Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine in .300 AAC BLK

Savage Arms is the latest firm to announced that have adopted the .300 AAC BLK. Along with .223 Rem. and .308 Win they are chambering the Model 10 Precision Carbine in .300 AAC BLK. The Precision Carbine is part of their Law Enforcement line of rifles. I have never thought of the .300 BLK as a law enforcement sniper cartridge, but there is no reason it could not be employed in this role. I do think it would make a decent hunting cartridge for small deer and hogs.

They have not yet released all the specs, but the MSRP will be $899.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tux

    They’ll be making a mistake if they don’t offer a factory threaded barrel somewhere down the line.

    • Other Steve

      Just not shown in the photo. Their website is horrible on this, none of the specs are currently filled out at all.

  • The new model is listed as having a factory threaded barrel. The picture on the site is of the old model.

  • Mechman

    I was just thinking this was what somebody needed to do. A good .300 blackout bolt would certainly draw me from getting a semi.

    • Other Steve

      Man, I don’t know about you… But as SWEET as those AAC 9″ Uppers with the KAC URX III rails are… I just could not really afford to shoot semi subsonic, ever.

      Bolt gun however would be even quieter, more accurate, and would effectively limit me from having too much fun 🙂

      • Mechman

        If you’re reloading your own, it’s not so bad. Just trim some .223 brass down and use .308 bullets. Still, bolt guns are just more fun in general, and it’d be nice to have one that doesn’t cost me $2 a shot.

  • Other Steve

    I have a CZ-527 with the Kevlar stock that I’m about to order a 300blk barrel for. I love the CZ trigger and and the gun works great on 223…

    That said, if Savage offers a 16″ threaded, accutrigger, and 10 round detachable box mag for $899 that’s going to be something to really consider.

    The Micro7 (AAC’s Remington Model7 in 300blk) doesn’t impress me for the price with only it’s internal magazine (no way I’ll pay Badger over $300 just for bottom metal for that gun!). I’m not sure the Model Seven has any more aftermarket support than the Savage Model 10.

    I don’t normally care for Savage, but I may just keep my CZ in 223 as I haven’t exactly been thrilled about having to modify the CZ mags to fit the 300blk round, and then still being limited at 5 round capacity….

    Uh oh. Plans may be changing.

    • Other Steve

      On second though, I don’t see Savage offering large mags (6+) for this gun as the mag release shown does not extend down like their other large mag guns. A large mag in this bottom metal would be very difficult to release.

      For example

      I’m guessing this is going to be a 4+1 capacity. Maybe I will be sticking with the CZ.

    • JMD

      Put a new barrel on a Mossberg MVP. Problem solved.

  • hawk

    300 AAC in a sniper config, or as a sniper rifle???? Huh????

    Even Grendel junkies admit there are better options than grendel in bolt actions.

    Outside of playing subsonic with 30 Whisper type stuff- the main advantage of cartridges like 300 AAC and Grendel is the fact they can be used in AR-15 platforms and can do things 5.56 does not. And the 300 AAC is compromised even further by maintaining bolt/mag compatibility. Excellent for certain roles in an AR.

    But for bolt guns there are many more effective mid power, short/fat/efficient cartridges.

    Put another way, if I had a CZ 527 there are many other short cartridges I’d play with before 300 AAC.

    I guess if you have that treasure trove of soon to be not as expensive “real soon now” 300 AAC UMC ammo and want just one caliber.

    But what would it do that an AR 300 AAC couldn’t?

    • Komrad

      You also underestimate the value of a bolt gun shooting subsonics. Even with very effective suppression, the action of semi-auto guns can still be quite loud. A bolt gun offers advantages in that way and it was for that very reason that an Enfield bolt action design was chosen for the DeLisle carbine in WWII.
      There is also the cost factor. I don’t know how much commercial .300 AAC ammo costs, but a cursory google search revealed that subsonic .308 ammo ranges in price from $30 to $60 per box of 20. Not exactly cheap.

      The objective of the .300 AAC is completely different from “short, fat, efficient cartridges” which are usually designed for delivering maximum velocities with minimal powder.

      The question of “What would it do that an AR 300 AAC couldn’t?” is not really valid. It is akin to asking “What can an SKS do that an AK can’t?” Sure an SKS (or a bolt action) can’t do quite as much as an AK (or AR), but that does not make it not worth owning.

      • hawk

        OK, that’s the 30 whisper aspect I mentioned. If you want a silenced 30 cal with moderate performance and (maybe one day) cheap ammo, then I (sort of) get it.

        But the other big area of 300 AAC hype/advantage is big bullets at moderate speeds in short barrels with lot’s of energy. House clearing, etc.

        Also for hunting with AR-15’s, though I think Grendel would be my pick for that in an AR based on my experience.

        The 527 Grendel conversion is popular as it allows use of existing bolt in a super compact clip fed bolt gun.

        I guess I could see people converting .223 carbines to 300 AAC in similar fashion.

      • Ken

        Hawk –

        Yes, I personally don’t get it either.

        Unless there are TONS more people out there with .30 caliber rifle suppressors in their closet, just looking for a rifle to put them on, I don’t understand the fad.

        Ballistics of a 30-30, five times the cost. It does not seem like a very well-rounded cartridge.

  • Cymond

    I’m just really hoping that the shooting community actually adopts the Blackout, so any additional support is appreciated. It would be nice if Savage offered it in their Axis series. A $300 rifle would open a lot of opportunities for people to try Blackout.

  • John Doe

    Wouldn’t this make suppressing it all the more easy? With an action you entirely control yourself, you’re not making unnecessary noise.

  • Looks interesting. I would like to have a 300 bolt gun to go with my 300 ar.