Kahr CM40 .40 S&W pistol

Earlier this year Kahr introduced the “value priced” Kahr CM9 subcompact pistol. Next year they will begin selling a .40 S&W variant, the Kahr CM40.

The CM4043 is chambered in a .40 S&W caliber, has a 3.0″ barrel and an overall length of 5.47″, with a height of 4.0″. The pistol weighs in at 15.8 ounces plus 1.9 ounces for the stainless steel magazine. Differences between the CM models and PM models include: the CM4043 has a conventional rifled barrel instead of the match grade polygonal barrel on Kahr’s PM series; the CM slide stop lever is MIM (metal-injection-molded) instead of machined; the CM series slide has fewer machining operations and uses simple engraved markings instead of roll marking; and finally, the CM series are shipped with one magazine instead of two magazines.

The CM40 boasts real sights, which are drift adjustable in the rear and a pinned-in polymer front sight featuring a white bar-dot configuration. Finally, the slide does lock back after firing the last round – another feature missing on a number of other value priced compact semi-auto pistols.

The CM40 slide is machined from solid 416 stainless steel with a matte finish and is only .94 inch wide. Each gun is shipped with one 5 rd stainless steel magazine with a flush floorplate. Magazines are made in the USA, plasma welded, tumbled to remove burrs and feature Wolff Gunsprings. The magazine catch in the polymer frame is all metal and will not wear out on the stainless steel magazine after many uses.

MSRP will be $517, about $250 less than the premium Kahr PM40.

Steve Johnson

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  • gunfighter 2012

    Hey Kahr, could you guys learn to “profile” your slides a bit. You make fun of “blocks” and yours are just as bad if not worse.
    Hint: See the Ruger LCP and LC9 as the exemplars.

    • JscottNH

      If you want less blocky slides you can shell out the extra bucks for a PM series Kahr… “Dear Ruger, could you make a trigger pull that is sweet, consistent and smooth. You make fun of AK’s with a handful of gravel in the reciever… Exemplar: any Kahr pistol…. “

  • Lance

    It’s a decent pocket pistol for women and small men. But for larger men like me its too small to fit in my hand. the light weight with the .40 S&W’s heavy recoil may make smaller people less enthusiastic to shoot the design for training.

  • presidentpaul

    Is this (CM40 & PM40) currently the smallest 40 pistol?

  • Steve in Delray

    Kahr; Company is owned by the Unification Church and Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his son. Decent pistols. NOT getting a single dime of mine.

    • Ken

      Dude. Relax.

      Who gives a crap?

      • Paralus

        Hey, look at this great shirt I bought at Walmart; It was made in a Chinese sweatshop by people who were forced off of their land by corrupt party officials.

        I love the new car I bought; it was made in Mexico by non-unionized peasants who live in squalor.

        I like to watch porn; it was made by women who were molested as children but grew up into consenting adults that make bad career choices which I support by purchasing more.

        wow, this cocaine is wonderful; it was made by a Marxist rebel army which kills hundreds of people each year in Colombia and smuggled illegally into our country by the Juarez cartel which murders hundreds of policemen, politicians and innocent bystanders each year to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.

        Man, this new Kahr is amazing; it was made by a company initially funded with start-up money from a religious cult that exploits thousands of people .

    • W

      i think religious cults are the least of your worries bud…

      i believe you should be more concerned about the companies affiliated with the defense industry, with the US being the biggest arms exporter in the world and governments being the leading cause of unnatural death in the 20th century.

  • gunslinger 2012

    Jscott, i’ll grant you the kahr is perhaps better made, but for all their hype and advertising NOT a pocket pistol. If I have to wear a belt holster and a coat to cover it, it will hold something much more effective than a smallish 9 or .40. As for AKs, what can I say. Quite difficult to put in most pockets, gravelly receiver or not.

  • TylerH

    The CM9 is my carry pistol. Yes, it is a pocket pistol. That is how I carry it daily. Rear pocket in a uncle mikes pocket holster, or front pocket if necessary. Also fits nicely into a jacket pocket. Of all the pocket pistol’s I’ve tried this one was the most pleasant to shoot and very accurate.

    • Brian

      I concur; a pleasure to shoot, accurate, but I back pocket carry with a Desantis Nemesis.

  • gunslinger 2012

    Just for what its worth, for me the LCP is the perfect pocket pistol. Is it fitted like a NM Colt, hardly. Does it have the trigger of an Anschutz target rifle, not really. Does it carry and conceal like an old silver dollar, you bet. I drop it in my front pocket with no worries. Wish I could do the same with a Kahr.

    • Sian

      Have heard a few too many stories about LCPs going inoperable due to a little bit of pocket fluff to do that myself.

    • Ken

      gunslinger 2012,

      You might try one of their .380s. I think apples-to-apples, you would find it similar to your LCP.

      That being said, LCPs are quite handy as well.

  • Mark

    Just bought a Kahr CM 40 last week, after just 10 rounds of Federal 180 gr. target ammo, the magazine follower broke. Kahr is sending me a new replacement. I like the gun, very small, recoil is a brisk. (What do you think a 16 oz pistol would produce??) Nice carry gun IWB.

    I am sure KAHR will stand behind thier firearms issues. They make a nice pistol.