New Hornady 300 Whisper / .300 BLK AAC

In 2012 Hornady will be selling a line of .300 Whisper (compatible with .300 BLK AAC) ammunition. The subsonic load is a 208 gr A-MAX bullet that will achieve 1020 fps (480 ft/lbs, about the equivalent of a 9mm Luger+P load) at the muzzle of a 16″ barreled carbine. The supersonic load is a 110 gr V-MAX that achieves 2375 fps (1377 ft/lbs, about the same as a 5.56mm 62 gr SS109 load) at the muzzle. The ballistic gel comparison (below) of the two loads is interesting …

Both loads have a MSRP of $33 / 20 round box.

Steve Johnson

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  • George

    Still a little too expensive for me to jump on this bandwagon. It’s an interesting concept though. Anyone know if 300 Whisper and 300 Blackout is exactly the same thing?

    • Do you reload?

    • crosswiredmind

      This is from the 300 BLK FAQ ( ):

      Q: Can 300 AAC BLACKOUT be shot in a 300-221, 300 Fireball, or 300 Whisper® rifle?

      A: Due to the variation in those chambers, that should be considered a potentially unsafe combination – much like shooting 5.56mm in a 223 chamber. Experimentation has shown that there is a several thousand psi difference in chamber pressure and pressure could exceed SAAMI limits of shot in alternate chambers.

      Q: Can 300-221, 300 Fireball, or 300 Whisper® ammo be shot in a 300 AAC BLACKOUT chamber?
      A: Because of the variation in those cartridges, a definite answer cannot be given. One exception is Hornady 300 Whisper ammo – which has been specifically tested to be within SAAMI specifications for 300 AAC BLACKOUT – and may be used in all 300 AAC BLACKOUT firearms.

  • Travis

    There is a lot of confusion over the 300s, the “Whisper” name is trademark JDJ, so using that name costs $$. The 300/.221 or 300 Fireball is a wildcat, but generally the same a 300 Whisper. The 300 AAC is newer, and an attempt to bring this more into the mainstream. Compatibility really depends on who cut the chamber and what reamer was used. They should be compatible, but you would not know until you try it.

    I have not found any 300AAC rounds to shoot in my gun yet, but I am confident they will work fine.

    I have a 300 from MartyTW, I have shot 300 Fireball and my reloads are exactly what Hornady is going to sell. The 208 grain bullet is longer than the case! Also the 110Vmax really can fly, and turns into a quarter sized flat slug on impact.

    Reloads will always be cheaper, but the more popular and more manufacturers make rounds for the 300s, the better!

  • These have been out for awhile now. They are safe to use in 300 BLK.

    They are called Whisper® because Hornady had a preexisting licensing agreement for the name with SSK.

    These to 300 BLK are kind of like .223 to 5.56. And since the 110 bullets are not mag-length when loaded you could end up with feed problems.

    300 BLK UMC ammo (115 gr OTM) will be out in Dec, $12.99 MSRP.

  • Other Steve

    They’re using the Whisper name which does PROBABLY mean royalties to JD Jones. However, my guess is that since AAC released 300blk that Jones knew that he would either have to stop being so protective of “Whisper” or he would be passed by completely. So I suspect that Hornady is either paying nothing to JD or very little to use the name with his blessing.

    The marketing Hornady might not want to use a 5 syllable company and callout name vs a 2 syllable trade-name. I personally will only refer to it as 300blk as “blackout” is a little too cool guy / UFC / HARDCORE! / DudeBro imo, adding AAC to that also doesn’t do much for me, and I’m even a fan of their products!

    Regardless of why, I don’t think it’s just by chance that Hornady chose to use the Non-SAAMI name AS WELL as a Non-AAC silencer in their ad.

  • guy

    480 ft/lbs, about the equivalent of a 9mm Luger+P load

    480 ft/lbs would be a crazy hot 9mm +P+ load out of a pistol length barrel.

    • Tinkerer

      I think this graph from the cool guys ar Ballistics by the Inch ( ) can shed some light:

    • 18D

      You have to take into account the caliber as well. But, I do agree that the comparisons are off. The 110gr .300 Whisper loading is going to be SUBSTANTIALLY more effective than a 62gr SS109. The .300 Whisper subsonic load is probably more like a .40 s&w in power and effectiveness.

      • MarcW

        9mm or .40, there’s no noteworthy difference. That 208 gr .30 caliber bullet has a much higher sectional density though, which will make a significant difference in penetration capabilities.

      • 18D

        9mm or .40, there is quite a difference.

  • Lance

    Very cool round. Between a supersonic 5.56mm and a subsonic 9mm NATO round that’s cool. Wish Horandy and other would make ammo more affordable rather than make new types of ammo though.

    • 18D

      They have made more affordable ammo. It’s called Steel Match.

  • Rob

    Can wolf start making some so the poor bastards who don’t have time to reload can shoot it too?

  • elk hunter

    Does anybody remember the 7.62×39?
    Better ballistics and cheaper ammo and magazines.
    What about the 30 Carbine and 30-30?

    • Seriously, a 30-30?

    • dy1ng_br33dz

      actually, the 300 AAC 125 gr has better energy and better ballistic than the 7.62×39. more energy and better accuracy at longer ranges. wiki has a good bit on it. other forums have good inf aswell

  • gaosmer

    I really do not see how these rounds are interchangeable, i was interrested to recent M&P-15 in 300 something but I still unsure of the whole interchangeabilty issue. 300 ACC BKK was listed as longer than 300 whisper in wikipedia.

  • Anthony H.

    Look at the damage of that 110 grain round! It’s… beautiful! :’D

  • Can this 300 Whisper be used in a .308 with silencer