Ruger LCP-LM and LC9-LM with LaserMax

The new Ruger LCP-LM and LC9-LM incorporate LaserMax CenterFire lasers in their trigger guard. The on/off switch, which is forward of the trigger, is ambidextrous. The laser can be adjusted for both windage and elevation.

The MSRP of the LC9-LM (9mm) is $525 and the LCR-LM (.380 ACP) is $443. These prices are ~$80 more expensive than the standard laser-less models.

Steve Johnson

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  • Laser sights, for a one-inch barrel?

    • Ben

      For dark conditions where it would difficult to get a sight picture with those tiny sights.

      They’re also useful for normal handgun training.

    • Dan

      Barrel is over 2 inches

  • MarkM

    At 21 feet and less, the typical point and shoot range of a CCW, sights are considered slow and using them extends the gun out into CQB wrestling range. A laser keeps it more on target held to the side and emphasizes muzzle sweep.

    Pricing it at $80 more will get some attention if it’s $80 over the $275 I paid. Only the most flush suburbanite during the initial rush got stuck for more than $350. Those MSRP’s won’t stand a chance in the rough and tumble of Shotgun News adverts.

  • SpudGun

    I think a laser is a good idea on a CCW, however the activation of the unit should be incorporated into the grip.

    The button activated lasers forward of the trigger guard are great if you’re pulling your handgun from a static holster, as you can train your trigger finger to activate it safely when drawing.

    However, a lot of these small pistols will be put in a pocket holster, that won’t always be orientated for a steady and identical draw each time. Basically, I wouldn’t want to fiddle with a laser button so close to the trigger in a frantic draw.

    • Mean Bone

      I see your point Spud but I prefer the LaserMax set up. Laser works both directions, helps you orient the gun to the target and gives a visual cue to the goblin as to your location, especially if there is even a slight bit of smoke/dust/fog etc.

      I like being able to turn the laser off while maintaining a firm grip on the weapon. I’ve tried it with my S&W M-640 and it’s difficult to do with the button on the grip and adrenaline pumping.

      Just another point to consider. There doesn’t seem to be a perfect solution.

      • Slow Burn

        The issue is a little different for the LCP vs a full sized handgun. I tried this little gun with both lasers. I was able to ease off the grip button and keep it steady enough for short range shooting. On the other hand with the laser max I found it too clumsy to get the switch on, then get to the trigger. Besides, as I imagined circumstances where I might aim the LCP at an assailant, in the vast majority he already sees me. So I went with the CT laser grip.

  • Ok, didn’t thought of those points, thanks, folks.

  • Lance

    Looks nice. Hope it has a nice none Ruger trigger pull.

  • adrian

    Guys, small typo in the last sentence

    The MSRP of the LC9-LM (9mm) is $525 and the LCR-LM (.380 ACP) is $443. These prices are ~$80 more expensive than the standard laser-less models.

    Instead of LCR-LM should be LCP-LM.

  • Pb

    I like the setup of the Crimson Trace with the switch in the grip for a more natural position to control the laser .

  • Thanks for the write up. I shot an SR-9 today and will be trying out the LC9-LM soon. It was good to see some in to and impressions before I try it.

  • R J Trueman

    I have a Fobus “Evolution” paddle holster for my Ruger LCP. It works great! My question is, will it still work for my LCP if I install the max laser trigger guard installed??? Anyone out there have any experience with this? RJT

    • Michael Broughton

      WON’T work and can’t find one either.

  • Bill

    Had my LCP with Laser Max for about 2 months, went through 200 rounds of Federal ammo. Made a few adjustments first I purchased a slip over Pachmier glove this make the grip much better. Second the put clip extenders on so I could get two fingers on this little gun. Third I used white nail polish to fine tune the the poor sights that Ruger forgot to. Last and I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS I took the head of a small screw driver stuck it between the hammer/trigger spring (Clip removed) and opened slightly about six loops on the spring. This reduced the trigger pull load making it easier for my wife to pull the trigger and after 200 rounds did not misfire so must be OK. Now you must understand you void your warranty with Ruger and could cause a miss fire so be careful if you try this and put some rounds through your LCP to make sure it fires every time. Again I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS but it worked for me.
    As far as the LaserMax I love it, its bright in day light but I only shoot 10 to 21 feet with groupings of about 1 to 1 1/2 inches, I go for the eyes or head shoots. Good Luck All

  • RAM

    Afer reviewing all the pro and con comments, I purchased the Ruger LC9 with Lazer Max and an extra (off the shelf) mag yesterday. Then took it to the range that evening and fired 150 rounds (fmj range ammo only) without a single misfire. The gun performed great, and the long trigger pull seems to be setteling in. After reading the comments on the web, I was prepared for several potential problems, but the only issue I experienced was that the rear sight became loose after the first 100 shots, a quick turn with an Allen wrench and we were shooting again. Congratulations Ruger…great little gun!

    Question Is the lasermax laser legal in Calif. ?
    It is in the store add at bass pro I want to buy one but was told , the laser was not legal. Can you find out for me If I can buy one
    Thank you very much for any help you can give me

  • Chucky

    I chose the Laser max for my Ruger lcp. With the hogue hybrid grip and grip extensions I really have my pocket gun feeling more like a subcompact. No fingers hanging off the grip. I like lasermax and their ambidextrous toggle switch. I like doing dry fire workouts without wasting batteries. I was Lucky enough to test both. A buddy had a Keltec p380 with crimson trace and another had a lasermax with a Lcp. One drawback for the lasermax is if left on in a backpack or fannypack batteries may run out. So guys please don’t get complacent and rely soly on the laser. The laser did tighten my 10-12 yard groupings and I shoot on the move better, but I miss my paddle holster and I’m looking for a good carry rig to accomodate a laser. Bottom line both make good products, get the one which will fit in your training regimen best. Thanks