Night Vision on the Cheap

Nick wanted to participate in the Pitcairn Monroeville Shooting Club’s (PMSC) 3rd Annual Dark Shoot but did not want to spent a fortune on night vision gear. His solution was the Jakks Pacific Eyeclops Night Vision Scope that costs about $50.

Nick paired the scope with a KRISS Super V carbine, a EOTech 552 and a Surefire Vampire flashlight. Both the EOTech and Surefire can be set to output only infrared light.

Nick at the PMSC 3rd Annual Dark Shoot

The scope was reasonably successful considering it was a $50 scope. The range was limited to about 30 yards, the rail mount is not to spec and its built-in infrared illuminator had to be disabled because even on the low setting it washed out the EOTech reticle.

[ Many thanks to Nick for emailing me the info. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Matt Gregg

    I love posts like these, testing out low dollar gear and seeing if it can keep up with the expensive gear. But putting a $50 NV scope on a ~$2000 gun setup is kinda like parking a mobile home next to your mansion because you wanted to put on an addition.

  • Submariner 116610LV

    How long is the barrel on his KISS?

    • Bryan S.

      16″, with a factory installed fake suppressor shroud.

  • JC

    Why does something from toys r us have a picatinny mount?

    • chrontius

      I *wish* it had a Picatinny mount – I ended up buying one for $35 and returning it because I couldn’t get it to stay on an airgun. It will slide onto a Picatinny rail, but there’s no actual mounting hardware save duct tape.

      Having seen this, I may go back and pick one up for that price; it should be quite adequate for airsoft at night (when accompanied by a cheap IR laser).

  • Shinola

    I bought my nephew the older binocular version of this scope a couple of years ago; I was blown away by the performance of a $50 “toy”. With an IR flashlight, it was creepy to think I basically had a Gen 1 night vision device. That I then gave to a 10 year old for Christmas.

  • Hey Guys, Im the one who tested this out. Yes many people scratch their heads when I tell them the scope cost $50. Its on sale not at TRU for only $30!!! And that I put it on a $2000 gun. But just because I scrimped and saved to get my dream gun, the Kriss Super V, doesnt mean I have another 2k-3k for good NVDs. This was an experiment. And it worked better than I expected.

    @Submariner The barrel on my Kriss (not Kiss) is the standard 16 inch barrel. I shot that picture closer so you can see the NV setup easier. If I pulled back to take the whole gun into frame, it would throw off the composition.

    @JC the scope doesnt have a picatinny mount. It has some approximation of a mount. The person that designed this doesnt know ANYTHING about firearms or firearm related subjects. The scope has something that looks like a mount. However I thought it would be for a toy like a Nerf gun. Some of them have rails (not milspec but for Nerf’s Nstrike series accessories) But nope, the mount doesnt fit that either. The mount does slide onto picatinny but the fit is not tight nor secure. If you look closely at the picture you can see that I used a piece of corrugated cardboard as a shim. I kept it in place with a piece of gaffer tape.

    @ Firearmblog very astute. I forgot to mention that I disabled the IR lights built into the scope. There are two ways. I used to block the IR lights with gaffer tape on my old Eyeclops goggles. But with the scope I figured out a way to trick the scope. There is a dial that rotates to toggle a sliding switch inside the scope. This selects high output or low output IR leds. If you rotate the knob right in the middle, then the lights will shut off. This is not a setting. It is a cheat due to the sliding switch design. I used more gaffer tape and taped over the dial so it cant accidentally rotate and engage the IR LEDs.

    I have been documenting my Kriss and other Kriss related information on my facebook page.

    • Submariner 116610LV

      Thanks, Nick. I meant KRISS, good video, guy.

      We just recently got these in Canada with standard 18.6″ barrels.

    • noob

      That’s really cool.

      I notice IR reflecting off something on the front of your weapon on the video, lighting it up like a glow stick. Was that the barrel?

      • Haha yeah, the Kriss has a long civilian 16 inch barrel. It comes stock with a can/shroud that looks like a faux suppressor. The “Glowing” thing in the video is just the IR light shining off the side of the shroud.

  • Bryan S.

    It worked and was fun (I’m the one filming Nick in this). given the low felt recoil inpulse form the Kriss, i do no know if another carbine or rifle would work, or if the electronics would take it. these are little more than a camera with no IR filter, a screen and a battery 9with a bit of electrical bit to make it all work). Unlike first gen stuff, it has no light tubes or such to take an impact.

    it was very cool to shoot, I got to help test it out before the match at our club’s “Steel Paradise” range. At 10 yards, its dead nuts on. Further than that, it pushes the limits for the screen and resolution.

  • noob

    Question about the night shoot.

    How does the range guy following you know where the targets are without any kind of NOD? Does he have cues on the ground to feel? Just good memory?

    • Mark, is the RSO following me around. You can see a little bit from ambient lighting. Also he setup the course so he knows the layout pretty well. Also I was like 3 or 4th to go.

    • Noob, here is another video but of the other shooters. Plus some walkthrus of the course of fire.

  • Lance

    Looks cool.

  • bob

    I was a fan of this website until I came to this post. *sigh*

  • Brandon

    I for one approve of your McGyver NV set up. Not all of us have the disposable income for professional gear.

  • Logan

    I bought one of these the other night with hopes to use it on my AR, I just dont feel like spending a grand for the one to mount in front of my ACOG. I noticed right away that the IR has to go and Ill have to buy an IR flashlight. I hop it holds up to the recoil but if it doesnt I’m out 30 bucks. The only question I have is how you actually got it to mount to your rail, I have a few ideas but why reinvent the wheel?

    • Bryan S.

      It was spaced with gaffer tape and cardboard, and clamped to the rail in-between the rear BUIS and a magpul sling adapter clamping the front.

    • Sorry I didnt see this. I was able to mount it by shimming the gap. I took a thick piece of corrugated cardboard and used a big piece of gaffer tape. Duct tape could work too. This creates friction and I can slide the mount onto the rail. I keep the scope butted up against my rear BUIS and used a Magpul RSA in front so the scope cant slide forward.

  • I shot the Kriss again with Night vision. This time I tested out a chinese clone of a DBAL aiming module. It has an IR laser. You can see it in this video.

  • gzbywsy

    do someone know where i can buy one in seattle or washington dc?
    Please email me the information, thanks.

  • gzbywsy

    do someone know where i can buy one in seattle or washengton Dc?
    please email me the information,thanks.