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  • Greg

    the police man on the left need to lose some weight…

    • Scott

      I’ve heard MOLLE harness’ make you look 20 pounds heavier……

      (sorry, that was too easy)….

      • Scott

        and yeah, I know it’s not MOLLE….

  • Andrew

    Back in the early nineties, the City of London Police had armed checkpoints around the square mile to prevent bombings by Irish republicans.

    I was driving a van at the time, and have lost count of the times I was stopped by a City police officer aiming a Steyr AUG at my face.

    Some scary times, thanks to the IRA.

  • Sven Weichbrodt

    I’ve seen a few photo’s of the Steyr AUG and its variants in service with various police departments.

    If you scroll down ~ half way you will see them employed by the Victorian Police Special Operations Group.

    I would say this is the German police or possibly GSG-9

    German police again.

  • Jussi416

    German police SEK(Spezialeinsatzkommando) use also AUG:s, SEK is as like US police SWAT.

  • Alex-mac

    Surprisingly, good Steyr Aug’s are sub-moa, even the military versions made by Australia (F88). So they are accurate enough for police work.

  • Even the Czech Police has the Steyr AUGs. Afaik, they’ve bought almost five hundred in 9mm and about fifty in 5.56mm calibers in the early nineties.
    The 9mm variant suffered from frequent failures and I think it was pulled back later.

  • GVD

    Belgian police also has limited number of Steyr AUGs and the border/customs guys also have 9x19mm Steyr AUGs. Not really uncommon amongst european police forces.

  • Gregor

    Yeah, as people mentioned earlier, german SEK uses the Steyr AUG in various configurations. The GSG9 used the SIG551 prior the G36 variants and probably still use them.

    And in case you feel a bit more like “looking for exotic guns in german police use”: H&K MP7 with FAB helmet stock:

    Full article with a few more pictures:

  • Lance

    Its tough to get rifles in Germany these days do to firearms regulations it might be easier to get AUGs from more firearm friendly Austria than from HK to get G-36s.

  • Christoph “Terrorhase”

    @ Lance: I think, in the Future there will be more Problems to purchase G36, because some of them were found in Lybia (with German Markings, but without Serial Number from the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

  • cc19

    I think I first noticed this strange (at the time) weapon when I saw Die Hard way back when. Pretty neat, but not sure if I’ll buy one any time soon.

  • Alex Vostox

    Too bad the Malaysian failed to fully utilized the AUG even after they got official license from Steyr itself!
    The Malaysian-made-production AUG (A1) are considered lower quality than Australian F88 AusSteyr (I’ve meet some Australian F88 user during their jungle training in PULADA which confirmed that Malaysian AUG suffers from scope fogging, easily jammed thanks to lower production quality standard). Even with the advent of accessory rail on every assault rifle, the Malaysian AUG keep using the standard A1 version and using 1980s M-16A1+M203 as main rifle+grenade until now!

    Like I say last time, Around 2004, the Main (and only) company that produced AUG got a new agreement with Steyr to produce and supply the new improvement AUG to Malaysia Armed Forces (, but thanks to the Malaysian way of life, they (company,defense ministry official,government) got bribed (around MYR 700 Billion deal from American company) and produced the M4 carbine instead.

    Hey, this is not a political thing, we just angry with what in the god name those f**king ***hole done for money. Goddamn traitors.

  • High resolution version of the Steyr AUG A3 picture from Germany (there is even a ballistic chart on the end of receiver):

    (funny, they uploaded hi-res pictures to the website, but show only lo-res to the public) 😉

  • Clodboy

    @Lance: Why would the German police have problems obtaining G36s? There’s a difference between H&K no longer wanting to sell to a “controversial” organization like Blackwater and selling them to the German police. Heck, as far as I know, the German government lends these things out to anyone shooting a movie at the Babelsberg studios in order to promote their film industry.

    As for Austria being less choosy in whom they sell these rifles to – yeah, you can probably expect to see AUGs in Iran in the near future. An Austrian magazine recently ran an article about Steyr-Mannlicher, and how the American embassy tried to pressure them into stopping the export of HS-50 antimateriel rifles to Iran. The Steyr rep responded that as long as their business volume with Iran is ten times the size of the one they have with the US, they’d much rather pass on the US market; he also remarked that (actual quote from leaked diplomatic cables) “If you don’t like the sniper rifles, you’ll really hate what comes next”.

    • Lance

      I doubt about Iran they are making there own copies of the Type 56 rifle (AK-47) and they are making copies of the M-16 from the Chinese CQ production equipment they bought a decade ago. They are still using G-3s. And state militia’s even use M-1s in that country. I doubt iran is looking for another 5.56mm rifle.

      As for H&K they are more picky than you think Gresham Police had G-36s for years but a few years ago HK made a fuss and Gresham PD went to Colt M-4s. HK makes great guns but there customer service stinks. I wouldn’t surprised that this is the same for European Police as well.

  • 543

    Lance I don’t wont to offend you but seriously you have no idea what your talking about. Almost every comment you have made on the subject of EU/German export regulations or Hk is distorted or flat out wrong. I’m not going to try to explain to you how an LE agency procures firearms or small arms regulations or end-user certificate requirements which by the way are very though through out the industrialized western world including the U.S. My local Police department and Sheriffs Office issues mainly Colt M4’s along with G36K rifles and HK UMP .40’s to its LEO’s and deputy sheriffs and they have no issues with them or HK customers service. I own a couple of HK products and when I had an issue with my HK P2000, HK customer service took care of it promptly free of charge even though I bought it second hand.

    Any U.S based Law Enforcement agency can purchase HK G36 rifles for around $1400 depending on quantity and HK UMP sub-machine guns for under $1000.00 and most of HK’s handguns in the low $700.00 range(with 3 magazines) right now.

    • Lance

      Do you live in Germany? All iam saying is even cops in Europe have to go threw alot of loops getting guns. H&K is very picky on who they sell guns too and act that way. Most US cops due to these restrictions dumped G-36s for easier to obtain M-4s made here.