Colt LE6920MP with Magpul MOE Accessories


Colt Defense is the latest AR-15 maker to offer a rifle shipped from the factory with Magpul MOE accessories. The LE6920MP is a Colt 6920 with a MOE vertical grip (MVG), MOE hand guard, Magpul MBUS rear sight, MOE-K hand grip, MOE trigger guard, MOE stock and two 30-round Magpul PMAGs.

Colt will offer models with Magpul furniture in black, flat dark earth and olive drab. The LE6920MPG-B features green anodized receivers and Magpul furniture in black.

Steve Johnson

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  • This is big. If police departments and federal agencies snap these up Magpull will have recovered cash from the ACR fiasco.

    Expect sales of those handguards and stock to explode as well.

    • jdun

      Magpul didn’t lose anything than unrealized profits. It was Bushmaster that got killed in the ACR deal.

  • Reverend Clint

    love my magpul hanguard and grip.

    • justin

      Stock is good too. Nice and light compared to the standard collapsible stocks. But wasn’t Colt making their own stock in this pattern to replace the old 6 position stock?

    • jdun

      Personally I think it is a downgrade from the standard furniture. The only thing thing that I consider an upgrade is the MOE pistol grip in that setup.

  • cc19

    Simple. I can dig it.

  • Jason

    Welcome to 2009, Colt.

    • greasyjohn

      It’s such a sad story. Right now their Magnum Carry and Detective Special could be flourishing in the concealed market, and the Python could be flying off the shelf with free publicity from The Walking Dead, but all they do is sell variations of three different designs for a much higher markup than the competition.

      • W

        its certainly a case of the Izhmash symptom: state-sponsored industry fattened with contract money not needing innovation to stay afloat.

  • Nathaniel

    Decent move on Colt’s part. Weren’t they going to discontinue civilian sales of the LE6920?

  • Lance

    The price Colt sells there rifles at nearly twice more than Bushmaster or Olympic Arms they should included Magpul accessories…… And a 1000rds of 5.56mm ammo and a RCO-M4 ACOG scope too!

    • William

      These Colts have been going for about $1250, where have you seen a Bushy for $250?

      • jdun

        Lance is correct in the fact that Colt’s AR cost twice as much. You can now get a decent complete AR for sub $550 (S&W) san the rear sight. If you’re a LEO you can get a S&W AR below $475 san the rear sight.

        With that said Colt does command the respect of the gun community.

      • 18D

        Where have you seen a place where $250 x 2 = $1,250? LMAO!

    • Lance

      Seen Bushmaster M-4s and Olympic Arms for $600-$700 dollars,

      • William

        His post originally said $1000 more. If you replace the “twice” with “$1000” his grammar makes sense. I’m guessing it was edited so he didn’t look like a fool. Also, add up the cost of the accessories he’s mentioned; that’s $1500-1700 for the RCO and 1k rounds of ammo. Sounds like a Colt hater to me

      • W

        for once, i agree with you lance. The rifles you mentioned will not do anything less than a colt will.

    • Lance

      I agree Jdun id love to have Colts just as a contractor I cant afford one.

  • 18D

    Seriously? Colt needs to get with the times. S&W and Bushmaster already have this model at about 30% less $. This does nothing for Colt or Magpul.

    • JMD

      Some people want these accessories on a decent quality rifle, however….

      • W

        “Some people want these accessories on a decent quality rifle, however…”

        and how exactly is colt more decent than any other AR manufacturer??? Mil-spec? not hardly. very few rifles produced by cold are indeed certified “Mil-Spec” (doing so would be prohibitively expensive).

    • jdun

      This is Colt and not S&W or Bushmaster. Colt command a higher price for their rifles. Colts AR are consistently endorsed by firearms instructors.

      • 18D

        Firearms instructors consistently endorse other companies such as BCM, Daniel Defense, LMT, H&K, LWRCI, S&W, KAC, LaRue, etc.. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a modern firearms instructor using a Colt. The reason being is that Colt has lacked innovation in the commercial market. They are also overpriced for the product they are putting out.

        This “new” Magpul model is evidence of Colt’s misunderstanding of the modern market. The “MOE” model was something shooters wanted 3 yrs ago. To see Colt release this model as one of their newest items is kinda funny. It’s just an LE6920 with Magpul furniture for $1,350.00. If they wanted to come out with something modern, they should have done better than this.

      • jdun

        It is true that firearms instructors endorsed other products but one thing is consistent is that they support Colt AR. People like Pat Roger and the likes will always recommend Colt above anything else.

        Consumers didn’t want MOE hand guards or buttstock. What they wanted was the latest light weight rail system and CTR. The MOE stuffs are just an inexpensive alternative to the standard furniture. It will be replace sooner or later with better accessories by the buyer.

        Other than the MOE pistol grip, I think the MOE product line are junk. A downgrade from the standard version.

      • JMD

        Colt has been, is, and will continue to be the standard by which all other military-pattern ARs are judged.

      • W

        “Colt has been, is, and will continue to be the standard by which all other military-pattern ARs are judged.”

        hardly. perhaps you haven’t heard of Lewis Machine & Tool or Noveske…

  • greasyjohn

    That’s weird. Magpul’s in with Remington, I’d expect a conflict of interest.

  • Sian

    Some things that I just don’t understand why they still exist:

    civilian AR barrels with the m203 notch
    16″ uppers with carbine gas instead of midlength

    • NikonMikon

      I agree, wtf @ m203 notches. Seriously.

    • Reverend Clint

      Red Jacket has pretty much the same gun, all magpul furniture, and it too has the 203 notch… i just laughed when i saw it.

    • William

      Civilians can own M203’s, so the notch COULD be used, and I’ve only ever had carbine length gas systems and they have never failed me, so why follow the internets be-all, end-all opinion?

      Ultimately, people buy the M4 clones when they want the gun that is as close to what’s issued as possible. Nobody is issued a midlength in the military.

      • Sian

        if they wanted what the military has, they’d be buying 14.5″ barrels instead of 16″.

        I have no problem with carbine gas+14.5″

    • jdun

      Four reasons why the barrel have a notch.
      1. Standard AR barrel which are inexpensive.
      2. Easy to obtain.
      3. Reduce weight
      4. Consumers wants the closest thing to what the military use.

  • I remember that Colt worked with the Clinton Administration to help push various gun bans in exchange for their sweet contracts to supply the M-4.

    The worm has turned and now they jump on the civilian AR bandwagon.

    Just as their improved AR is a piston rifle, after they sent a letter to the Army times bemoaning the HK-416 and raging against piston ARs.

    • Domestic Squirrel

      Do you have citation to back up the claim Colt worked wit gov gun ban policies in exchange for contracts?

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  • john

    does this have a removable flash hider? i would like to have it so i can easily mount a suppressor on it if need be.