SIG SIG556 to SIG551-A1 Swiss Transformation Kit

SIG Sauer has a limited number of complete SIG551-A1 lowers, including stock and magazine, which can be used to convert a SIG556 to a SIG551-A1.

Only 250 kits are available and they are only taking phone orders. Call (866) 619-1128 or (603) 418-8102.

[ Many thanks to Matthew for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • phil

    This must be aimed at those who shoot HK pistols and SCAR 17s. You see we just have find a way to spend more money on magazines.

  • Other Steve

    It’s good looking, but you would have to be part Swiss to really appreciate the 551 differences over the 556 imo.

    Yea, and want to spend a lot more on mags.

  • cc19

    Trigger guard still doesn’t match the Swiss version.

  • Lance

    The real question is how much money? I bet its a arm and leg.

  • Ian

    They are 369 bucks, well worth it IMO to turn my SBR’d 556 pistol into a more faithful clone of the 552! Considering that people were up until recently paying similar to that for the swiss stocks alone, I don’t think that its a bad price at all.