Derya Yeni Anakon Magazine Fed Shotgun

Turkish firm Derya Arms Industry have developed a nifty magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun called the Anakon.

The Anakon is a conversion of their conventional tube-fed semi-automatic shotgun and operates in almost the exact same way, feeding from a magazine forward of the bolt and ejecting downwards. It looks pretty bad-ass, but because it is supplied with just a 4 round magazine, it does not offer many advantages over a tube fed design.

This 12 gauge 3″ magnum chambered gun features a full length top picatinny rail and short under-rail, flash hider, M16-style carry handle, forward post sight and either a M16-style fixed stock or M4-style adjustable stock. The barrel is 19.6″ in length and the gun weighs 6.3 – 6.8 lbs depending on configuration.

If an American company imports this gun, replaces enough parts to make it 922r-compliment and offers a 7-round box magazine and a 20 round drum magazine, I think it would sell really well and make an excellent home defense shotgun.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Lance

    Looks almost like a USAS-12 cool just what you need to kill replicators! LOL Better buy them before Obama’s ATF friends ban them though.

    • Komrad

      You’ve really been on about the ATF lately, so I’m not even going to bother. I’ll just say that there is NOTHING that could make this shotgun illegal except 922 compliance and that is fairly simple to ensure.

      • JAFO

        Since when does the ATF need reason and law to make things illegal?

        You forget, the present administration is basically a gun-control wet dream

  • strongarm

    Thıs shotgun looks lıke an ordınary tube magazıne fed smothbore
    automatic wıth a heavy make up of composıte shell wıth a unworkıng
    dummy box magazıne.

  • Jeff

    Seems oversized for what it wants to be. Also when something like the Saiga 12 is dominating the market for box-fed semi-auto shotguns, a company like this should really just conform and find a way to use modified versions of existing magazines, which are available in enough varieties and flavors a single 4 round magazine isn’t going to compete. Good idea, weak execution.

  • Komrad

    I don’t like the way it looks. It was a tube fed conversion so it wont be light or anything and 4+1 rounds (even with rapid reloads) is just shy of enough for HD.
    The composite shell looks heavy and the carry handle seems out of place.
    Maybe if they make a more sleek and streamlined design, I’d be interested, but as it stands, it’s just trying too hard.

  • bbmg

    love the slicked back model, looks like the sort of c*nt who would actually buy this ridiculous device.

    The Chinese Hawk looks like a much more practical proposition:

  • yj

    Finally, a firearm endorsed by Kenny Powers

  • West

    Why in the world would anyone choose this ridiculous thing over the Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun which holds eight rounds and does not have all of that tactical crap screwed on it to hang up on things??

  • Steve

    The thing looks hideous. It’s probably way off balance too.

    • RickH

      I’ve never really understood the want of a magazine fed shotgun. Shotguns are not a high volume fire weapon like rifle or carbine or sub. The mags are too big and bulky even at 4 rds, and would be ridiculous at anything larger. What is great about a tube feed, is you can just keep “topping off” the tube unlike having to drop a mag to keep a fully loaded weapon.

      • Sian

        Mostly because in the amount of time it takes to top off one or two rounds, you can have another full boat ready to go, and a 8rd mag isn’t much harder to handle than a .223 30.

      • RickH

        But it is still not a high volume of fire weapon. A shotgun for all it’s incarnations is still a defensive weapon. You shoot, take cover, assess the situation. You can try but using it as you would an assault rifle, carbine or smg, you would run out of ammo and beat yourself silly.

      • jdun1911

        What does high volume of fire weapon have to do with anything? It is design for fast reload just like shotgun speed loaders in competitive matches.

      • jdun1911

        Video on speed loaders.

      • Duray

        Rick, all repeating shotguns are “magazine fed.”

  • Sian

    Carrying handle+AR style front sight=useless bling. A shotgun that is already front-heavy does not need a full-length rail. What are you going to do, mount your Eotech+magnifier+AN/PEQ-2 to it? Good luck handling the recoil with your face so far off the stock.

    Also the Turkish dude is showing off his own useless bling: watch, rings and sunglasses.


    could be interesting if the detachable magazine was switchable and the shotgun still fed from the tube, then you’d at least have some instant tactical flexibility. Otherwise, meh.

    I like the stock though, which looks like it can stow 4 spare shells.

  • strongarm

    The desıgners of this shotgun should be real genius. Because, a
    box magazine located at double length of loadıng stroke, ın front of
    loadıng gate, needs such a merit. It may, perhabs, be a tube magazıne
    shotgun pretending a box magazine fellow.

  • Dmitry

    1. What is purpose of the magazine
    2. Optics for shotgun 🙂

    • Dmitry

      You will see that box magazine attached to the rail if you look closer.
      Box magazine does not feed shotgun. 😉

      • Cymond

        Whoa! Yeah, I think you’re right. Closer inspection shows that the ‘magazine’ release is part of the magazine … and the rail is barely visible in some of the pics. A false magazine? Really? I guess this is the highest form of tacti-cool.

        Realistically, how would that work (if it were real)? Try to picture they operating cycle. Something would need to push the shell backwards out of the magazine, onto the shell lifter. Then, that something would need to retract for the next cycle.

      • Brian P.

        As I mentioned above, seeing as this is supposedly a conversion of a tube magazine-loaded shotgun, that rail (or whatever it is) may act as some sort of adaptor for the magazine, so it may not even be fake. If it’s real, though, that would just show that the designers/manufacturers were too lazy to redesign it.

  • TheDeadBaron

    Maybe I’m looking at the pics wrong, but doesn’t the carry handle cause the optics to be pointed down? I was under the impression that that was the precise reason for the wedge shaped carry handle scope mounts? Beyond that, I think the design has some potential; it just needs more refinement, AND A BIGGER MAG!

  • asdf

    where can i buy a picatinny mount shotgun magazine like that so i can make people think that my shotgun uses detachable magazines, also why is the scope angled down

  • alex

    these could become similar to parachute pants and big heavy metal hair…….

    maybe one day in the future, these photos will serve as a painful reminder of when bad style was so prevalent.

    and to make it worse, twenty years from now it will still say “new by DERYA”

  • It looks like that carry handle doesn’t even have picitinny rails. I think they just clamped the scope on there (that would explain the ridiculous tilt).

    Also, yeah, that mag is totally fake. If you look at the last pic, it’s just attached to a rail.

    I’m embarrassed for the editor of this article. I don’t expect everything to be 100% vetted, but the complete lack of research put into this post makes me question taking this blog seriously.

    • Brian P.

      Well, it says that it’s a conversion of their tube magazine-loaded shotgun, so perhaps that is an adaptor of sorts for the detachable magazine? I wouldn’t go calling out that it’s a fake just yet.

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    I have a question to designers of this gun …. W H Y ???
    What’s the idea…less capacity + awful exterior ???
    Seems like it’s made in photoshop.
    If you need a mag fed shotgun you’d better buy a Saiga !
    Oh I know … scope looks down , because it’s a shame to be mounted on such an ugly gun :):):)

    • Brian P.

      Ugly? I think it looks pretty nice. Of course, I still like Saiga shotguns, but I think this could give them a run for their money, if the Anakon is priced right.

      • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

        Brian P.
        Ugly to me … other folks may like it of course. 🙂

      • meteerk

        anakon hakkındaki yorumları okudumda buradaki arkadaşların bilgeliğine hayran kaldım ya bu tüfekten bende var domuz avı için yeni aldım.siftahı da yaptım.resminden bakarak değilde kullanarak değerlendirmek gerekirse silah tek kurşun için çok ideal.bikere gez ve arpacık dört değişik şekilde(v gez,nokta gez,daire gez olarak) ayarlanabiliyor.diger silahlarda görmedigim hassas bir sıfırlama ayarı var.emsallerine göre daha hafif arazide taşıması araçta taşımasıda kolay.diger tarafı beni ilgilendirmiyor yüzük ve gözlükle ilgilenmiyorum. ben zevkle kullanıyorum özellikle domuz avcılarına şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum.(not:auto 5 otm.-üzümlü s.poze-safir-ata neo ve son olarakta anakonla seriyi tamamladım)

    • Cymond

      Why? Well, do you remember the Safir Arms AT-14 .410 AR upper? The explanation given for it was that Turkey puts high restrictions on tactical rifles but much lower restrictions on shotguns. Hence, there’s a whole market of shotguns that look & feel like tactical rifles. It’s a lot less practical as a shotgun, and has little value to anyone who can buy a real carbine.

  • Buster charlie

    If this was a bullpup, due to downward election, then it might be interesting, but as is it looks overly long and awkward.

  • Julio

    I’m not sure it has to be a fake. It looks like it works on the same principle as the Knoxx Sidewinder ( DM system for pump actions.

    If you really want a Turkish DM shotgun, how about one of these (, or one of these (

    • Cymond

      The old Sidewinder was for pump actions, and included replacing the entire magazine tube and forearm. It probably had something in the forearm that protruded into the mag-tube to kick rounds backwards onto the lifter. I guess the Anakon could have a gas pistol to kick rounds backwards onto the lifter, but it seems a lot more complicated than just putting the feedlips under the bolt and stripping rounds from the magazine in a conventional way.

      Also, look at the rail’s v-shape contour behind the flashlight, and then look at the v-shape contour infront of the ‘magazine’. Look at the ‘magazine’ release button – it’s part of the ‘magazine’, not part of the gun, and there’s no mag well. How would changing mags work? It’s clear the ‘mag’ clips onto, not into, the the gun.

  • Bandito762


  • Texas_Dave

    can I shoot the Turkish guido-lookin’ greaseball with it?

  • noob

    Some big ammo manufacturer has to come out with a line of rimless or rebated rim 12ga shotgun shells, and a weapon to use them in, in double stack magazines.

    A five inch barrel, 8-shot shotgun would be useful.

  • Dearest gentlemen, I have actually the feeling that the ANAKON is nothing but your standard recoil-operated, semi-automatic, TUBE-FED shotgun, side-ejecting (the ejection window on the side is pretty obvious). The “magazine” is way too forward, and seems to be a fake to me, probably put there just for the looks, and as a left-hand rest for “Tactical” handling and for small-sized users that would have troubles in handling this humongous shotgun in a standard way. If you take a look at this full-size picture of the ANAKON from the company website itself (‘’), you’ll clearly notice the perspective and realize that the so-called “magazine” appears to be too short and thin to fit real-life 12-gauge shells, not to mention that it doesn’t appears to be connected to anything feeding-related. Sure it features a push-button “release” switch, but it also appears not to be inserted into the body of the weapon itself, but to be fit into a guide of some sort. Not to mention the fact that, behind it, there is a… feeding port?

  • Vhyrus

    I was prepared to give this weapon the benefit of the doubt but after looking very closely at the pictures on the manufacturers website I too must conclude that the magazine pictured is cosmetic only. If you look at the rear of the rail that the magazine slides onto you will see that, unless the rail opens up considerably over top of the magazine (highly unlikely), there is no opening large enough for a 12 gauge to fit through. It also makes no sense to incorporate a shell holder stock into a detachable magazine fed weapon.

  • cc19

    Gecko45’s wet dream.

  • Sam Suggs

    screw you cc19 this is a legitmate defensive shotgun particularaly if you use full brass hulls I love turkey such an ally in an unstable middle east. the polymer is going to melt