BERSA BP 9mm Concealed Carry (BPCC)

A press release from Eagle Imports saying that the BERSA BP Concealed Carry 9mm (BPCC) is now available in the USA. It was first announced back in 2009 and was slated to be imported in the first quarter of last year. I am not sure if it ever made it to the market, or if Eagle Arms are just resuming the imports. Regardless, its now avalible with an MSRP of $429 (all-black model), or $440 for the two tone model (pictured below).

Steve Johnson

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  • ghoststan

    For that Much money i get a glock or m&p

    • ahil925

      Since when do bersa’s sell for MSRP though?

      • I saw the entry for this on Bud’s Guns for only $330 shipped to your FFL. Also, glocks and M&Ps are a bit chunkier than this one is. Considering the Kahr TP9 is around $600, I’m very interested to see this one turn out to be a great handgun.

  • Lance

    Looks cool like a Springfield XD w/o the grip safety cool.

  • Sian

    Too bad about the key lock and magazine disconnect.

    I think I’d still rather pay more and get a P239, or less and get a PF9. It sits in an odd middle ground.

  • Jeff

    is it just me or does it remind you of a Kahr Arms P45?

  • 543

    I think the question we all like to have clarity on, is can you trust your life with a Bersa and an unproven model? For the price point that these actually are going for anyone interested in one for concealed carry, would probably be better served paying extra to get a well proven firearm from a more reputable gunmaker, heck your life might depend on it. Being that this would be concealed carry gun, that has to function reliably if you ever had to use it to save your life or of others I would go for something else.

    • SpudGun

      I think it a bit unfair to tarnish Bersa as a less then reputable gun maker. Their .380 Thunder has been around for decades, been used by several police and military forces and has received many rave reviews.

      As for trusting your life to any brand new pistol, how many recalls have we seen from just about every ‘trusted’ gun manufacturer?

      Would it be my personal choice as a concealed carry pistol? Probably not. But for just over $300, you’re getting a brand new striker fired polymer pistol and that’s not a lot of beans for this type of handgun.

      • 543

        Bersa is a maker where some get lucky while most have nothing but issues. I have owned two Bersa’s in the best and both proved to be unreliable and most importantly I have experienced Bersa’s U.S. importer rude and limited customer service(good luck if your Bersa is out of warranty or no longer made) and Bersa’s “Warranty” is nothing to be proud of either. But don’t take it from me, when you observe subjective reviews of their products they never stack favorably in their direction. Bersa is a low end brand that’s usually in service by third or second world LE and Militray organizations who lack procurement funding not because it beats Glocks or anything else. My biggest gripe with Bersa is the U.S. customer service, difficulty in getting mags for some models, inconsistent workmanship from model to model. I have dealt with Glock/Taurus/Ruger/S&W/Hk’s U.S. customer service and they have all stood by their firearms both production and out of production and were always extremely helpfully. I can’t say the same thing about my Bersa experience.

        A cheap price is a shortcut to being cheated. – Ancient Chinese Proverb

      • KM

        People seem to be making Bersa the new Kel Tec. And Kel Tec does make crummy guns. I know because I’m stuck with one. And a later generation kel-tec, not an early model. Couldn’t be any worse.

  • Denny

    Previous line of .38 and 9mm hammer double/single were reputed as good and inexpensive guns. Bersa was forced more or less to follow the market trend with this striker model. I do not see why it could not catch up with the former. Regarding “relying your life on it” I’d say you should know after firing couple hundreds of shots. (I am not in any way into promoting this brand and Kahr looks just as good.)

    • W

      honestly, i have heard good things about Bersa handguns. i have 0 experience with them, though would like to experiment with them a little bit.

  • Coctopus

    The store I work at has a few and two of the three have been extremely difficult to disassemble. I tend to keep my hands busy learning how to disassemble each new model and so I know full well how some guns have “tricks” to making it easy to work. But I couldn’t take the gun on the shelf apart for the life of me. Grabbing the manual from a new in the box gun resulted in finding one that was easy to disassemble. So I checked the third one in supply and found it too does not want to be seen stripped. I eventually got it apart but with much frustration. This kind of inconsistency is what makes me wary of Bersa. I would be interested in knowing if anyone other FFL’s or any new owners have this experience or not.

    • Thanks Coctopus for the info on your challenges with disassemble. I decided to conceal and carry guns for my personal protection but I am not overly mechanical, so I want a firearm I can easily handle and take care of!

  • Looks interesting, but a bit larger than the competition (Nano, CM9, LC9, PF9, etc). Size difference might be negligible though, it’s never safe to go by the manufacturer specs alone…looking forward to trying one out!

  • Pale Rider

    I have the Bersa BP 9mm. It’s single stack mag makes it an easy carry while still providing a good grip area for my large hands. It was really hard to get the pin out for dis-assembly the first time. I thought about taking some fine sandpaper and smoothing it off a little but instead just cleaned and lubed that part as part of my normal cleaning and now it dis-assembles fairly quick. I had a few FTE with Winchester WB after having none with Remington UMC so I polished the cartridge chamber and now it is flawless. So overall I’d say that out of the box it could have been better but after a couple of 100 rounds its doing fine. Accuracy is good as well. Easy carry and comfortable to hold and shoot.

  • tomboy

    I have owned 3 Bersa firearms, all very good and very dependable. I work at a firearms store in Colorado and we sell about 50 Bersa firearms or so a week, rarely do they return for repair and all customers seem very happy with them, alot of the more popular make firearms return for repair more often, so its your call, but quality doesnt have to necessarily cost alot. Reasearch Bersa, 95% are pleased with them, that say’s alot.

    • Richard B

      I have a bersa model 83. The hammer snapped. Any ideas where I can get a hammer? (303) 957 6511

      • mfrisi01

        Bersa site sells parts

  • Mitch Rapp

    I owned a Bersa Model 83 (with wood grips) as my first handgun EVER. Reliable, tough, and ate everything I fed it. I upgraded to a Bersa Thunder .380 and it too was perfect. I got the pocket carry bug several years ago and wanted to “upgrade” to a Ruger LCP, so I traded the Bersa. Stupid, stupid, stupid. While the LCP has its place, the Bersa was a better firearm.

    I just bought a Bersa BP9cc and couldn’t be more pleased. In fact, i sold my Glock to buy it (and another gun as well, b/c we all know how much Glocks sell for). This Bersa is a dream to hold. It fits perfectly in the hand. It is light, slim, and very concealable. The recoil is extremely manageable. The sights are excellent and upgradeable to Glock and Sig sights. It was right on target out of the box.

    In short, this is a great gun. The price point, even at MSRP, is well within most budgets, in fact there are a few on gunbroker for under $400 right now.

  • I bought a new BP9CC in April 2012,3rd clip I starting getting fte’s on the 5-6th shell,mag was very hard to release,shot low and left 6-8″ at 30′,I sent 1200+ rounds through it hoping it was a “break in “issue.Nope,if anything it got worse,ran through several brands of ammo(my Ruger SR9 shoots just fine) no difference.Sent it to CGW (authorized sc for Eagle/Bersa),have emailed several times ,1 response regarding evaluation for replacement,nothing since,at this point(almost 2 mths) I don’t want an unrepairable,unreliable weapon,replace it with a new one,or better yet,scrap it and refund my money.Buy a Ruger or a Browning.

  • Cary

    I have one of these and love it. FMJ, JHP no matter … they feed fire and eject. and have done so without fail nearly 1000 times. Taking care of it is easy and the price was sweet. Thin and easy to conceal in a leather IWB holster for a 3 inch 1911. Yes 1911. I would buy it again!

  • Cary

    Just a thought … ” dnord ” why should we trust the opinion of someone that calls it a “clip”?

    • adam

      a device, typically flexible or worked by a spring, for holding an object or objects together or in place.
      synonyms:fastener, clasp, hasp, catch, hook, buckle, lock More