Travis Haley Adaptive Handgun DVD

Travis Haley latest DVD is entitled “Adaptive Handgun”.

Driving a rifle is like driving a car, driving a handgun is like driving a plane.

Panteao Productions is selling pre-orders for the DVD for $50, but you can also watch it with a subscription to their streaming service which costs $17.95/month (definitely the cheaper option if you only plan on watching it once).

Steve Johnson

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  • 18D

    Looks like another hit from Travis Haley!

  • SpudGun

    My problem with this video – and most defensive handgun disciplines – is that it’s based on you being attacked by one to three static targets, usually equidistant from each other and not firing back.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am positive that Travis’ video (and the various practical shooting disciplines) will teach shooters a great deal. But unless you have multiple targets ducking, weaving and running, at different distances, utilizing cover and shooting back, there is only so much you can learn.

    That is my opinion only and I’d be interested in hearing other view points.

    • Matt G.

      Well yeah. But I’ve yet to find someone to volunteer to be shot at. And airsoft does not teach firearm recoil management and manipulation, which are arguably more important than have a COMPLETELY realistic target. At least for standard handgun training courses. Most advanced classes include force on force training with airsoft or simulations.

      • SpudGun

        Thanks Matt G, at least you replied instead of just thumbing me down. Hopefully, the cost of virtual simulators will come down to a point where the use of live rounds on digital targets comes without huge expense.

        In the meantime, if ‘Driving a rifle is like driving a car, driving a handgun is like driving (piloting) a plane’ then what is it like watching someone driving a handgun plane on DVD?

      • Matt G.

        Yeah I look forward to seeing where we go with virtual simulators, but I fear they will never be low cost. I still think airsoft/simulations are the best way to train for tactics, as they will always be more realistic than any simulator. But that is after you have learned weapon manipulation in a class like magpul puts on.

        The only problem with airsoft is finding mature people to train with. I really wish outdoor gun ranges would start building areas for force in force training and organizing weekly/monthly match’s/competitions/training.

        My range does some FonF stuff but it’s only in the expensive advanced classes.

      • Matt G.


        Not simulations. Stupid phone.

    • 18D

      Your problem with this video is somewhat invalid. I don’t disagree with your opinions on realism, but this video is about weapons manipulation and shooting skills for everyone. It’s unrealistic for most civilians, LEO, and military to train force on force or use simulators all the time. With that being said, there is certainly a time and place for those methods of training. However, those methods of training tactics should only be used once the individual shooter has mastered the fundamentals. This video is about mastering those fundamentals. This video is about weapons manipulation not tactics.

      • SpudGun

        18D – I’ve watched the trailer for the video 3 times and be honest with you, I’m still none the wiser as to what exactly Travis is going to teach us. ‘This is a system based around you, not the gun’, ‘If you’re an operator doing CQB tactics…’ and something about mental requisites. It all sounds a bit vague and mystical.

        In between all of the talk, it’s one man shooting at three static dummies at set distances. Again, I’m sure there is some valuable information in there somewhere, but maybe I was expecting something more.

        And yes, I realize that training will never be 100% realistic, but usually, the only artificial pressure placed on practical shooters is a time limit. We’re in the 21st Century using training methods from the last century and being cheap isn’t exactly a great excuse.

        Hence my frustration.

      • 18D

        I don’t know what kind of a shooter you are, but maybe there isn’t anything In this video for you. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, you must understand that most civilians, LEO’s, and military personnel don’t get good modern weapons manipulation training. I disagree with you that this is not 21st century training. Have you seen the training programs for LEO and military? They are not even close to this level. At least in the majority. This video could certainly help those groups get to the next level of shooting skill.

        It’s hard to even debate with you on this subject because to me it’s very obvious. Weapons manipulation and tactics are 2 different things. This video is based on weapons manipulation, and in that regard it appears to be top notch. You’re not going to find any videos with “true” tactics based training. 21st century weapons manipulation training is not about technology and gadgets. Just look at companies like Gunsight and t Thunder Ranch and compare their training methods to Travis’. I think you’ll find things have changed dramatically from one to the other.

        True stress innoculation is not achievable.

    • Joshua

      The magpul handgun video does utilize moving targets, and puts the students in the video through various scenarios that require them to move, think, and shoot at moving/static targets. I have not seen the “adaptive handgun” video, but knowing Travis’s fundamental approach is the “dynamic”, it would be hard for him to demonstrate that on a static range. Though Travis (in my humble opinion) is gimmicky, I think he does a good job of clearly teaching his method.

  • Lance

    Fun video but not for over $50.

  • JonMac

    ‘Driving’? Whatever happened to good old ‘shooting’?

  • Michael

    Looks like a great addition to the Dynamic Handgun series from Magpul. Can’t wait to get it!

  • KL

    I get the feeling he’s watched A LOT of Burn Notice