Black Friday Gun Sales up 30%

From USAToday via. Zerohedge

Deputy Assistant FBI Director Jerry Pender said the checks, required by federal law, surged to 129,166 during the day, far surpassing the previous high of 97,848 on Black Friday of 2008.” And in reality, the number is likely far greater: “The actual number of firearms sold last Friday is likely higher because multiple firearms can be included in a transaction by a single buyer. And the FBI does not track actual gun sales.” And while Saudi Arabia is warning that women driving leads to the end of the world, in America women are now the marginal guy buyer: “Some gun industry analysts attributed the unusual surge to a convergence of factors, including an increasing number of first-time buyers seeking firearms for protection and women who are being drawn to sport shooting and hunting. Larry Keane, a spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said 25% of the purchases typically involve first-time buyers, many of them women.

And in case you missed the story (I am late in reporting it), the Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona has been letting the public have their photos taken with Santa and his arsenal of machine guns.

[ Many thanks to G, jdun1911 & Rolf for emailing us the link. ]

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  • 543

    God bless America! Liberals eat your hearts out, here is another take on it according to newser:

    (Newser) – This year’s Black Friday gun sales broke a record set in 2008 by nearly a third, and while fears about President Obama outlawing some types of firearms are thought to be behind 2008’s record, analysts say this year’s surge in sales is part of a long-term trend. Gun ownership was “politically incorrect” five years ago, but “what seems to be changing is social acceptance,” an analyst at investment firm Avondale Partners tells MSNBC. “I think there might be a changing view of firearms.”

    Every state except Illinois now allows residents to carry concealed weapons, and a recent Gallup poll found that 47% of American households own a gun, up from 41% just a year ago. Analysts say the number of first-time gun buyers and women buying guns has been rising for several years, with handguns selling especially well. The director of communications at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, however, says this year’s surge is sales is a “one-time event” which may be “the result of marketing.”

    The general trend is it’s more socially acceptable to own a gun in the United States than it was five to six years ago. – Avondale Partners analyst Bret Jordan

  • jdun1911

    You can thank the invention of the internet for turning the tide against gun control. Without the free flow of information the main stream liberal media would have gotten away with their lies about guns and promotion of gun control.

    Remember how the liberal media got away with banning the so-call armor piecing Teflon coated bullet? How about banning caseless ammo in some states?

    Because of the internet it is now extremely hard for the liberal MSM to get away with any lies. They are not the gate keeper of information anymore. With the press of the button or reading the comments they can decide if the writer is telling the truth.

    For example: This liberal anti-gun writer posted a Halo (the video game) picture showing all the weapons in the game thinking it was real and using it to promote his gun control agenda. In the old days he would have gotten away with it. He was discredited and made a public fool.

    • Lance

      Amen to that the rise of new media dose help to stop liberal lies that ABC CBS NBC MSNBC AND CNN all make.

    • Komrad

      Not all liberals are anti-gun. I’ve been over this before, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Lance

    Make sure Steve to buy all of us regular posters a AKM for Christmas.

  • noob

    so what does santa give you if you’re naughty?

    • El Freddio

      Instead of getting a gun, you get to be at the other end of the gun, or worse a liberal THE HORROR, THE HORROR =P

    • SteveW

      A Raven 25.

    • mosinman

      i actually wouldnt mind a raven .25

  • Komrad

    Take your friends out shooting. You’ll do way more with just that than any lobbyist (pro-gun or otherwise) could ever do.

    Also, do us all a favor and steer clear of crazy sounding pro-gun stickers (anything about “the blood of tyrants” or “voting from the rooftops” is probably a bad idea).

    If you think you’ll be getting into debates with others, do yourself a favor and understand the logical fallacies so that you can avoid them. It will make you seem more level headed and informed.

  • Sian

    I love that Scottsdale Gun Club is doing that, but why does their santa have to look so put-out in all those pictures? Come on, Santa, Cheer up! You have a minigun!

  • cseabass

    Based on CAs Dros system there were over 5500 transactions that day… Almost double the day after the election and the most I’ve ever seen by far.

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