Tacticool Cameras

After pistols grips and stocks were adopted by photographers picatinny rails were bound to follow.

The camera in the above photo is the Navy’s standard-issue Nikon D700 with a Tactical solutions LLC Nightstalker II Mount coupled with a NVM001 night vision monocular (which has a picatinny rail attached). Read about the camera and the military’s frontline photographers at PopPhoto.com.

[ Many thanks to Crystal for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Not worth it every thing doesn’t need picitenny rails and more junk attacked.

    • 18D

      The pic rail not only allows for easy on off capability for other uses, but also allows the mounting of an IR lighting source. A photographer can take absolutely amazing pictures in low light and even no light situation with an IR torch attached. So, the pic rail offers a pretty significant advantage.

    • JMD

      ….here goes Lance, again….

    • Joseph


      Bust comanty evur. Y u want reail stems wen u can use glu? lolz. Glu so stiky.

  • Next thing I need is rails on every beer bottle. Please!

  • Ramsey

    If I was taking a camera into a combat zone that sucker would be day-glo orange and covered with American flags. I am sure more than one embedded reporter is deceased after a big telephoto lens got mistaken for a gun.

    I like the idea of tacti-lights with momentary switches on a camera though, great way to ambush your quarry.

    • Jeff Smith

      An orange camera isnt a bad idea. If you remember the wikileaks video from a few years back, I believe the journalist’s camera was mistaken for a weapon by an Apache.

      • NikonMikon

        You are with the unit you’re embedded with. If your camera is highly visible, the unit is highly visible. EVERYONE can see bright colors, not just friendly forces in a helicopter…

      • Alex-mac

        No, in that video the shooter lumped the cameraman along with the people around him who had rifles, as ‘terrorists/the enemy’ and killed them all.

    • Burton

      Do you really think terrorists wouldn’t shoot or execute a journalist anyways?

  • Kenneth Takada

    I’m surprised there wasn’t a story about this earlier… I was apart of that unit (Fleet Combat Camera Group Pacific) from 2006-2009 and we were using modified PVS-14’s on our cameras back then. Also, the D700 in the image above has a rail because the tube is interchangeable between still and video. The video camera has a rail system that screws into the bottom of the video camera’s tripod mount and when going from stills to video, the Nikon F-Mount is replaced with a video lens-hood and the NVG tube is mounted on the rail “upside down” (hence the rail system being on the top when mounted to a DSLR).
    Thanks to whoever posted this, my years as in ComCam were the best time I had in the Navy, possibly my life (so far).

  • Netforce

    Now that’s a camera for bird-watching.

  • In the same gallery, they were “practicing” on firing range without ammo!

  • Because you never know when you’re going to need to throw on a flashlight…or bayonet haha!