DSA Arms .300 AAC BLK Upper


DSA Arms is now offering a .300 AAC BLK upper receiver for the AR-15.

416 Stainless model.

The uppers do not include a charging handle, bolt or bolt carrier. The price is $335 for the stainless barreled model or $320 for the carbon steel barrel model.

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    While fun for shooter who have suppressors price and performance don’t replace 5.56mm just not economical if your a none silenced high round shooter.

    • Other Steve

      Supersonic non-suppressed SBR home defense alone makes 300blk interesting. Way more so than 556.

      Supersonic hunting is also more attractive than 556.

      Your (repeated) argumentfor 556 over 300blk is unsuppressed plinking. Although on that note supersonic suppressed plinking in 300blk won’t have nearly as bad blowback… So, budget plinking 556 is about all I could agree with you on.

  • I love my 8″ 300 AAC Blackout sbr. It has become my work gun.

  • Oh and more cheaper ammo would be nice too.

  • elk hunter

    What ever happened to the wildcat 30-223 Rem. improved? (or what about the 30-222 Rem. Mag.?)
    One can dupilcate anyload of the 300 Whisper to close to 7.62×39.