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  • Lance

    Nice but a nice tool box setup is better.

  • Matt

    No county comm XL bug out bag?

    • hydrogenous

      Came here to wonder about the CountyComm bail out bag. LA Police gear’s quality is usually very very low (which is the tradeoff you get for having such awesome prices on their in-house brand stuff).

      I’ve been using a countycomm bail out bag (regular size) as my range bag for a while and it’s perfect. I fit two pistols, ammo, magazines, staple gun + staples, first aid kit, moist wipes, basic cleaning supplies and tools and still have room for a sandwich.

      • jdun1911

        I have been using those two LA bags for years with no problem at all. In fact I own two LA Police Gear Bail Out Gear Bag for over four years. One is used as my range bag. The other is used as a tool bag. Both have been heavily abused but still in great condition.

        I used LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack as a camping bag.

        LA Police Gear Bail Out Gear Bag and LA Police Gear 3 Day Backpack is probably the best deal out there. Wait for Black Friday if you wish to order it. They gives discounts around that time of year. Highly recommended.

  • Cymond

    Thanks! Range bags are especially useful for staying organized, and it’s really nice to have a shoulder strap. I’ll refer back to this when I get a CCW permit again.

    In the meantime, a toolbox has advantages. For me, a $25 polymer toolbox serves as both a locked case for transporting handguns in the car and as checked baggage on a plane.

  • David

    I got a free small Eddie Bauer duffel bag when I bought one of their rolling duffels at Target. I’ve used the small duffel for my range bag for about three years now. No complaints. If I’m just taking one or two pistols to the indoor range, I carry them in a New York Times gimmie nylon briefcase that my wife picked up at a journalism conference.

  • Marmatt

    I’ve used the LAPG BOBs for years, and have noticed a significant difference in quality between runs. My first one (approx. 5 years old) was from the days of being $40 with the occasional drop to $20. It had nicer fabric, zippers, and shoulder strap. The second one (approx. 3 years old) was I’m assuming from the current $20 offering, with a somewhat gaudy LAPG label, and stiffer, less quality feeling ballistics nylon.

    Both work fine for what they have been tasked, namely as recovery bags for 4WD use. I can fit a 20′ chain, 30’x3″ strap, 3 shackles, 2″ hitch shackle receiver, hitch pin, Surefire light, batteries, quart of oil, FRS radio (or small CB), mechanic’s gloves, water, chem lights, sharpie marker, small folding saw, needle nose pliers and flat/phillips head screw driver. It has been dropped in the mud, hung off of the snatch strap, tied to the roof top cargo basket and still looks brand new after 4 years of banging around in the back of my 4WD. Tough to beat for 20 bills.

    My range gear is in a cheap, lockable, Home Depot tool box. Enough space for ear and eye pro, staple gun, ammo, cleaning supplies and bug spray. I’ve always preferred to work out of a hard case for range time, even though I look like I showed up to fix the kitchen sink.

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  • JT

    Has anyone checked out the Safe Direction bags? I saw it on tv years ago on American Shooter I think, but I never knew anybody who owned one. They sure are expensive though.

  • Matt Gregg

    I think those safe direction bags are a gimmick. In most cases you will always have a Safe direction to clear your weapon(the ground, a cement block wall, etc). The only people I could see benefitting from this would be apartment dwellers.