[Guest Post] Range Test of the CVA Accura V2

[ Many thanks to Dr. Jim and Mary Clary for this guest post. ]

A lot of ink has been spilled over the past few years by writers praising or slamming the CVA muzzleloaders. The majority of the negative comments refer to the Apollo rifle manufactured in 1995 and 1996. Those rifles were subject to a voluntary recall by CVA (which is still going on). The new generation of CVA muzzleloaders bears little resemblance to those of the past. All CVA barrels used today are drilled from bar stock and button rifled in the Bergara factory in Spain. The Apex and Accura V2 are equipped with the Bergara branded barrel which is manufactured out of 416 stainless steel. All Bergara barrels have been through a special honing process that simulates hand lapping, except that it is more precise. This process removes any deviation in bore diameter; i.e., no tight or loose spots. The front half of the Accura barrel is fluted to reduce weight and aid in cooling and is very well finished, including the crown. The Rockwell hardness is Rc 17 for the stainless Bergara and Rc 25 for the blued Bergara. The term “soft Spanish steel” does not apply to Bergara barrels or these guns. (more…)

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Newbie

    What sized game are these blackpowder rifles good for? And what range can they be used at?

    • Dr. Jim

      Newbie — I can say how large an animal they can take down, but the gun throws a 50 caliber bullet, weighing 300 grains……. and you can use up to 3 white hots pellets for extra punch…. I know of some chaps that have taken down moose with them, and elk go down like being hit with a sledge…. I would not use any single shot rifle on dangerous game like a large brown bear or grizzly… but, I go black bear hunting every year with my muzzle loader.

  • ffgun

    nice article. next season I am going to buy a blackpowder gun for hunting.

  • Sheep

    I think the author may be a bit confused. He says “All CVA barrels used today are drilled from bar stock and button rifled in the Bergara factory in Spain.” but then goes on to say that the Apex and Accura barrels are made by Bergara. The latter statement is true, but the former is not. CVA’s budget muzzleloaders such as the Wolf and Optima do not use Bergara barrels.

    • Dr. Jim

      Sheep.. all CVA barrels are made in the Bergara factory in spain… drilled out of bar stock…. THEN, those barrels with the additional “lapping” process are actually Branded with the Bergara name…. but, they are all Bergara barrels…. Sorry, if the article wasn’t clear on that point.

  • Lance

    Only thing I dislike on Black powder is the mess of cleaning it and fast after shooting it to prevent corrosion.

    • John N

      Hence the use of black powder substitutes that clean up more readily. There aren’t many non-gaseous substances that you can burn up in a metal cylinder without having to do some cleaning afterwards.

  • Francis

    If you use 777 powder with #209 , it is impossible of reloading the second shot….

    • Dr. Jim

      Francis .. Whether one can easily load a second shot depends upon not only the powder (777, White Hots, Pyrodex, Blackhorn)… but also on the size sabot and bullet used. Given the assortment of sabots and bullets on the market … one has to experiment with what works best in your gun.. with the propellant of your choice.

      In my Savage 10ML, I can fire up to ten rounds with a Harvester Scorpion and black CR sabots using IMR White Hots, but only three if I use Pyrodex… and if I use the red CRS, I can only fire once and must swab the barrel. I can fire five rounds with Blackhorn without swabbing … however, I got the occasional “fizzle” due to poor ignition. As such, I stick with WH pellets in my Savage (they always fire), but have multiple options of propellants in my wife’s CVA Accura.

      On my ibex hunt, there were four of us hunting: One used a TC, one had a CVA and the third carried a custom muzzleloader, while I carried the Savage 10ML … none of us had problems with firing a second time, when needed. (we sighted them in before the hunt). All four of us had worked up the ideal load/bullet/sabot combination for our particular gun PRIOR to coming to NM for the Ibex. One chap used 777, one used Blackhorn, another loaded Pyrodex, while I fired White Hots: We all got very nice Persian Ibex. Experiment to find out what works best in YOUR gun… it takes time and costs a little bit, but it is well worth it.

      • Francis

        Thanks , I’ll use different set-up !

  • Bobalouie

    Hello, help me better understand the difference between saboted bullets and gas checked bullets….thanks!

    • Jim Clary

      The Scorpion PT Gold bullet has a diameter of 0.451″ and the plastic sabot is a sleeve which seals the gas at the bottom and expands into the lands and grooves of the barrel to provide a tight fit with superb accuracy.

      The Aerolite bullet has a diameter of 0.499 and fits tightly into the barrel… the plastic gas check at the bottom seals the gases for proper ignition.

      Some states in the US do not allow sabots, and only allow conicals (powerbelt type bullets). Some hunters prefer shooting saboted bullets, while others like the powerbelt or gaschecked bullets.

      For me, it is a matter of personal preference, as both shoot very well and are equally accurate from a statistical viewpoint. Both will take down your game when properly placed.

  • Rudy Padilla

    Hi doc clary. I just read your story on the C V A accura. i had bought one about 8 weeks ago and love every thing about it. the way it looks feels and the way it SHOOTS. I have been using the 250 grainer. but now i want to try the 300 grain bullet then i will use one of them on my up and coming deer hunt. thanks for a great article with lots of info. your friend from way back when we were at LLHS Rudy

  • Arnold

    I shot my buddies CVA Optima last year and got my first buck. I was hooked and am interested in purchasing one this year. Your article was great and has helped me make my mind up on getting the Accura.

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