S&W and TCA Settle Patent Infringement Dispute

Thompson/Center Arms (S&W) and TCA (Traditions Sporting Goods) have settled a patent lawsuit. S&W have licensed their muzzleloader rifle patents to TCA and Ardesa Firearms. From the press release …

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (November 29, 2011) — Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc. (“TCA”), Traditions Sporting Goods, Inc. (“Traditions”), and Ardesa S.A. d/b/a Ardesa Firearms (“Ardesa”), announced today that they have reached an agreement to settle patent infringement complaints brought by TCA in the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) and U.S. federal court. Under the terms of the agreement, Traditions and Ardesa have agreed to a multi-year license agreement, allowing them to use certain TCA muzzleloader rifle technology. In exchange, TCA has agreed to dismiss all infringement claims asserted in the complaints. Further details and financial terms of the settlement are not being made available.

“We are always looking for ways to protect our innovative designs and technology, which are the cornerstones of our business, and key components of what our brands stand for in the eyes of the consumer,” said James Debney, President and CEO of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, TCA’s parent company. “We look forward to working with Traditions to bring the highest quality and most advanced muzzleloading rifles to the market.”

“Traditions and Ardesa join with TCA in looking forward to bringing the highest quality muzzleloading rifles to the market,” said Tom Hall, President of Traditions. “We are pleased that the companies were able to work together in a pragmatic way to amicably resolve this litigation. Traditions will continue to sell all products in its existing product line and intends to continue its ongoing efforts to innovate in the field of muzzleloading rifles to meet market demand.”

Steve Johnson

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  • E.Wit

    Your intro blurb is wrong. Editors FTW!

    TCA=Thompson/Center Arms.
    S&W owns TCA.
    S&W/TCA brought suit against Traditions and Ardesa.
    S&W/TCA have licensed tech to Traditions and Ardesa for $$$.

  • Komrad

    I think you messed the acronyms up a bit.