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  • NikonMikon

    Ok I’m seriously wondering if you or these guys have ever seen an m1 en bloc clip in your entire lives…

    That is an m1 en bloc clip. The clip does not fully encapsulate the the cartridges. In other words, it is not a box magazine.

    • Lon

      Maybe that’s why part of the sentence says “…resembles a Garand En-Bloc clip.” Emphasis on the word “resembles”.

      • Cayton

        I’m not sure you know what resembles means.

  • Andrew

    Looks more like a Remington 7400/7600 mag to me.

  • Fred Johnson

    NikonMikon is correct. No resemblance to an M1 Garand clip at all.

    That lighter does resemble a typical box magazine out of any low capacity bolt action rifle, though.

  • Zander

    Also the link is broken

  • Yet another Steve

    I noticed one in a local gas station. The entire bullet shifts down when you try to light it, making it poke out the bottom.

    Just a cheap plastic piece of crap to be honest.

  • Cayton
    • Zander


  • SpudGun

    As a smoker, I get in enough trouble as it is.

    Having a gun / ammunition shaped lighter would ostracize me to new levels. It’s bad enough having a habit that makes you a social pariah, I don’t need to compound or increase the frequency of lectures, damnable fake coughs and judgemental looks any further. So I’ll pass.

  • I guess the manufacturer thought “Swordfish Cartridge Magazine Lighter” was too clumsy of a name. Besides, who would buy something to light cartridge magazines?

    But that is definitely not a “clip” of “bullets.”

  • Your link isn’t working.

  • Lance

    Nice but what gun is it for?

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    It resembles an M1 clip about as much as baked potato.

  • Alex Vostox

    I believe that this lighter will be confiscated by TSA and classified as ‘HURR TERRORIST CAN USED THIS TO HIJACK A PLANE DURR!!’ thing.

  • gunner

    yep, i’ve seen a few m-1 garand clips in the course of a hitch in the corps back in the early stone age, 1955/’59, and shooting a personally owned m-1 in later life and no the lighter does not look like one. mikon nikon’s link has the real thing.

  • Netforce

    Looks very nice.

  • Jon

    I don’t think “resembles” and “en bloc” means what you think they mean.