First Tacti-cool RAM, now Tacti-cool Motherboards

Earlier this year a company called G.Skill introduced AR-15 inspired PC RAM. Gigabyte has now introduced a motherboard inspired by the Stoner’s iconic rifle.

All I want to know is if those picatinny rails are mil-spec.

[ Many thanks to Mirza for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Nooky

    Idiocracy is now.

    • Airbrush

      I think it’s great mate, looks just like real parts from a real AR.
      I think it even has a working BHO just like a real AR.

      All the Walts on the BBS will love it.
      I’m definately going to get one.
      I wonder if they do a retro M16A1 version

      • Matt G.

        I don’t get why so many “responsible” gun owners feel the need to bitch incessantly about anything firearm related that isn’t COMPLETELY SERIOUS.

        They sound just like the anti’s that want to stop kids from playing with toy laser blasters. There are a whole lot of people who need to lighten the hell up.

        I hate to be the one who has to break it to you crotchety old bastards but the majority of this generation’s gun guys are a little geeky. They love looking at tacticool crap and buying accessories for their guns. And alot of us can also comprehend the workings of a computer, so a crossover between the two is not unexpected.

    • Nater

      I’m a geek. I make my living from technology. I’ve build PCs since I was 12 years old. I’ve forgotten more about ethernet or ATM (not THAT ATM) than most will ever learn.

      I also own guns and the AR is my favorite rifle platform. I like buying accessories for mine and tweaking the design. I’m going to start building uppers this year, as it allows me complete control over the components.

      I’m not going to stick some ridiculous flare launcher on my AR or bling out the lower. I’m not going to put LEDs and railed heatsinks in my PC.

      There are a lot of computer geeks that are also gun geeks. I know this guy that would probably buy this board and he also has a hideous AR. There is a word for guy’s like him; tasteless.

      • Nater

        Really need an edit button, that apostrophe on “guys” is killing me.

  • WoodenPlank

    All the kids that are obsessed with Call of Duty will eat it up. The motherboard is even in the right color scheme for it.

    • noob

      I can just imagine some casemodder attaching a real ACOG to one of the heatsinks just so that it will look cool through the window on the side of his PC case.

      bonus points if they hack the acog and ruin it by installing a LED inside it to make the fiber optic light collector glow.

      • Matt G.

        It that rail is close enough to Mill-spec i could see myself buying one of the cheap fake Acogs and putting it there.

  • Netforce

    Nice. I don’t know much about computer hardware but I’d love to have this.

  • Nater

    I’ve been playing with PCs since I was 12. Back then motherboards only came in green or brown, that’s it. I still wouldn’t have bought this. I really hate PC bling. It’s just like cars, keep it simple, focus on performance and only performance.

    • SpudGun

      I agree with you Nater, I built my own PC from scratch for the first time last year and found it all to be a confusing nightmare.

      Not the physical build, that was incredibly easy, but researching all of the components that I wanted / needed and making sure they were compatible with the motherboard and each other, took weeks of research.

      Gigabyte are a respected brand, so despite the garish tomfoolery of the AR-15 motherboard, at least it will work. The green only color coding will be a problem if you don’t know your way around an MB.

  • DW

    A parkerized CPU along with a free floating cooling fan would be nice. Is there a piston conversion kit for the power supply? Those DI version cannot run well with a can on its end…

  • Nater

    This thing looks more hideous every time that I look at it. People have no taste.

  • West

    Legal in California?

    • The magazine looks like it only holds 5 rounds, so I would say it is cali-legal … or at least until they ban those evil picatinny rails.

  • Gerald

    Not my first choice, but if it convinces one of the gamers to go out and buy a rifle and perhaps take a trip to the range, then that is one less voter for the Brady Bunch and one more voter on OUR side.

    I’m all for. It’s not like they are hurting anyone.

  • Airrider

    So does it work on a piston or direct impingement?

    *gets hit by AR-15 parts thrown by an annoyed crowd* OW! OW! IT WAS A LEGITIMATE QUESTION!

    • Matt G.

      Lol nice!

  • Tom

    That can’t work! It (memory) dumps where it computes!

    • Nadnerbus

      I chuckled. A computer geek/AR basher joke. Don’t see those every day. +1

  • Lance

    Perfect mother board to play games like CoD MW 3 and Flashpoint Red River. LOL

  • Matt G.

    So if I put magpul stuff on it will it run cooler and faster?

    Does it work with the BAD lever?

    1/7 or 1/9?!

    In all seriousness, I thought the ram was silly, BUT I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO BUY ONE OF THESE.

    • fw226


  • This isn’t new. Gigabyte released the G1.Sniper a few months ago.. This is a just a revision of that board..

  • Ben

    All the parts are heatsinks for cooling areas of the motherboard. They had to be there anyway so why not do something that gets people talking.

    Cant wait for the gangsta version. It will have blunts, spinners, 40 oz beer, and obamas face.

  • Bagworm

    As an old retired computer guy (they didn’t even HAVE personal computers when I was 12 – or for a bunch of years after that) this isn’t to my taste, but for those that do I’d say go for it. And make sure you get a case with a window on the side so you can enjoy it. And, of course, lights….

  • Mountainbear

    It’s nice. But only 4 RAM slots and 2 PCIe slots is a no-go for me. 6 and 3 at least. And heatsinks are heatsinks, the only thing that draws power on those should be an additional fan.

    • Nater

      It’s for the LGA1155 Sandy Bridge (DT?) processors. They have a two channel memory controller so four DIMMs is what you get. Gigabyte can’t just stick two or four more DIMM slots on the thing.

      It also has four PCIe slots, 2 full length PEG slots (x16 with one, x8/x8 with both filled) and two x1s. There is really little need for multi GPU systems these days since all you get are console ports. Even so, there definitely isn’t any need for triple GPU systems unless you care deeply about your 3DMark scores.

      • rosignol

        4 slots is plenty these days- put a 4 gig stick in each slot, and you’re good to go with 16 GB of RAM.

        If 16 gigs won’t get the job done, you’ve got much higher requirements than I’ve ever had to deal with.

  • tommy2rs

    Lol…if only I’d seen this before I built the wife’s new pc. Oh well, maybe when the HTPC dies.

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    • Matt G.

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