.300 BLK AAC Brass & Ammo

A couple more .300 AAC BLK ammunition products have hit the market.

Hornady is hedging thier bets by first announcing .300 Whisper loaded ammunition (.300 AAC BLK compatible) and now .300 Blackout branded unprimed brass cases. The MSRP is $47.87 for a box of 50.

PWN Arms are manufacturing three .300 AAC BLK loads. The match/comeptition round is loaded with a 155gr BTHP bullet (1990 ft/sec), the subsonic load has a 220gr HPBT (1023 ft/sec) and the hunting round has a 125gr Ballistic Tip (2200 ft/sec).

Steve Johnson

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  • Lance

    Still too spendy

  • $50 for 50 cases seems too expensive. You can buy Remington loaded ammo for that just pick up brass.

    What am I missing here?

  • That’s an absurd price for brass.
    Remington factory brass (primed!) is only $0.23-$0.25.

  • Cymond

    Wow, the unprimed brass costs more than some of the loaded ammo. Am I missing something? Does PWN use junky brass with a short life?

  • elk hunter

    One cand purchase 375 H&H mag. brass for that price!