Reactive Less Lethal Armor with iPhone Dock

A company called ArmStar is trying to sell Kevlar armor for the arm that includes electrodes to shock assailants. It also includes a HD video camera and an iPod / iPhone dock … I cannot see this product catching on.

[ Many thanks to Mik for emailing us the link. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Looks like Batman had a garage sale.

  • Jake

    “As a camera operator, David was working with actor Kevin Costner, now partner and co-owner in Armstar.”

  • Flounder

    LOL kinda awesome. BUT where is the laser beams?

    • J.T.

      They actually do offer an option for a built in laser designator. They were a vendor at Mock Prison Riot this past spring since the design is primarily marketed toward prison guards and riot police. They were trying to convince us that the laser could be used to mark an LZ for a Helicopter. They tried, but our pilot couldn’t even see it during the day and our IR strobes work just fine at night and are dirt cheap in comparison. Some of the riot teams liked the feature though since a team lead could use it to mark instigators so they could be singled out to end a riot faster.

  • spawnofbill

    Personally I think this is pretty cool. With one exception: the “safety” pull they added. Seriously? The last thing I want to do is pull a damned safety cord every time I want to use it. A switch is one thing, but a pull cord?

    This could be amazing as a LEO tool in the future. Imagine a world where cops tazers can’t be pulled away from them, where they can wirelessly pull up someone’s rap sheet just by snapping a photo of them with this thing, get gps directions no matter if they’re in a patrol car, motorbike or on foot, record witness statements at the scene. Sure it’ll be years until such tools can be integrated into such a package in a lightweight form factor, but it’s a pretty cool idea.

  • Andrew Racek

    No love for the Droid Thunderbolt?

  • Uhh no. Who the hell is going to wear that?

    • Brian P.

      I would. 😛

  • Woodroez

    While having a pain compliance device and a camera in one piece of gear is a good idea, bolting it to your forearm seems like it isn’t. Seems pretty unwieldy and I could see a guy being presented with this and saying “Are you serious?”

    There’s something to be said for having it nearly hands-free, though.

    In the past year or so, Taser’s law-enforcement products have made great strides in accountability. The X2 and X3 have monitoring systems built in and the Axon is a very sensibly designed camera system. I hope it or a service like becomes a standard for LEOs someday.

  • wright

    minus the shocky part I think they’d have better luck marketing this to sport bike riders.

  • Maxwell Smart call your office…

  • Brian P.

    I’ll take 12!

  • Lance

    Sure this isn’t for Robocop?? LOL

  • Sven Weichbrodt

    Maybe an integral single or dual shot 14-gauge as a last ditch weapon, also an armour rating such as Type II or IIA then I can possibly, maybe see SWAT etc pick it up.

    Then again maybe not. Remove the taser and replace it with a nerf gun or water pistol and it would make an ideal gift for the 8 year old that has everything.

    • Duray

      It doesn’t have a Taser.

  • Netforce

    That is so COOL! Even I don’t use iPhone but this armor makes me want to buy one.

  • Alex-mac

    Ok here’s a couple of ideas:

    Armband that opens up with two bulletproof plastic wings to protect the head or body from gunfire. (like a small shield strapped to ones forearm) Better than a bulletproof clipboard.
    Armband with a button that attaches to a finger and that projects a taser into your opponent when pressed or you punch someone. (like a electroshock glove)
    Armband that has a mechanism whereby it charges a battery with ones natural arm movement. (used to charge devices)
    Armband that accommodates a Taser gun attached to it. Useful to prevent cops from accidentally pulling their gun instead.
    An armband that accommodates a torch. (one thing less to hold in your hand, leaving it free to hold something else.)

    Main issue would be how you would trigger a device to carry out one of its many functions without using your hands. (Since the main reason your wearing an armband is to enable you to leave your hands free to hold something else) Voice activation? Some type of coordinated arm activation, activating the shield for example would be done by slapping your right forearm on your left forearm. Perhaps two very buttons along ones inner forearm, and another ones on ones bicep.

    People have been strapping blades and shields to their forearms throughout history. Armbands should be lightweight plastic, for ease of cleaning, durability, compactness and comfort of wear. Also very modular, similar to the MOLLE system and allow the attachment of a variety of modules. (Taser, torch, shield, pda etcetera)

  • Ben

    How exactly would you use the iphone whilst wearing gloves?

    I thought their screens needed skin contact to register being used.

    • Libertarian

      They do make a glove that has special material on the tips of the index finger and thumb that allows one to operate the iPhone/iTouch. The product name is…wait for it…the iGlove.

  • Sid

    I don’t see the Stark Industries logo on it?

  • MarkM

    Got that in white? There’s a Star Wars/Trekkie convention at the motel next week.

  • Charles222

    Seems less cumbersome if the electrodes were on the knuckles.

  • Sian

    So it’s like a Pip Boy, but with armor.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Mall Ninjas will go ape over this! Talk about tacti-kewl!!

  • West

    “No substitute for a good blaster at your side”
    -Han Solo

  • Josh

    This is not the ARMor Gotham needs, its the armor it deserves

    • W

      haha my thoughts exactly

  • MrSatyre

    But…but it’s so coooool!

  • wry762

    Didn’t the Predator have something like this? As I recall, they’d use it to set off a nuke if they lost…

  • Andy from West Haven

    Kevin Costner is involved in this. Saw it in a Popular Science magazine.

    I believe the inventor and he are friends so Costner probably threw some money at him.

  • Ogre

    See if they called it Batman armor it’d sell like hotcakes!

  • Lcon

    Guess What will now be on every psudo super soldier action hero’s arms in the movies for the next three years.

  • Koop

    It’s not Batman enough unless it has a functional grappling hook for rappelling. Add that, and maybe a throwing star dispenser, and your geeky comic fan market will buy it on principle alone.

    • SJC

      Hell, I’d buy it right now for my iPod if I’d have the money.

  • 032125

    I like it in spite of myself. There is still a 14 year old buried deep in my psyche.

    And those questioning who would wear it need to read the article; it’s designed for prison guards and security who cannot carry lethal force options and really, really, really need to not be disarmed.

  • Sorry man, had so much to say I just put it in a blog post…full credit to you and yours on TFB given with a link back here…

    what a hot mess….

  • Greg

    nah, think this is prototype version of ironman’s suit

  • Pop n Fresh

    I think this thing will catch on they just picked the wrong target audience, the internet is full of perverts looking for thrills.

  • Chrontius

    Can I wear it over a Cyberdyne HAL-2000 exoskeleton?

    Can I get it with shaped-charge explosive brass (okay, ordnance steel) knuckles with 12-ga sized charges?

    Still pretty amusing.

  • noob

    I think Leela from Futurama had one of these…

  • Load Dispatcher

    I would seriously waste my money on a suit of this after I finish my FAL, AK, and M4 builds

  • Al

    It’ll catch on with hipster nerd doofusses who have more money than sense.

  • daniel

    Don’t combat soldiers already wear a primitive unarmored wrist camera?

    • charles222

      Maybe if they buy it themselves. I used a Tony Hawk skateboard cam on my third deployment.

  • Calvin

    How much does it cost?