • Adam

      Yeah, and it was also in Battlefield Vietnam mod back in the late 90’s and it was in BF BC:2 Vietnam last year. Your point? Historic weapons will always come back around in videogames, I doubt that this is why he made it, Call of duty is not popular outside of the Americas and Europe, and he is from the philippines.

      Now if Counter Strike had this, then maybe he would have gotten inspiration from there. He probably just through it was cool, and wanted a replica.

  • George

    Wow, you guys are harsh. Can I see the video of the much more impressive weapons you guys have built from scratch?

    • Tinkerer

      Nevermind the haters. Many send their firearms to the nearest gunsmith to clear a stovepipe.

      Me, I’m impressed with the ingenuity and craftsmanship. Too bad a few self-important guys can’t appreciate it.

    • Other Steve

      I don’t think anyone is hating on the guy. It’s just that some people view this as Off Topic for the FIREARM blog.

  • p0larn1k

    Duuude, thats awesome! If he’d built it for fun, imagine what this guy will be capable of with proper resources on real battlefield? Kalashnikov of Philipines?))

    • p0larn1k

      But still… he may want to rethink some dimensions of those pouches)))

      • Chucky

        LOL! My fault entirely as it’s for an SKS, not 40mm grenades.

  • Tinkerer

    Anad a self-important guy is a self-important guy. Chill.

    • Tinkerer

      Damn reply system. Feel free to unlike this post.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Wow, there are many people here who are so much into the gunner culture that I can honestly see the generational gap in terms of maturity. This boy, without ANYTHING to guide him besides pictures and videos, went and crafted a replica out of PVC and wood.

    He replicated everything, not only from the looks, but to actually making it work. I honestly don’t care if he’s into airsoft, plays video games, or anything, but you Gen1 Gunners (in terms of maturity) should honestly stop being a bunch of douches in regards to my generation. We grew up in one of the most gun-unfriendly generation and yet we’re interested in firearms because of video games and the media. Not all of us are rushing to join the Brady Campaign or VPC, and it only takes kind mentoring to turn us into the next generation of gunners who will protect our interests.

    I’m disappointed in all of you.

    • Other Steve

      He did not make a REPLICA of anything. He made an airsoft toy LOOK like China Lake launcher.

      Look, I’m not dismissing the guy has a good eye for detail, but making something LOOK like something else is NOT the same as creating a reproduction.

      I do 2D to 3D design at work and occasionally for firearm projects, it’s not easy, but I don’t ask for cookies either. It takes a lot of photos and when there is nothing in a photo to measure scale from and only a few photos are available of, it gets pretty tough, but it can be done. It’s WAY easier to use epoxy and clay, modeling compounds, wood, sheetmetal, and pvc to make ONE thing look cool than it is to make MORE THAN ONE identical functionally clones that look like shit.

      He’s got talent, but this is NOT a firearm, and it’s NOT a replica of one either. It’s a toy made to look like a rare firearm. A Replica is an “exact copy”, this is a toy clone. Still cool, but not earth shattering amazing.

      I would be more impressed with an accurate 3D model that was fit to real tolerances. Then if parts were made from that, even cooler. But, and feel free to disagree with me, is an art project.

      • Chucky

        I understand your point fully, but to be fair, nobody used the word “reproduction” which by definition is a 100% copy of the original. I never claimed it to be such and Steve used the word “replica” which only means having a close resemblance to the genuine article. I built it as an airsoft replica for use in recreational sport, not to fool people in thinking I have an illegal DD in my backyard. If you want to see actual reproductions of the real firearm, contact Airtronic because they made a few before the project got canned in 2007. Maybe they still have a few showroom units they’d want to liquidate.

      • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

        Okay, replicate, reproduce. I clearly do not know the difference between the words. I already seem to have formed MY opinion on you. It isn’t pretty. It may be a Firearm Blog, but Steve has the right to post what he feels relevant to the blog, and to a few of us, this is amazing. A kid managed to ‘replicate’ a hard to find and hard to play with DD, and made a fully functional airsoft replica of said DD just through pictures and whatnot.

        As for a follow up to my first post.

        I know people who shoot as well as play airsoft, and they’re honestly fine with it. Airsoft, for all it’s playful toy feel, to me is how *I* drilled proper handling into my cousins. They may not ever touch a gun in their whole lives, but it’s now easier for me to see that they know how to handle one if they ever come across a real gun. Hell, one of those cousins went and turned around to teach his younger brother!

        It’s like what you *should’ve* been taught. Ain’t got nuthin’ nice to say, keep yer trap shut.

  • Guy

    Unless you regularly use 40mm grenades to hunt deer, a real one would be just as much a toy. A more lethal and impressive toy, but a toy, as in a fun thing with no practical use, all the same. And even still, this is a replica, unless you mean to tell me reenactment rifles and movie props aren’t replicas either just because they don’t shoot live rounds.

    This is a cool-looking replica of a real firearm that could easily be used in a movie, with the added bonus of having enough moving parts to fire an airsoft grenade. Nowhere is it claimed that’s a reproduction. Some people need to get off their high horses.

  • Nater

    The only problem I have with it is that he’s in a VC outfit. I don’t think too many SEALs were killed and stripped of this weapon during the war.

    • Horsem4n

      He chose the VC kit because that’s the closest thing to the era he had. he said that he would have rather done a SEAL kit, but didn’t HAVE the kit.

  • 543

    To the regulars who post on the firearmblog, save your time and don’t comment on this topic. This particular thread has been linked on numerous airsoft forums and with comments being voted down by airsoft gun experts.

    Please note I’m not attacking Chuckyzord or his awesome replica!

  • West

    What is with all the haters and holier than thou types? Chill out.

    Toy, replica, reproduction, whatever you want to call it, that took some skills to build out of nothing with no plans.

    Give this guy a few more years and he may very well be working for an arms manufacturer designing the next coolest thing.

  • Josey

    Can anyone hook me up with an email address for Steve? (the guy who built this)

  • jamezb

    Holy Cow, you do realize you could sell those in the states for 1000$ don’t you?
    A super job!

  • Why aren’t there more pump-action grenade launchers? Just seems like such an awesomely-practical idea that wasn’t capitalised on.