Laser Revolvers reports that Eighth Army law enforcement officials recently made use of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency laser pistol range. I like the steampunk/sci-fi of those laser revolvers. I can easily imagine Harrison Ford wiping one of those out to fry an alien.

[ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

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  • Lance

    Find it interesting while most National South Korean Police have recently went to the Glock-17/19 some hardened Korean Police stick to there old S&W K-38.

    • SoulTown

      They certainly did not switch to Glock. All KNP officers make do with 5 shot S&W revolvers.

      The KNP is TERRIBLE when it comes to lethal force policy. In the 5 shot revolver KNP officers carry, first chamber is left empty. Second chamber is loaded with a blank round (yes, the “warning shot” is actually a part of KNP SOP). SOP demands that officers be in imminent life-threatening harm for lethal force employment; it is not that strange by itself, but here’s the kicker–you can’t shoot to kill. You must shoot the attacker’s thigh in order to decrease the probability of killing the attacker.

      Add that to the fact that the officer must pull the DOUBLE ACTION REVOLVER trigger THREE TIMES to actually shoot somebody, and KNP marksmanship training and qualification standards make even the worst American LEO training look like GUNSITE MAGPUL LAV Ken Hackathorn ULTIMATE TACTICAL DELTA RANGER SEALS NINJA OPERATING OPERATOR TRAINING…

      Let’s just say the “21 feet rule” is a bit… irrelevant in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Oh, and if you shoot and kill a guy? Even if you followed SOP to the LETTER? God help you. If you think use of force investigation in US is bad, wait till you find out your name in national media as the “murder cop,” and people treating you like you are trying to bring back the military junta by yourself.

      P.S. To be fair, all these asinine crap the KNP has to deal with exists for a reason. Actually, “exists within a certain historical and societal context” would be precise–but that’s just the liberal in me talking.

      P.S.2. I was writing a long comment to explain the “context,” then I just realized that pretty much of all that is a political bombshell for the vast majority of Koreans. So, let me just say this.

      The South Koreans have a VERY, VERY good historical reason to go insane & be madly paranoid about police use of force. That is why the KNP has all these stupid policies and procedures in place. That is also why the KNP will, almost never adopt hi-capacity automatics for duty.

      Fun(!) fact: A person responsible for worst non-institutional mass murder in Korean history, was a police officer when he killed 62 people and injured 33 people with M1 Carbine and grenades.

      • Dave

        They’re not allowed to shoot to kill, but they’re required to shoot at the 2nd largest artery in the body? How’s that working out for them? With all those wacky policies and lack of range time, I suspect they’d be better off issuing a taser and a billy club to the rank and file instead.

      • Komrad

        I think I have found one error in your comment. If the first chamber is left empty, it is probably to prevent accidental discharge (a non-concern with modern revolvers but a legitimate one with older models lacking a transfer bar system) and that chamber would be under the hammer at the time. Pulling the trigger would rotate it out of the way and the blank would be the first fired, so the officers would only have to fire twice.

        Now, your post makes some other claims that, while believable, are a bit fantastical. I’d like a source to confirm your claims.

      • SoulTown


        I meant the “first next chamber.”

        As for the source…

        Yes, they’re in Korean. Deal with it. I won’t bother translating them because as far as the non-Korean speakers are concerned, I can just make stuff up instead of actually translating, and get away with it.

      • Komrad

        From what I can gather from the terrible Google translate translation of the page (and I though Chinese takeout menus were bad), you are correct. And you were correct about the three trigger pulls to fire as well.

  • Maigo

    Umbrella corporation?

  • NikonMikon

    “I can easily imagine Harrison Ford wiping one of those out to fry an alien.”

    or a replicant…

    (blade runner)

  • Tae

    Seoul town is correct, I have lived here for a total of 12+ years and have always thought of SMP(Seoul metropolitan police) SOP to be strange. I remember the 3 round scare tactic to be alittle different though, I was told that the first 3 rounds were blanks but then again I have seen completely empty pistols before so I assume it varies from station to station. I have two uncles(two police captains) that don’t even carry their sidearm anymore and a friend (police officer) who prefers to club criminals.

    There have been some accidents regarding poilce using pistols here in SK
    i.e #1 trying to shoot the criminal in the back but hitting all 3 people around him. #2 going out drinking with your pistol only to have your friend shoot you in the head with a blank. #3 your guess.

    But there isn’t much gun crime down here, usually waht you will get is alot of old school baseball bat to the knee type of thing or the occasional stabbing but that’s as bad as it gets.